17 May 2010

Chanel - V is for Vendetta!!!

I know, I know - it's all about pastels at the minute but sometimes the ol' favourites come out to play. This shade from Chanel is dark and durgy and I love it! I envy you girls out there that can grow your nails to incredible lengths, believe me I have tried. I spent a small fortune on gels and acrylics in the past but I have had to face facts and live with short nails.
*sob sob*

I have taken a couple of pics with flash on and flash off see below

Flash on

Flash off

For me this shade will be around for a while yet. ;o)
What do you think? Is Vendetta one of your favs?


  1. I love Vendetta! I'm finding it hard to give up mt darks too, especially when shades like this look so good in the sunlight, it has tiny red and blue sparkles!

    Good luck with the blog,

    Andrea x

  2. can't believe you're complaining about having short nails when they're in such perfect condition! I'd swap with you any day :)

    I wasn't a big fan of the pastel shades to begin with but the more I try the more they seem to grow on me...

  3. I have to admit they do look in quite good condition in this photo, however now they're a complete mess. I'm terrible for picking/ filing when they don't need to be filed etc. I think the key to growing your nails is to have them painted, I find I leave them alone if they are. Thanks for the comments x x


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx