28 December 2011

Sleek Rose Gold Blush

Hey girlies, finally it is mine! Every time I go into Superdrug I look for this blush and every time the hole where it should be is empty alas not this time! 1 little blush waiting for me to snap it up.

Isn't she gorgeous!!

As I was approaching the Sleek stand I saw a girl put something back roughly where the blush was, I hope she wasn’t ‘going back for that later’!! Haha. Some have said this is similar to Orgasm blush by NARS however I don’t own this so can’t do a fair comparison. I have swatched it next to my beloved Benefit Coralista and Rose Gold has more gold shot through it when swatched on my hand. I would imagine you would need a light hand when using on your cheeks. The powder itself is smooth and the colour payoff is amazing! Rose Gold has loads of gold through it (funny that) which would be lovely on the cheekbones for a night out. For work, I like to keep things a bit more simple with my cream blush by MAC Ladyblush.

Rose Gold left, Coralista right

There is a big dip in my Coralista blush so will look forward to using Rose Gold in future FOTD/Ns and it’s nice to mix things up a bit.

I heard Sleek were discontinuing this blush, god knows why it has to be one of their best sellers. I have just checked the website and it is the only one that’s out of stock; however keep checking because you might get lucky!

Buy Rose Gold HERE

25 December 2011

Ho Ho Ho!!!! Meeeerrrrry Christmas!

Good morning my little mince pies!! Can you believe it’s Christmas Day, I’m sat here now with a slight headache which means a good night was had. I’m about to rip my presents open with a glass of vino, hair of the dog and all that! It really does make you feel better.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Lots of Love


23 December 2011

Cinders Bath Bomb - LUSH

Hello my lovelies! I have officially finished work now and in full on relax mode. Darren ♥ and I popped to Westfield last weekend and I ran into LUSH to pick up my beloved Dragons Egg and couldn’t help dropping a Cinders in my basket too. The bags LUSH are using at the minute have to be my favourite, candy canes! So cute.

This bomb is heavily laced with cinnamon leaf oil, almond oil and even has popping candy in middle of it. A bath with sound effects! These bath bombs are slightly smaller than the dragons egg and a little cheaper at only £1.95 per ball but they still deliver having said that I wouldn’t repurchase. It was nice, but it just doesn’t come close to my Dragons Egg, read my post on it HERE.

There I was floating away reading the last chapter of my book (Call me Madam, if you’re wondering) Darren walked past, stopped, came in the bathroom and told me my bath looked like wee! How charming! I have to admit I was thinking it as I stepped in! Yuk hahaha!

Are you a lover or a hater of Cinders? It was just ok for me

Buy Cinders from LUSH HERE.

20 December 2011

Christmas FOTN - MAC Reflects Red

I had a few hours to myself on Saturday to rustle up this Christmas FOTN, I forgot how much I love Reflects Red by MAC and since buying it have worn it once! I blame it on my make up storage case thing, I can’t see what I have and haven’t got anymore!

I'm getting better at this eyeliner business!

Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation 20
Vivo blush
Vivo Concealer
MAC MSFN in Medium
MAC MSF Pearl outer ring to highlight
Hoola by Benefit to contour

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Bare Study paintpot
MAC Naked Lunch e/s
MAC Brule e/s for brow bone
Urban Decay Naked e/s to deepen the crease
Urban Decay Darkhorse e/s run along lasheline and blended
Urban Decay Buck e/s for brows
Clinique Gel Liner in True Black
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
Illamasqua Vow eye pencil for waterline
MAC Reflects Red
Eylure 100 lashes

Korres Red Lipstick
Vivo Lipgloss in Just Peachy in the centre

Sorry for excess eye photos but I was trying to catch the glitter in the light

Reflects Red was so hard to photograph and in person it was a lot more glittery, I think this is the look I will wear Christmas Eve and maybe even Christmas Day too. I love getting dolled up Christmas morning after opening presents, my hair gets rolled up then the make up on, all washed down with a glass of wine, then a short walk through the park for dinner at the in-laws! I love it!

What look will you be wearing this Christmas Eve? Do you get dolled up Christmas Day or is it all about the PJ’s for you?

18 December 2011

Favourite Lip Combo - MAC and NYX

Morning my beauties! Love being awake so early on a Sunday, I get loads done and have a nice relax later ready for work tomorrow! Boooo! Only 3 days left though! Yippeee!!

This is the lip combo I am rocking at the minute, I've been wearing it lots.

NYX Round Lipstick in Thalia
MAC Lipglass in Prrr

Lipstick top, lipglass bottom

I just put a tiny bit of the lipglass in the centre of the lips for a bit of shine. I need a backup though I've had mine for ages! The colours don't look like they go together, the lipstick is slightly purple toned and the lipglass a peachy colour but it just gives the lips a nice shine.

Read my post on NYX Round Lipsticks and where to get them (6 for £10.40 incl P+P) HERE.

16 December 2011

Party Frocks! I want I want! - Motel Rocks

Afternoon lovers! Due to not many people being at work I have taken full advantage of this and have been looking at gorgeous party dresses for the Festive season, here are my picks! They’re all from Motel Rocks and if you click on the banner on the left it will take you straight to their site and use code TOPBLOG15 for 15% off your order.

Motel Gabby Sequin Dress £58, they have this dress in Charcoal, Black and Gold

Motel Elsa Rose Lace Bodycon Dress in Black - £42

Motel Gabrielle Sweetheart Mesh Dress in Leopard Print - £38

Motel Jet Plunge Neck Playsuit in Black - £48

Motel Monisha Sleeveless Sequin Dress in Antique Silver - £58 

These are pieces that I would honestly wear, no they’re not that colourful but that’s how I like it. Motel Rocks have some amazing items at the minute, please check out their website and follow them on Twitter, there may be a discount code flying around somewhere!

12 December 2011

FOTN - OOTN - Work Christmas ‘do

Good afternoon dollz! Let me first just say sorry for lack of posts, but around this time of year I’m trying not to spend too much money on myself because I need pennies for Christmas presents. I’m also busy the weekends trawling my way through Oxford Street or Westfields trying to get all these presents. I can now confirm that it is done, just the wrapping to do! I’m looking forward to nearly 2 weeks off work, a bit of me time and some serious blogging!


I had my work Christmas ‘do last Thursday and remembered to take some photos in the oh so glamorous location of the work toilets! We were off to Kitchen Italia just off the Seven dials in London. No need to wear a dress or anything like that.

Chanel Vitalumiere foundation 20
MAC MSF natural
Coralista Blush by Benefit
Hoola bronzer by Benefit
Outer ring of MAC MSF Pearl to highlight

MAC Painterley (review/post to come)
Eye shadows all from UD Naked Palette
Sin, Virgin, Buck, Smog
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
Clinique Gel Liner
Eylure 116 lashes (forgot how much I love these!)

NYX Round Lipstick Thalia
MAC Lipgloss Prrr

Contrast blouse from New Llook

I don’t post that many OOTD/N’s because, well I don’t have much style, I am working on it though and really finding a style that suits me. I am in love with blouses at the minute especially New Look blouses! Laura (used to be Lollipop26) blogged about this blouse and I was lucky enough to snap one up too. Sorry the lighting isn’t great!

Blouse New Look (out of stock now)
Black Jeggings from New Look
Flat ballet pumps from Dorothy Perkins (not show in photo) now on sale £16
Black vest under shirt, can't remember where this is from
Ring from Primark
(Mr T) Necklace, my 18th birthday present

My beautiful Christmas Tree

5 December 2011

Vivo Cosmetics – Natural Night Lashes

Hey girlies, back in October I attended the TOWIB event, you can read all about it HERE. At this event Adam Minto the man behind Vivo and FashionistA said we could email them to get a highlighter sent out to us. They sent me a few bits and these lashes were inside.

Vivo are the newish make up brand launching in bigger Tesco stores all over. They have some really lovely bits and pieces and I was really shocked when I opened the parcel and all this fell out!

Today I will be showing you the lashes. I was sent the Natural Night lashes, when I pulled them off the packet I thought they would be a nightmare to wear because the strip on them was really tough and a bit thick. I usually wear lashes that have an invisible strip or very thin strip. I applied lash glue that came with the lashes and whilst it was getting tacky I bent them about between my fingers to try and loosen them a bit.

These lashes aren’t as long as other lashes I’ve worn but they felt super comfy, I kept them on for a Chinese that night round my in-laws house.

When it came to taking them off I found they did pull on my own lashes ever so slightly and were a bit of a pain to get off. I think I possibly could have pulled a few of my own out too, but that wouldn’t stop me wearing them again.

For the rest of the make up have have a look at THIS FOTN Cranberry and Amberlights by MAC. I applied these lashes just after taking all my pics for that post.

Hands up who’s tried any products by Vivo Cosmetics?

3 December 2011

Curly Hair with no Heat?!.............Yes please!!

Good morning you lovely lot! I can’t remember the last time I used my GHD’s, I would say about 9-10 months ago was the last time. I’ve gone right off them to be honest, my hair is quite thin and if I remember right the last time I straightened it my hair looked like a limp lettuce! I am now a fan of curlers and love the bounce they give my barnet.

I saw these rollers on a You Tube video, what sold me was the fact she got her hair that curly with no heat. I’m not saying there isn’t some breakage there because my hair is a little knotty after a day like this but nothing a good brush won’t sort out!

I bought these from THIS ebay seller, they come in a pack of 14 and are Foam hair rollers. They’re £2.99 with free P+P. I have done this hairstyle with 1 pack of 14 rollers but I do have quite a lot of hair (even though it’s thin) so 14 suits me better.

Here’s how it’s done lovelies
Wash hair as normal, brush it then leave it to air dry, whilst it’s drying I’m usually making up Darren’s ♥ lunch for the next day. Then whilst your hair still has some damp in it start putting the rollers in, you may what to sort your fringe out before you do this, mine is still growing so I just leave mine out the rollers and tuck it behind my ear until is long enough to join the roller gang! Go to bed with them in, the rollers themselves are foam so really easy to sleep in and I think this is the secret to the curling, the heat from your head and the pressing against the pillow. In the morning remove all the rollers running your hands through each section then style as you wish. I clip mine on one side. Voila! Curly hair with no heat.

Here's what the rollers look like, they have a clasp and a little arm thing going on that just clip over the other side.

Velcro rollers are probably my favs for soft bouncy curls with height at the roots but I do use a big tong for that, usually when we go out. I will do a post on this soon and a video on my You Tube Channel. But for now I am loving this way of curling my hair. With a bit of dry shampoo through it the next day it still looks good, I roughly pin it up with a few loose curls hanging round the front.

Have any of you boycotted your GHD’s too? Or can’t you live without them?

Thanks for reading guys, enjoy the rest of your weekends!!

30 November 2011

Low Fat Cupcakes – 9 Pro Points on Weight Watchers

Hello my lovelies!! I have a few scheduled posts to get up but thought I’d get this up asap. I haven’t said too much about Weight Watchers on here because I was doing Slimming World before and failed miserably at it. I done WW about 8 years ago and got to a pound away from my goal, since then it’s all changed with the introduction of the new(ish) pro points system. I will go further into this after the New Year and I have got my stone award. At present I have lost 10.5 pounds and got into the previous stone which I haven’t seen for about 2 years now.

A while back I uploaded a few recipes and told you all about my love for baking, well I’ve missed it, so thought I would use the Weight Watchers ‘build a recipe’ feature on their website (you have to be a member to access it) to work out the pro points of a cupcake. My old cupcakes were a whopping 14 pro points, but with some tweaks here and there I have got them down to 9 pro points each. They were really yummy, I will admit I could definitely taste the difference however this didn’t stop me munching 4 of them! Where is my will power when I need it! I still lost a pound at Weigh in so wasn’t too bad.

When the cakes are cooked they don't go a nice brown colour like they do when cooked with butter, I think this is due to using Flora Light margarine. They were still yummy!

Makes 12 cupcakes

100g Flora Light
120g Self Raising Flour
2Tbspns Cornflour
110g Caster Sugar
1 tsp Baking Powder
2 large Eggs
1tsp Vanilla Extract

175g Unsalted Butter
250g Icing Sugar
1tsp Vanilla Extract
Red food colouring (use the tip of a cocktail stick, so not to use too much)
100’s and 1000’s

I made 12 but before I had the chance to whip out the camera Darren had pinched one!

Maybe a light cream cheese frosting would have bought the pro points down even further, but I was happy with what I had made. It's definately something I could play with, I've never tried cooking with Canderel sweetner before, so wasn't sure if it would work. Have any of you baked with sweetner instead of granulated sugar?

If you try them let me know how you get on, they’re really yummy!

28 November 2011

You Tube Video - Haul #2 - New Look, Vivio Cosmetics and Superdug

Morning sugarplums!

Did we all have a good weekend? I did, it was very relaxing. I made a batch of low fat cupcakes (recipe to follow). They were 9 pro points on Weight Watchers, the only downside is I ate 3 of them! I'm getting weighed tonight, hopefully I will stay the same. I can't see me losing much more weight before Christmas, I have loads of work stuff on. I'm also meeting my girlies for tea and a cupcake on Sunday!

Please Like, Comment and Subscribe, it really would make my day =D

Haha! I look so confused in this thumbnail!

25 November 2011

FOTN - MAC Amber Lights and Cranberry

Hello dahhhhhlings! me and Darren ♥ were going round to his parents house for a big Chinese meal last Saturday, we had a couple of hours free. Darren ♥ jumped on his Xbox for a battle with the boys and I got lost in a puff of make up and these gorgeous autumn/fall shades.

I bought Amber lights and Cranberry by MAC a few weeks back so knew exactly what look I was going for.

Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation Shade 20
MAC MSFN medium
MAC MSF Pearl (outer ring for highlight)

MAC e/s Amberlights
MAC e/s Cranberry
MAC e/s Shadowy lady (through the crease)
Stila eye pencil in Onyx
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara in Black

NYX Round Lipstick Thalia
MAC lipgloss Prrr (in the centre of the lips)

I wore this make up to dinner and Darren’s sister ♥ said I had got a bit dolled up for just a Chinese with them! Haha.

I love these colours together they remind me of crunchy autumn leaves that have fallen from trees. I cannot wait to wear this out properly I will film this for my You Tube channel soon too.

Do any of you have these colours too? Don’t be scared to try them, they’re amazing!

23 November 2011

LUSH - Golden Wonder

Hey dollz! On my recent shopping trip to Westfields (I’m going again on Saturday!) I popped into LUSH to grab myself a Dragons Egg, you can read my full post on this gorgeous bath bomb HERE.

The SA also made me get this new Christmas bath bomb; Golden Wonder. I love that it already looks like a little present itself and it kind of was, a little present from me to me. I was sold on the fact it had glitter in it (just like my beloved Dragons Egg) and the promise of stars pouring out of it! I was a little bit disappointed that the stars didn’t hang around a bit longer, they dissolved. This bath bomb fizzes into action immediately, the gold quickly turned to blue then to green with a gorgeous fine glitter shot through it.

Look at the pretty stars and goldness - Ahhhhh

Nothing like a good soak to wash the day away!

I wallowed in it like the beast I am, sucking up the fresh orangey/limey smell, relaxing with a good book. This was short lived, for those of you that have been with me for a while will know that my other half is a bit partial to a LUSH bath too. He took one look at my golden green bath with floating stars and stripped naked, plunging his size 12’s into my bath. Which was now ‘our bath’. What Joy! =D

One tip I do have for you though to avoid a royal rollicking like me, make sure you wash the bath out after, we both forgot (which of course was my fault) and had to put some serious elbow grease into cleaning the damn thing.

Pick one of these up ASAP before they go out of stock because they are seriously good. I still have my Dragons Egg for this weekend. Fingers crossed Darren ♥ is at work!

You can buy Golden Wonder from LUSH HERE.