31 January 2012

FOTN – Pretty Purple

Hello my darlings! I had the whole weekend to my self last weekend; Darren ♥ had gone to watch the Snooker at Wembley so I had a chance to have a play with some make up, I done a Brigitte Bardot look, inspired by Tanya Burr from Pixi2woo. I also pulled this one out of the bag! I really don’t use my Barry M Dazzle Dusts enough!

Please excuse the roots, they have since been done! lolz

Chanel Pro Lumiere 10 (slightly washed me out in the photos)
MAC Ladyblush Crème Blush
Vivo Baked Bronzer in Healthy Glow
MAC e/s Brule
MAC e/s Shale
MAC e/s Vapour to highlight
Sleek e/s Matte brown
Sleek e/s Matte black
Barry M Dazzle Dust #74 (I think, number rubbed off)
MAC Mascara Haute and Naughty
Urban Decay Zero pencil

Hue Lipstick

I must broaden my lipsticks a bit, I seem to use Hue a lot when I do FOTD/Ns and it just goes with everything! Please recommend me some others! I also noticed that the foundation I used slightly washed me out in the photos. There was me thinking I was super pale again!

I wish the snooker was on a lot more, I was in my own little world for 2 days! It was bliss!

28 January 2012

MAC Haute and Naughty Mascara – Review

Good Morning beautifuls! I am back once again…….the review master (there’s a song in there somewhere). Believe it or not I’ve had this mascara since April last year and have only just brought it out the drawer to use, properly.

It was my Sisters ♥ before mine and she gave it to me to review for my blog after already telling me she didn’t like it I didn’t have that high hopes for it. As much as I love MAC I don’t hear that many good things about their mascaras. I also think you can buy drug store mascaras for a lot cheaper and do the same job.

I was so wrong, I love it now, even though I’ve had this since last April the product is like brand new. It is a little gloopy and wet but with any mascara it will dry out. This retails for £18 which is a little steep but for the results it gives it is a nice treat.

This is the pink brush, not alot of product and easily buildable, love it.

This is the big sparkly brush, so much product comes out on the brush, I've already scraped some off on the tube. So good for making lashes BIGGER!

For daytime I use the pink end which has a smaller brush and picks up less product then to vamp it up for the evenings I use the sparkly ended brush (this purple would also be a nice colour for a nail polish non?).

I'd love a nail polish like this!
The below photos were taken on different days so I'm wearing slightly different make up but the results are there. For some reason my bottom lashes in the second photo look the same length as the top. This mascara adds so much length, I’m really pleased with the results. I hate my lashes to look too covered in mascara, so that they look like fluffy spiders legs.

This photo was taken not long after my hols in June so my lashes do look quite healthy

Jeez! My bottom lashes are outgrowing the top! Look at the length, I could have done with a bit of liner on the top I suppose. It was just for Nando's though. =D

Laying in bed watching TV later that night Darren ♥ tried to pull them off, he thought they were false! I’m kicking myself for having this in my vanity case for so long without using it, what a waste, but in another way Yay! I have a new mascara that I love!

Who else has tried this? Do you love it too?

26 January 2012

LUSH - Satsumo Santa - Review

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a good weekend. After my disgust at the Lil Lush Pud (read my post HERE) I knew this little beauty was going to be good. I’d seen a couple of tweets about it on Twitter and seen a couple of reviews on it too.

Ahhhh aint he cute!

This bath bomb to me is the perfect blend that I love and the colour my bath went was unreal! I love the way Lush describe this on their website too “A British fusion of an orange in the bottom of your Christmas stocking, and the Japanese tradition of splitting a yuzu orange and putting it in your bathwater at Winter Solstice.”

Look at that orangey goodness!

I can’t help but mention my beloved Dragons Egg whenever I do a LUSH post but Santa and the Egg have the same citric scents that just make me want to dive straight in. To me Santa wasn’t that moisturising on my skin and did leave me feeling a little dry but I go through moisturiser like no ones business so that’s not a problem. The Dragons Egg does have a gorgeous soft silky feel to it, I missed that with the ballistic/bomb.

Now this is the kinda bath I want to jump in!

It’s a shame the Satsumo Santa is only around at Christmas, I would definitely think about purchasing this one throughout the year. Can’t they make it into a ball? I’m not sure how much these retail for because they are a Christmas item and I got mine as part of a gift set. If you know then please let me know below.

Counting down the days until I can get another one of these and Christmas of course!

24 January 2012

Vivo Cosmetics – Baked Bronze Healthy Glow

Hey gorgeous girlies! A while back I was sent some bits and bobs by Vivo Cosmetics after the TOWIB event and this little gem was in my parcel.

Healthy Glow is marketed as a baked bronze but I don’t think it is a bronzer at all, it’s bronze in colour but I would say it’s more of a highlighter, I certainly can’t do any bronzing with it. It retails for £5 and I have heard there’s a few other colours too. You get a whopping 12g of product for £5 which to me is a massive selling point. They look suspiciously like my MAC Soft and Gentle MSF too, just less pigmented, see swatch below.

Left MAC Soft and Gentle Right Vivo Healthy Glow
Left MAC Soft and Gentle Right Vivo Healthy Glow

Vivo Health Glow used lightly on the top of the cheekbone
Vivo are exclusive to larger Tesco stores, I am yet to check out the entire range because I haven’t found them in a store yet. Do you know of any stores that currently sell this? Please let me know!

20 January 2012

Ardell False Lashes on eBay – Cheap as chips!

Afternoon girlfriends! Just a quick heads up of this bargain seller on eBay. My stock of false lashes were decreasing rapidly, I had a little temper tantrum on Christmas Eve too because I couldn’t get them to go on right, ruined two pairs by ripping them off and starting war paint all over again!

Anyway, I have a big night out next Friday and will be doing my Sister and Sister in laws make up for the evening. I know they will want to raid my stash of lashes for the night. I searched on eBay for Ardell lashes and THIS seller came up trumps.

They were £2.49 a pair with free delivery. They don’t come with glue but I have loads of the stuff at home and a massive Duo glue that I got from MAC duty free.

The full range that the seller have on offer are styles:- 101, 102, 103, 105, 107, 109, 110, 111, 114, 115, 116, 120, 124, 125, 131. I chose 102, 105 and 120s. I’ve already had the 105’s, they are so comfortable! The styles I’ve chosen all come with a very thin band which you apply the glue to, I don’t get on very well with the thick kind.

I ordered these lashes on Wednesday afternoon and they arrived this morning so quite quick delivery too.

Below I have style 120 just resting on the top of my own lashes just so you can see what they look like. I can’t wait to wear these out.

I’m so pleased I found this seller, Ardell lashes sell in Boots for £5.10 which of course you get the glue with but if you’re anything like me you will have a few of those little glue vials laying about to use with these! So what do you think? Bargain or what!

Hope you have a fab weekend lovelies!

18 January 2012

Lil Lush Pud = no thanks, I'll pass!

Hello gorgeous girlies (and fellas if there are any). Much to my dislike Christmas is well and truly over for another year. I got two exact same Lush gift sets from Darren ♥ and his Mum ♥ and they had spoken about it! Doughnuts! Anyway I’m not complaining because as some of you are aware I am a bit partial to a lush bath.

The lil Lush pud screams Christmas to me because a; it looks like one of my favourite desserts and b; it does smell LUSH! (see what I did there?) just like all my favourite things at Christmas. This is the second Christmas bath bomb from Lush that I dislike, read my post on Cinders HERE. I was so disappointed with it as you can see from my photos, it doesn’t exactly make you want to get in it. As usual I had a passing comment from Darren ♥ saying my bath looked like s**t and it would get me more dirty than clean.

Beautiul isn't it! - NOT!

I don’t usually write bad things about Lush but I have to say this was a major disappointment, I didn’t even stay in it that long. Give me the normal bath bombs over the Christmas ones any day!

The remains of the holy, this was floating around in the bath - YUK!

I got two of these Lil Lush puds and tried palming the other one off on Darren ♥ but he was having none of it.

Am I alone in this? Are there any other Pud haters?

15 January 2012

FOTN Brigitte Bardot

Good evening lovelies! My other half was at the snooker today so I had a chance to have a play with some make up. Tanya Burr, Pixi2woo on You Tube uploaded THIS video of a Brigitte Bardot look. Tanya had previsouly done the video 2 years ago but with a super duper camera with better quality etc she redone it.

This is my go at it.

Chanel Vitalumiere 20
Benefit Hoola
Sleek Suede blush

Zero Pencil by Urban Decay
Matte black shadow by Sleek
Brule e/s by MAC
Matte browns by Sleek for brows
Max Factor False Lash effect mascara
Eylure 100 lashes

Stripdown lip pencil MAC
Hue Lipstick MAC

I had so much fun doing this look. I done this at 2pm this afternoon and I still have it on now! Wish I was going out! The last time I tried to do anything like this with black eyeshadow I looked awful!

Enjoy your Sunday night lovers!

12 January 2012

Avon Nailwear Pro – Deluxe Chocolate

Afternoon girlies! Just after Christmas the Mothership came to stay with me for a couple of days, in her bag of tricks (make up bag) she had this polish for me, it was supposed to be a little Christmas present but it didn’t turn up in time.

Deluxe Chocolate is a gorgeous warm brown colour with loads of gold in it, as with most duo chrome effect nail polishes the glitter particles don’t shown up that great in the photos but you can see it in the bottle.

I’m so impressed with this nail polish. I painted my nails on Monday night and they’re still going strong now. No chipping just a little wear on the nail tip. See photo below. I am so over the pastel shades too, love these kind of dark colours. I might just paint the tips and give them another coat of Seche Vite, see how long they last after that!

2 days still going strong =D

Avon have a big sale on at the minute and this polish is only £4 on the website or £3 from the catalogue, that's very cheap for 12mls of polish! You can buy it HERE or if you have an Avon lady local to you then snap one up, I have placed an order for Fushia Fun a gorgeous pink colour. From the website it looks like it has some of that duo chrome glittery goodness that I love!

Are any of you fans of Avon? What else am I missing out on?

4 January 2012

Blog round up – Christmas, New Year, Resolutions

Happy New Year my beauties!!! Forgive me for not blogging in over a week, I had a few scheduled posts to do and I had every intention of doing some make up looks whilst I was off for nearly 2 weeks but the sofa was too comfy, the films were too good, the company even better and the Pringles were delish! (Sorry Weight Watchers)


Please don’t take these pics as me bragging about my Christmas presents these are just a few bits and pieces. There was definitely a theme to my presents this year. I received no make up bits, but I didn’t want any really (WTF??) Emma ♥ (sister-in-law) bought me a load of Cupcake bits and pieces, she’s a crafty moo it’s her birthday in January! I did ask for a cupcake book, I got 3!

3 cupcake books, cupcake stand, giant cupcake mould, vaseline (x4 inside) Alien perfume, Sony Camera LUSH box

Darrens Aunties Christmas Tree

Me and my glam Mothership (Mum)

Darren made Paella for Mum YUM!!

I made Coffee and Walnut cake for Boxing Day

Having a play with my new camera

Red Velvet cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery Book

New Year Eve

As I’ve got older NYE just doesn’t do it for me anymore, there was a time when I was out with the best of them paying money to get into my local, sloshing drinks everywhere on the dance floor and kissing strangers with a ‘Happy New Year’. I’ve been with Darren ♥ for 3 years and we haven’t been out once for it, last year we were both ill and in bed by 11.30pm. This year we stayed in, had a few drinks, watched the fireworks and that’s about it. It was perfect, texted family and friends. We did wake up with a little hangover January 1st but nothing a KFC couldn’t banish. (Sorry Weight Watchers)

My New Year Resolutions

I can’t say I really made any resolutions as such the main ones were probably to stick to Weight Watchers after my first weigh in after Christmas next Monday and to do it properly this time but I remember saying that last year and in fact I weigh exactly the same this NYE as I did last year Hmmmmm! (maybe I’m meant to weigh this much?) This is the year! I can feel it. I also said I wanted to try different things exercise wise. My mother ♥ has lost 2 stone mainly doing Zumba (and eating a healthy diet) so I’d like to try that and also Bikram Yoga (the sweaty one). I’m fed up with my gym at the minute, I stick to the same classes and I’m very bored with it. I love swimming so would like to get back into that too.

Took Mum for her first ever Nandos! She loved it!

Blogging Resolutions

I have to find the time to change the layout on my blog, it needs a little refresh and I need to get a bit more organised with it, like scheduling posts, I find I run out of time to write them up and I do go on a bit. Can ya tell?

If you’ve got to here, well done beautiful! Haha. Here’s to another year! Ching Ching!