11 May 2012

My……how they’ve grown! Before and After

I have to give you girlies a heads up about this nail oil I’ve been using. I bought it on eBay for £2.45, it is the sample size, so only has 3.7ml product in the little bottle but I didn’t want to waste my money on something that may or may not have worked.

Well I wasn’t expecting these kind of results! I started off by cutting my nails down to roughly the same length *kicks self for not taking a photo* then every night rub a small amount of this oil into my cuticles and gently push them back. After a few days I noticed my nails weren’t peeling or breaking so much and they were so hard and strong.

I found a photo from a previous NOTD post for comparison but here’s the before and after.

I hate nails with no polish on! Yuk!
Pretty good huh?! I’m a clumsy ol’ fool sometimes and have snapped a couple of my nails since taking that after photo, so I have cut them all down and starting them again. I hate uneven nails.

I bought this nail oil for my dry cuticles and didn’t expect much more from it so the length and strength is a bonus!

Have any of you tried nail oils? Any others you can recommend for dry cuticles?

7 May 2012

MAC Melba Blush – Review

A few weeks back I met up with a couple of my girlies Emma and Grace for lunch and a catch up. After scoffing some Nando’s we headed to MAC in Neal Street
to have a look and take advantage of Grace’s MAC pro card.

sorry for the crappy photo with flash

I couldn’t decide between Melba and Harmony blushes and kept swatching them on my hand then wiping it off saying I wouldn’t get anything but then I didn’t want to miss out on a saving haha! So I opted for Melba blush as I am right into my peachy tones at the minute.

MAC Melba blush and MAC Hue lipstick

Melba is a really pretty matte peachy coral blush, the consistency is so smooth and it looks beautiful on the skin. I still want Harmony though so will have to get that another time.

Without the MAC pro discount it would have been £16.50 but I got it for £10.70 with Graces card. *Thank you Grace x* Why can’t we all have a MAC pro card! Although I think I would be dangerous with one with that kind of savings!

If you are into your peachy blushes and not sure what get this is a lovely blush, however my buddy Laura told me there is a good dupe by Collection 2000 called Peach Melba for £1.99, so if you don’t want to splash the cash then try the Collection 2000.

I’m so pleased with Melba, it is my first matte blush from MAC and I’m very impressed.

Do any of you have Harmony? Is it a must have?

4 May 2012

YSL Rouge Volupte review - Tender Peach #26

hands up who’s wanted one of these for aaaaaaaaages?!? *raises both hands*

After what feels like years I have finally got my mitts on a YSL Rouge Volutpe lipstick and I have to say there’s no going back now!

Whilst out shopping for my birthday the YSL stand caught my eye and we walked past Boots, so with Darren’s ♥ bank card in hand I marched in and started browsing the lippies. Choosing a colour was hard work and my hand was a work of art by the time I had decided on this colour.

In these photos it looks alot pinker than it comes out on the lips
I showed my Mum ♥ on the webcam the other night and the first thing she said was “you’re just paying for packaging” I have to say the packaging is lovely and looks so luxurious and expensive but the lipstick itself doesn’t look or feel any different to that of say a MAC which is roughly £10 cheaper, but I still don’t think that would put me off buying another. Since owning this lipstick I haven’t worn any other lipstick so at this rate I will be going through it quite quickly! But lipsticks are the main thing I am attracted to when looking at make up. It’s certainly the first thing I look at at a MAC counter.

getting ready to go out for dinner

wearing YSL Tender Peach #26

Anyway this is the YSL Rouge Volutpe #26 which is called Tender Peach. This lipstick has no shimmer in it at all but is not matte, I would say it was similar formula to a creemsheen by MAC. It’s super glossy and not drying at all. I’m quite impressed with the longevity of this lippie too.

This lipstick was £23.50 from YSL at Boots, would I repurchase? Hell yeah!

Have any of you got one of these? What other colours should I try?

2 May 2012

Sleep In Rollers review with after photo!

Hello darlings!

I celebrated my birthday last week, I made some mahooosive hints to my Sister  Faye ♥ about these Sleep In Rollers that I wanted, by hints I mean I just sent her the link for the website and said here’s what I want for my birthday, she provided……she’s a good girl.

I could not wait to get these bad boys in, girls are going crazy for them at the minute and now after I’ve used them I can see why. I met Faye ♥ on Thursday night for pizza and a catch up but was too late getting home to put them in then so Friday night was the night! I also had the In-laws coming over for some grub on the Saturday.

First off the packaging is adorable, they come in a cute bright pink bag that has a drawer string on it. I have stored mine in these bags after I used them which keeps them at their best. I have the normal Velcro rollers in various sizes but have never had anywhere or anything to keep them in. So these bags are a win win for me.

I washed my hair as normal then done some chores around the house so it dried off a bit, then gave it a quick blast with the hairdryer, I would say my hair was 70% dry when I put them in. Starting at the front sectioned off a piece of hair and worked my way up and over my head. Then I done the sides, I would say it took me about 15mins, but it was my first attempt. I used all 20 rollers. I was expecting a sleepless night ahead of me but you know what they are surprisingly comfortable, almost like an extra pillow. They certainly didn’t keep me awake.

Please ignore my bright yellow 'around the house' vest, maybe I should have thought the 'before' outfit side of things through haha!

big hair with hardly any effort!

You can buy Sleep-in Rollers from HERE for £16.50 incl P&P.

I can see me washing my hair all the time now I own a bag of these! I love big bouncy hair and with these I can achieve that whilst sleeping……Get In!