30 November 2011

Low Fat Cupcakes – 9 Pro Points on Weight Watchers

Hello my lovelies!! I have a few scheduled posts to get up but thought I’d get this up asap. I haven’t said too much about Weight Watchers on here because I was doing Slimming World before and failed miserably at it. I done WW about 8 years ago and got to a pound away from my goal, since then it’s all changed with the introduction of the new(ish) pro points system. I will go further into this after the New Year and I have got my stone award. At present I have lost 10.5 pounds and got into the previous stone which I haven’t seen for about 2 years now.

A while back I uploaded a few recipes and told you all about my love for baking, well I’ve missed it, so thought I would use the Weight Watchers ‘build a recipe’ feature on their website (you have to be a member to access it) to work out the pro points of a cupcake. My old cupcakes were a whopping 14 pro points, but with some tweaks here and there I have got them down to 9 pro points each. They were really yummy, I will admit I could definitely taste the difference however this didn’t stop me munching 4 of them! Where is my will power when I need it! I still lost a pound at Weigh in so wasn’t too bad.

When the cakes are cooked they don't go a nice brown colour like they do when cooked with butter, I think this is due to using Flora Light margarine. They were still yummy!

Makes 12 cupcakes

100g Flora Light
120g Self Raising Flour
2Tbspns Cornflour
110g Caster Sugar
1 tsp Baking Powder
2 large Eggs
1tsp Vanilla Extract

175g Unsalted Butter
250g Icing Sugar
1tsp Vanilla Extract
Red food colouring (use the tip of a cocktail stick, so not to use too much)
100’s and 1000’s

I made 12 but before I had the chance to whip out the camera Darren had pinched one!

Maybe a light cream cheese frosting would have bought the pro points down even further, but I was happy with what I had made. It's definately something I could play with, I've never tried cooking with Canderel sweetner before, so wasn't sure if it would work. Have any of you baked with sweetner instead of granulated sugar?

If you try them let me know how you get on, they’re really yummy!

28 November 2011

You Tube Video - Haul #2 - New Look, Vivio Cosmetics and Superdug

Morning sugarplums!

Did we all have a good weekend? I did, it was very relaxing. I made a batch of low fat cupcakes (recipe to follow). They were 9 pro points on Weight Watchers, the only downside is I ate 3 of them! I'm getting weighed tonight, hopefully I will stay the same. I can't see me losing much more weight before Christmas, I have loads of work stuff on. I'm also meeting my girlies for tea and a cupcake on Sunday!

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Haha! I look so confused in this thumbnail!

25 November 2011

FOTN - MAC Amber Lights and Cranberry

Hello dahhhhhlings! me and Darren ♥ were going round to his parents house for a big Chinese meal last Saturday, we had a couple of hours free. Darren ♥ jumped on his Xbox for a battle with the boys and I got lost in a puff of make up and these gorgeous autumn/fall shades.

I bought Amber lights and Cranberry by MAC a few weeks back so knew exactly what look I was going for.

Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation Shade 20
MAC MSFN medium
MAC MSF Pearl (outer ring for highlight)

MAC e/s Amberlights
MAC e/s Cranberry
MAC e/s Shadowy lady (through the crease)
Stila eye pencil in Onyx
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara in Black

NYX Round Lipstick Thalia
MAC lipgloss Prrr (in the centre of the lips)

I wore this make up to dinner and Darren’s sister ♥ said I had got a bit dolled up for just a Chinese with them! Haha.

I love these colours together they remind me of crunchy autumn leaves that have fallen from trees. I cannot wait to wear this out properly I will film this for my You Tube channel soon too.

Do any of you have these colours too? Don’t be scared to try them, they’re amazing!

23 November 2011

LUSH - Golden Wonder

Hey dollz! On my recent shopping trip to Westfields (I’m going again on Saturday!) I popped into LUSH to grab myself a Dragons Egg, you can read my full post on this gorgeous bath bomb HERE.

The SA also made me get this new Christmas bath bomb; Golden Wonder. I love that it already looks like a little present itself and it kind of was, a little present from me to me. I was sold on the fact it had glitter in it (just like my beloved Dragons Egg) and the promise of stars pouring out of it! I was a little bit disappointed that the stars didn’t hang around a bit longer, they dissolved. This bath bomb fizzes into action immediately, the gold quickly turned to blue then to green with a gorgeous fine glitter shot through it.

Look at the pretty stars and goldness - Ahhhhh

Nothing like a good soak to wash the day away!

I wallowed in it like the beast I am, sucking up the fresh orangey/limey smell, relaxing with a good book. This was short lived, for those of you that have been with me for a while will know that my other half is a bit partial to a LUSH bath too. He took one look at my golden green bath with floating stars and stripped naked, plunging his size 12’s into my bath. Which was now ‘our bath’. What Joy! =D

One tip I do have for you though to avoid a royal rollicking like me, make sure you wash the bath out after, we both forgot (which of course was my fault) and had to put some serious elbow grease into cleaning the damn thing.

Pick one of these up ASAP before they go out of stock because they are seriously good. I still have my Dragons Egg for this weekend. Fingers crossed Darren ♥ is at work!

You can buy Golden Wonder from LUSH HERE.

21 November 2011

You Tube Video - MAC Lipstick collection

Morning girlies!

Hope you all had a fab weekend, I just want to apologise for not uploading anything for a week! Bad blogger! No excuse really, I had a bit of good news on Saturday night and celebrated in style, my hangover lasted til Wednesday! I felt very sorry for myself! =D

Here is my MAC Lipstick collection (so far), since filming this video I have acquired a new MAC lipstick, Viva Glam Cyndi Lauper. In the video I mention the lovely Gaelle and her blog The Make up Fairy however I forgot to list her blog in the details. (sorry hun) I won Gaelles recent 200 follower giveaway which had the lippie in as a prize. Go follow, she's an absolute sweetheart and she's done the Pixiwoo course! Well jel! =D

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14 November 2011

Faux Mohawk Hairstyle - You Tube Video

Morning lovelies!

Did we all have a good weekend? Mine was just amazing, I had the hangover from hell yesterday but had such a good night on Saturday!

I wore this hairstyle in my first Haul video and had a couple of requests to show how I put it together, so here it is. I hate the thumbnails You Tube choose for my videos, I'm always pulling a dodgy face!

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12 November 2011

Laurens Way Re-Launch Event - PIC HEACY

Hey guys and gals! If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I went along to the Laurens Way re launch event on Wednesday night. Laurens Way has now bought out hair extensions, eyelashes and a few new tanning products. They’ve also refreshed the packaging, but it’s still the same fab product inside!

I was so excited about going; I love me a bit of TOWIE and was so excited that I was going to meet Lauren. The programme really doesn’t do that much for her though, she’s so lovely and very slim. The papers are so horrible too!

The girls

Natalie, Emma and Moi

Laurens Way

I picked up a bottle of Laurens Way tanning mousse and lotion a couple of months back. I gave the mousse a go but really didn’t use it properly I didn’t leave it long enough after shaving so I got a bit of a nasty rash from it. On Tuesday night whilst Darren was losing on Modern Warfare 3 (haha) I gave the lotion a go. It is love! I love it so much and I swear I’m getting browner as the day goes on. It’s such a natural shade of brown.
The event was held at Jewel bar at Piccadilly so arranged to meet Emma outside, Natalie turned up about 5 minutes later. We had a chat outside and laughed at the paps waiting for that photo opportunity, they must have been gutted because Lauren Goodger was already inside supping Champers! It was so weird seeing her in the flesh, she sounds exactly the same (obvs), and I will admit I was a little start stuck.

Inside Laura and Lauren were already there, we had our names ticked off the checklist then had some photos against the Laurens Way logo. Charli turned up just in time for photos. We found ourselves a table and chatted the night away. Nev came over and introduced himself, he’s Lauren Goodgers business partner. He had Glam Tan on himself. Later on there was an opportunity for a photo with Lauren. We were also rubbing shoulders with a few other Celebs Nicola T, Tony Mortimer from E17 and some woman from Loose Women, I forget her name.

Drinks were free for a while with people slopping off here and there. The three musketeers (myself, Natalie and Charli) were the last ones to leave. We parted company outside and I made my merry way home.

The goods!

Thank you girls for a fantastic evening!
I was lucky enough to grab 2 goodie bags, which had the Mousse, Instant Glow, eyelashes and bracelet in. I will do a full blogpost on the tan when this application has faded, I may even treat you to a You Tube video!

11 November 2011

Lest we Forget

The news is spread far and wide
Another comrade has sadly died
A sunset vigil upon the sand
As a soldier leaves this foreign land

 We stand alone, and yet as one
In the fading light of a setting sun
We’ve all gathered to say goodbye
To our fallen comrade who’s set to fly
The eulogy’s read about their life
Sometimes with words from pals or wife
We all know when the CO’s done
What kind of soldier they’d become
The padre then calls us all to pray
The bugler has Last Post to play
The cannon roars and belches flame
We will recall, with pride, their name

A minute’s silence stood in place
As tears roll down the hardest face
deafening silence fills the air
With each of us in personal prayer
Reveille sounds and the parade is done
The hero remembered, forgotten by none
They leave to start the journey back
In a coffin draped in the Union Jack

We Will Remember Them!

10 November 2011

NOTD - Wellington Street - Nails Inc

Hello guys and gals! There’s not that much to say about this colour, you all know how much I love my Nails Inc polishes. Faye ♥ bought this for me in a gift set a while back, I blogged about it HERE.

It’s a really pretty pink, a full on Barbie pink. So easy to wear I love it! Two coats is all it takes for it to be opaque finished off with the HG of topcoats Seche Vite!

The photo with the flash off you can see it has undertones of blue in it making it look almost purple, it’s not the true colour. It’s as bright as they come baby!

8 November 2011

Real Techniques - Core Collection brush set

Girlies! Let me start by saying you need these brushes! I bought the starter set (blue handled pack) about 2 months ago and can say that I honestly use a couple of the brushes everyday. The Deluxe crease brush is amazing for concealing under the eyes and the base shadow brush is nice for applying a wash of colour.

Back to the brushes.

Real Techniques brushes are designed by Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo fame, Sam is also a Make up Artist in her own right and between her and her sister Nic they have 30 years experience in the make up industry. Nic took a back seat with this project because she knew she would be starting a family (Harry is just gorgeous) so left Sam to get on with this by herself.

The whole range of brushes are made with taklon synthetic bristles, each hand cut and 100% cruelty free which I know from watching Sam’s videos on You Tube is a top priority to her.

This set comprises of:
Detailer brush – this brush is slightly angled at the top perfect for intricate work, I have also used this for applying lipstick
Contour brush – before owning this brush I was using a MAC 109 wondering why I could never get my cheekbones to go BAM, now they do, love this brush
Buffing brush – I used this in my latest video on You Tube, buffing Chanel Pro Lumiere into the skin like a dream. This could also be used for powder.
Pointed Foundation Brush – I use this brush for applying highlight to the tops of my cheekbones and outer eye area. To date I haven’t yet used it for foundation, only because I am always in a rush in the mornings and need a man sized brush to get the job done! Haha

Left to right Contour Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Detailer Brush and Buffing Brush

As with any Real Techniques brush sets this comes with a panoramic brush case which doubles as stand also. Each brush has a flat bottom which makes perfect for standing on the table whilst you apply your make up. I find the bigger brushes stand up perfectly however the detailer brush, accent brush and pixel point brushes (last two from blue starter kit) don’t stand with ease.

You will not regret buying these brushes, my master plan is to have every single one in my collection. If I could put a request into Real Techniques it would be to make the deluxe crease brush from the blue Starter Kit available to buy on it’s own it really is a beauty.

I bought mine from Love-Makeup for £20.99, there is a delivery charge of £2.95 in the UK. The delivery may I add is super speedy.

I forgot to say how they wash! I wash my brushes in baby shampoo and will say Real Techniques brushes look like brand new once washed, with no shedding at all! Do you think I like them? ;p

Go on…….treat yourself!!

7 November 2011

Haul video - MAC, ASOS, Vero Moda, Rare Fashion, Forever 21

Morning lovelies!

Hope you all had a fab weekend, most of my Saturday was spent keeping warm and sleeping, I had a nasty little head cold, luckily it had disappeared by Sunday so I could film a quick video.

This is a haul video of bits and bobs that I have picked up over the last month. Hope you like it guys.

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