26 August 2010

No Naked Palette

Hey girls, sorry for lack of posts, I haven’t bought anything recently as we’re on a saving mission at the minute. We’ve had a couple of big weekends so I said I would tighten the purse strings a bit this month *sad face*.

One thing I was dead certain I was going to get my hands on was the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. I searched for it on the World Wide Web and found that House of Fraser stocked it. I phoned HOF on Oxford Street and asked to be put through to the Urban Decay section, the UD assistant told me they had sold out. So I decided I would order online instead, I’ve also run out of my primer potion. I went through the order process adding the Naked palette to my basket and the primer potion, went to checkout and a message came up saying the Naked palette was out of stock and had been removed from my basket!! I was so annoyed. On the original page it gave me the option to put 10 palettes in my basket if I wanted to but when I went to checkout it said it was out of stock! It should of blooming well said that on the original page instead of getting ones hopes up! HOF have since taken the Naked palette off their website so it doesn’t look like I will be getting my hands on it. I’ve checked Ebay and the palettes are on there for ridiculous amounts of money that quite frankly I just won’t pay. I’m always late on these kind of things, I missed the Benefit offer with Glamour magazine that time too.


Oh and another thing, I wish someone would have a word with the boss, it’s August not blinking December! Where’s the sun?!?! Brrrrrr.

Ok that’s off my chest, normal posts will resume soon, I promise.

Did any of you manage to get your hands on the Naked palette?

Stace x x x

13 August 2010

Another LUSH Haul

Hey girls, I’m getting addicted to LUSH! Me and lil Sis were wandering through Liverpool Street station on our way through to Boots when that LUSH smell woofted (yes it is a word lol) up my nostrils and pulled us in. Below is what I bought.

Sugar scrubs, I’ve blogged about these before you can read it HERE. I can’t live without these scrubs, they leave my skin feeling so silky smooth and I love the scent. Also great for cellulite! *happy dance*

Floating Island Bath Bomb, after reading Laura’s post over at BIG CITY DREAMS, she convinced me that I needed to try this, so popped this into my basket too. I told Darren ♥ that I had a lovely bath bomb to use for my bath that night, he said I never bought him any bath bombs, so I spilt my Floating Island in half so he could have a go too. He told me I was the “bestest” lol. This bath bomb was so nice, it had a lovely oily texture to it that left my skin really soft

You can't see much in this picture, I was trying to get the bomb fizzing and it was only half a bomb.

Dream Cream, I read various blogs about this miracle cream. Louise over at ***Sprinkle of Glitter*** blogged about it HERE. I love Louise, her blogs are funny and very interesting, hence me buying Dream Cream from her recommendation! Lil Sis suffers with eczema all over her body, she wasn’t convinced about Dream Cream when I told her about it, but a trip to LUSH and 2 sample pots later, she gave it a go. It left her skin feeling soft and if she got into a routine with it, using it every night then I think she would see more results. However she and her partner are night owls, having late nights all the time and she hasn’t quite got the benefits from Dream Cream just yet. I, on the other hand, have got the benefits. My Dad ♥ and my aunt both suffer from Psoriasis, mainly on the elbows and knees. Over the last few months I have noticed itchy patches appearing on my elbows, they’re no where near what my Dad ♥ and aunts are like. I apply Dream Cream every night to these patches and it really works. It calms the skin so it’s not so itchy and the next day it doesn’t affect me at all. I am making an appointment with the Doc to check it out anyway as it could be something I’m eating that is causing it to break out but for now this really is a Dream Cream and will certainly be in my life for good.

Have any of you tried Dream Cream or Floating Island Bath Melt? Let me know your thoughts

Stacey x x

11 August 2010

My first KONAD Nail design

This is my first attempt at using my Konad nail plate, which I got from HERE. I don’t think I done too badly at all. I used plate M69 and got this idea from one of my favourite YT guru’s Imogen from FOXY LOCKS EXTENSIONS. You can watch her video HERE.

I used a base coat from Rimmel (not pictured) to prevent staining, then applied 2 coats of Walton Street by Nails Inc. Dabbed a couple of blobs of white Konad nail paint onto the plate then scraped off the excess. Next you get your Konad stamper, mine has 2 ends, 1 for larger nails and 1 for smaller nails. Press the stamper to the plate picking up the image then ‘roll’ (if you watch Imogens video you will see what I mean) the design onto your nail. I had to clean up a little using a cotton bud around my nails then painted with Sally Hansen Hard as Diamonds on top (not pictured).

My Kit

close up of the design I used

The white varnish, stamper, scraper and 1 plate cost me roughly £20. Konad advise using their nail varnish (they would!) and I did buy 1 white polish but I think any polish would work, maybe not the shimmery type. I will let you know as I experiment more.

This looks amazing on Imogen as she has long nails which are all her own, mine are a little stumpy in this picture but I just couldn’t wait to use it. I ordered another plate off Ebay, M21 which has stand alone flowers on which I thought would look nice with some diamantes. Look out for my next Konad design! I’m trying my hardest to grow my nails – just for you my beauts!

plate M21 below

close up of M21, I can't wait to use the paint splatter looking stamp!

Have any of you tried Konad nail paltes? Can you recommend any other plates?

Lots of love Stacey x x x

2 August 2010

Mini MAC Haul

Hey girlies, this weekend I treated myself to a few goodies from MAC that I needed. First up were some eyelash curlers. I was watching a Pixiwoo YT video and Nic said that eyelash curlers with a round sponge on them were better than the curlers with the square sort. I, of course, had the square curlers, when I looked closely at them I noticed how grubby they were, I have no idea how long I’d had them but the top bar that you squash onto the lashes had cut right through the sponge and weren’t doing anything for my lashes. Had I never seen that YT video I wouldn’t have checked mine and would have had crap curlers forever! Thank goodness for YT and internet connection at work! If only they knew!

Next I crossed one of my eyeshadows off my wishlist and bought Naked Lunch, a really beautiful pink colour with shimmer, it is a frost eyeshadow. Today I wore it in the inner corner as a highlight. I bought a refill pan as I intend to buy a 15 pan holder on my next trip. It really is a lovely shade, the pic however doesn’t pick up the true colour. Look out for an FOTD soon!

I love wearing false lashes when going out, even if it’s just for dinner, I love the way they open your eyes and make them really dramatic. In the pic below, I haven’t glued them on properly, they stayed on using the ‘tack’ from the packet. They are MAC no 7’s. Carly over at Glitterdollz7 uses them a lot on her blog and on her YT channel of the same name. I can’t wait to wear these out at the end of the month. I’m off to the Isle of Wight for a weekend with Darren ♥ visiting my Mumma ♥ and family ♥ so will put them to good use then.

What MAC eyeshadows are a must in your make up kit? I’d love to know some more staple colours to go for.

Have a good Monday ladies ;o)

Stace x x x