24 June 2010

No Glamour! :(

Afternoon ladies, ok so I’m still a little bit upset/annoyed about missing the whole Glamour magazine with free Benefit pencil freebies. I would have loved to get my hands on all 3 like most of you did out there. When the offer came out I was however in the Maldives and knew nothing about it before I went as I don’t often read magazines. Anyway – I’ve spent this last week searching London (well not quite but felt like it) to find it has sold out everywhere, which I’m not surprised about. I was thinking somewhere must have at least 1 copy left, out of all three I would have been happy with just the Eye Bright pencil – but nevermind. One shop also had the new issue out so I think I have well and truly missed it.

However I did pick up the July issue of Red magazine which has a free Jemma Kidd lipgloss in, I picked up the nudest shade - 04 Shell, which I predict will be the most popular!! Red have 3 of the Jemma Kidd lipglosses on offer with the magazine, one per issue the nude colour, pink and red. These beauties are worth £14 on Jemma Kidd website so at £3.60 this was a steal!

I have been wearing the lipgloss all afternoon, there is no stickiness to it and I think this would go well with MAC Crème de Nude lipstick underneath – another product on my ever growing wishlist. :)

Now I have this lipgloss I don’t feel quite so left out, I’ve never read Red magazine before so maybe this is the start of fun and exciting times! I’ll keep you posted.

Were any of you lucky enough to pick up the goodies on offer with Glamour? Yes or No, head out to your nearest newsagent and grab another bargain with Red!

Lots of love Stacey x ♥ x

21 June 2010


Hey girls, I wore this make-up look out on Saturday night for dinner with my partner. I went all for the eyes and kept the lips pretty neutral. Please excuse my eyebrows I know they are a mess in these pictures and I'm still learning with the digital camera! The Macro function shows up everything but hey ho I will carry on nethertheless! I popped on a pair of false eyelashes at the end for a more dramatic look. I am in love with Ardell Fasle lashes and I'm so pleased that we can get them over here now. This pair I bought in New York when I was there in December.

The products I used were; UD Primer Potion, MAC Propelling Eyebrow Pencil in 'Lingering', Storm Palette by Sleek at Superdrug – light beige colour (very pigmented), then over the top MAC Eye shadows in ‘All that Glitters’ and ‘Twinks’. Stila Eye pencil in ‘Onyx’, Black ‘Colossal’ Mascara by Maybeline, Ardell False Lashes ‘Wispies’. MAC Lipglass ‘Prrr’ and finally MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium. I didn’t bother with any blusher, I can’t seem to get the balance right, still practising! My next purchase is Benetint Rose, for a soft glow.

I was a little nervous about putting this up as I'm no professional but what the heck, it's alright for a first go and I hope I inspire some of you to try an F.O.T.D. I look forward to seeing them!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

Lots of Love Stacey x x x

17 June 2010

To the Maldives and Back!

Chaaya Island Dhonveli

Hello to my lovely readers, I’ve missed you! I’m back from my long awaited holiday in the Maldives, refreshed and ready to buy, test and review loads of beautiful products! :o) I was a good girly at the airport and didn’t buy 1 item of make up! I did buy a perfume though - blog to come.

We were supposed to go to the Maldives 8 weeks ago for my birthday but because of the volcanic ash, the holiday was cancelled and put back 6 weeks, we found out the day before we were supposed to go, it was heartbreaking! We had waited so long for it, but 6 weeks soon came round. My boyfriend at the time (now fiancé) was extra annoyed because he was planning on proposing to me out there on my 30th birthday. He had balloons, banners and little sparkly things packed in his case. He still proposed to me, but at home in Hackney! Haha.
The view from our beach bungalow

I've also put up a few snaps of my hols/resort and ring!, I’m not feeling 100% at the minute, we both picked up a bit of deli belly out there, a trip to the docs should sort it though. If you are thinking of going to the Maldives I can highly recommend going to Chaaya Island Dhonveli it was just paradise. The food was amazing, just don’t brush your teeth with the tap water like we did. I was dreading coming back and getting on the scales but I lost 1 pound and my partner lost 11 pound! So not bad going.
My beautiful ring

Anyway enjoy the pics and I’ll be back soon reviewing my latest purchase(s)! ;o)
Lots of Love Stacey x x x