28 February 2011

Monday Summary

1 Slimming World – I lost 1 pound at SW bringing my weight loss to 13 pound! I’m so pleased with myself, I put in a bit more exercise since my last weigh in, also I had a big night out the night after weigh in (Cheese and Wine night) so knew I had to be extra good so that the scales would show a loss. I have 1 more pound to lose and I want it so bad! I’m upping my exercise again this week in a bid to get that 1 pound off, heck I might even get into the previous stone if I’m extra good!

2 Nintendo Wii – Darren ♥ bought me one of these a long time ago with me promising to use it everyday ‘even for just half an hour’. I did good at first, then I joined the gym and the Wii got forgotten about. When I jumped back on the Wii a month before Christmas it said Congratulations you have lost 7 pounds since your last weigh in. I was over the moon. I had a break over Christmas but now I am in full swing with it and I love jumping on to see if I’ve lost any weight and watching my Mii character get slimmer. She was a bit podgy when we first got it. Darren ♥ hasn’t been on it since we got it and his little Mii character has fallen asleep! It’s quite funny.

3 Getting presents *happy dance*  - I got home from work on Friday to a massive present from Darren ♥ it’s a Think Pink gift set from Lush. Darren ♥ bought it for me for no reason other than he loves me! Ahhh love him. I will be doing a more in depth post about it soon and each individual bubble bar, bath bomb and moisturiser in it! So keep ya eyes peeled.

4 Tums and Bums – I went to this class on Saturday morning and really enjoyed it, I heard there was a new instructor which I’m pleased about because the one before was 20 mins late the last time I went, I was furious! I ache today though and I’ve got another class to go to tonight! I will get that last pound off!

5 Missing Darren ♥ - He has a lot of work on at the minute, working all hours he can so we can add the money to our deposit pot, bless him. Before Christmas there wasn’t so much work about and for us it was all about lazing on the sofa at the weekends, watching films and just being together. As much as I like my own time every now and then, I do miss his company when he’s not there. Then when he gets home he’s so tired he falls asleep on the sofa and isn’t his usual funny self. Think of the money Stace!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

24 February 2011

Alexander McQueen - Alexander and I

Hey girls, just a quick heads up on a documentary that’s on this Friday (25th) at 9pm on more4 on fashion designer Alexander McQueen, it’s called McQueen and I. Model Jodie Kidd talks about her time as a model at his shows and there is also previously unseen interviews between the designer himself and his muse, the late Isabella Blow.

I’ve never really been a fashion/designer follower, it's only in the last couple of years that I've started to take more notice. I do know Alexander/Lee made some amazing creations in the past. It was sad to find out he had committed suicide, a great loss to the fashion industry.

Lee Alexander McQueen - 17 March 1969 - 11 February 2010

Take a look at the McQueen’s archives, "Plato's Atlantis" a women’s Spring/Summer collection for 2010 inspired by his love of deep sea diving, mainly in the Maldives. There are some amazing pieces in this video and some of them crazy shoes, as seen on Lady Gaga in her Bad Romance video. How the models walk in them I don’t know!

I will be watching on Friday night to get more insight into the legend that was Alexander McQueen.

23 February 2011

Estee Lauder - Lotions and Potions

Hey dolls! For Christmas Darren ♥ bought me 2 products by Estee Lauder. Idealist Pore Minimising Skin Refinisher and Advanced Night Repair. The reason I haven’t written about these sooner is, I wanted to give both these products a proper trial before recommending/putting you off them.

Pore Minimising Skin Refinisher

What they say:-
“Pore Diminishing Technology
Makes enlarged pores look virtually invisible by treating their appearance from the inside out.

• Immediately begins to dissolve away pore-clogging debris.
• Dead skin cells are continuously cleared away.”

I couldn’t agree with this more, this product really has changed the size of my pores. It has a beautiful citrus smell to it and works lovely as a base under make up, kind of like a primer. EL do say to moisturise after use, I have quite dry skin on my face so I always moisturise anyway. Below are a couple of reviews from the EL website from fellow Idealist lovers like me.

Visible Results - fast!
Date: 05 January 2011
I love how you can see results from this product from the first application. I've been using it for over 4 weeks now and my skin is looking better and better as the pores become less noticeable. Really pleased with the results.

Lovely Product
Date: 24 November 2010
Best For: ideal make-up base
this really suits my skin - glides on and skin instantly feels better, smoother, brighter. Make-up has stayed fresh all day. Any primers or serums I've tried in the past have made my T-zone oily over time but this one hasn't. Yes it's an extra product to apply but I haven't needed to blot or touch up make up at all all day so I definitely think it's worth the extra seconds in the morning. Love the smell, no reaction at all to my skin which is normally highly reactive to fragranced products.

Now these products aren’t the cheapest out there, but with results like I’ve had it’s definitely worth the money. I’ve been using them everyday since Christmas day (give or take the odd day) and I still have loads of the product left. I will do another post when they finish. Right now I can say that I will definitely be repurchasing.

30ml for £37.00, 50 ml for £50.00; Darren ♥ bought me the 50ml bottle and when he handed it to me Christmas Day he said “this is what you call extortion!” lol £100 for 2 products, he thinks I’m mad but they are so worth it.

You can buy this product HERE.

Advanced Night Repair

What they say:
“We've always known that environmental assaults can damage skin cells and their DNA. In fact, environmental damage is the #1 cause of premature signs of ageing.

New discovery: Today's environment is even more damaging than ever. All day, every day, your skin is assaulted by stresses from the environment, including air pollution, the sun's ageing rays, cigarette smoke, and even emotional stresses of modern life.

All of these different assaults can cause DNA damage to skin cells that may appear on the surface later as lines, wrinkles, sagging and age spots.

Advanced Night Repair
Fortunately, Advanced Night Repair's extraordinary technology helps skin to repair the appearance of past damage and help prevent future damage.”

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I opened this, I thought it would be more like a heavy duty moisturiser but as you can see from my pic it’s more of a serum. EL say to apply this before your moisturiser, before you go to bed. It takes no time at all and I can really see a difference in the morning. I’m loving this serum so much, I’m using a night time moisturiser by Olay at the minute but saving my Boots points like mad for Chanel Hydramax. I think those two products together would have me looking 10 years younger in no time! Lol I wish!

Here are a couple of reviews from fellow Night repair lovers:-

“The results are amazing !!
Date: 17 February 2011
Best For: Smoothing Lines, All Skin Types, Brightening, minimizing pores
This is my 2nd purchase of EL. I have been using this for only 5 nights and the pores on my face are getting smaller. My acne scars are fading and the skin feels smoother..I'm definitely buying this for my mom before I go back home...A GREAT PRODUCT ...AN

“Very Impressive Product
Date: 23 November 2010
Best For: Wrinkle Reduction, Brightening, Smoothing Lines, All Skin Types
This is my first EL purchase and I am extremely impressed. Comfortable to apply, no reaction at all with my very sensitive skin. A chicken pox scar on my cheek is fading after a week of use. I will most definitely continue to use this product for a very long time”

30ml bottle is £39.00, 50ml bottle is £51.00

You can buy this product HERE.

Estee Lauder have been around for what seems like forever, however these 2 products are my first purchases, next I want Daytime Plus which has a moisturising tint release in it which appears as you apply it. Again this isn’t cheap, £32 for 50ml, I saw a few of these on eBay for £24 so may be worth a look there.

Have any of you tried these 2 products? Do you love them too? Sorry for the massive post, just wanted to give you as much info as possible.

22 February 2011

MAC Lipsticks x 2

Hey girls, I went to MAC on Friday as I wanted to buy lil Sis another birthday present. Faye ♥ loved the colour of the lips I done for the B U B B L E G A R M competition entry and it did really suit her. I knew what colour I wanted to get her, Girl about Town by MAC. I was also going to treat myself to Vegas Volt by MAC but Up the Amp caught my eye and I decided to go for that instead.

Girl about Town - left, Up the Amp - right

I swatched them on my hand in MAC but Up the Amp appealed to me a lot more than Vegas Volt, it was a lovely colour, but decided I would definitely wear Up the Amp, Vegas Volt looked a little scary to be honest. Both the lippies I bought are amplified creams so are super soft on your lips. They have a gorgeous smell to them too, like vanilla ice cream!

No Flash

With flash

I’m in love with my new lipstick and can’t wait to buy more bright and daring colours. I have never worn a red lipstick out before mainly because I used to smoke and I’m a little bit conscious of my teeth. I know there are some reds that can make your teeth look whiter, I will have to investigate further! Bring on the bright lipstick!

Is it a blue toned red that makes your teeth look whiter?

21 February 2011

Monday Summary

Hey girls, I hope you all had a lovely weekend, here’s another Monday Summary for you all.

1 Slimming World – I lost ½ a pound this week at SW taking my weight loss to 12 pounds in total. I was quite pleased with this as I didn’t have the best of weeks and really shouldn’t have lost anything. My consultant told us a funny story of a lady at her other group who was losing half a pound putting a pound back on losing a pound then putting 2 on etc. The lady bought her food diary in the following week but hadn’t filled out the rest of Monday (Monday was her weigh in day). She said well I don’t fill that in because it’s treat day. It turned out after she was getting weighed she was going home having chocolate, fish and chips and then apple crumble and custard all washed down with a bottle of wine. When they totalled up her syns (you’re allowed 10-15 a day) she was having 166 after her weigh in alone, this explained why she wasn’t really getting anywhere on the scales. It made me think about my own journey and although I don’t have as many syns as that I do have a ‘treat’ day on a Thursday. So from this Thursday until next Thursday I have vowed to try the diet 100% and see if I can get my 1 stone award again. It’s so hard, my love for chocolate is growing with my age I’m sure of it. I never used to be bothered by it.

2 Wearing bright lipstick - On Friday I bought my sister another little birthday present. I treated her to Girl About Town by MAC a bright fuisha pink. I had planned on buying Vegas Volt for myself but my eye caught Up the Amp and I fell in love! When I showed it to Faye ♥ she wasn’t sure about it, she said it wasn’t a colour she thought I would wear, which is right, I’m a proper nude girl and love all the pale pink, nudes and peaches but felt like it was time to branch out a bit. I’m so pleased I did, I felt really confident and sexy, and I got a compliment as soon as we walked into the party we were going to. I have my eye on Russian Red by MAC next! Yay for bright lippies!! Look out for FOTN featuring Up the Amp soon!

Moi wearing Up the Amp by MAC = ♥ it!

3 One born every minute – This programme is on every Monday night at 9pm and shows pregnant women going into labour and having their babies in various different ways. I love this programme and I am very broody, I have been for years though. Does anyone else watch this? Do you dream about having a baby every Monday night too? I dreamt I was pregnant with twins, one boy and one girl and Cher (the singer) delivered them!?! The baby bit I can understand but Cher? Really? and no she wasn’t singing “if I could turn back time” lol. Darren ♥ often tells me about his mad dreams, usually running around fields with guns (that’s what black ops does to you)! My dream on a Tuesday morning is always an interesting listen on the bus to work; they must think I’m mad!

4 Missing friends and family – My family and I are from Northolt originally but moved to the Isle of Wight when I was about 9 years old (I think). I left the IOW five years ago and moved back to my roots, well just round the corner anyway. Something always pulls me back to the IOW maybe it’s just all the happy memories I have down there. Most of my friends are there and a majority of my family. I think it’s sad when you lose touch with friends and only use Facebook to stay in touch. What did we all do before it? Just never speak to anyone?? It’s a bit of a lazy way of staying in touch really. I miss girlie nights out and Sunday sessions down the pub with my mates, getting tipsy on cheap plonk and just having a giggle. Staying in touch shouldn’t be difficult and distance shouldn’t matter. Ring your girlies and stay in touch, after all, it’s good to talk x

5 Baking, I found my love for baking again this week and made my sister 2, yes 2, Lemon Drizzle cakes. I made her the first one last Tuesday and surprised her with it at her work as she had the day off the next day for her birthday. Then she fb’d me asking me to make her another one as she didn’t get much of the last one. I wish now I took a picture to show you because it came out a lot better than the first. I don’t have a fan assisted oven and I hate it. I have to play about a bit with the ingredients to get it to rise. So I made the 2nd cake for her party on Friday, for which I drank too much red wine and probably ate too much cheese! I’m keeping positive for SW though.

Well that’s it for my summary. Do you think I should continue with these posts? Let me know girls, I won’t be offended if you think I should quit while I’m ahead.

18 February 2011

Clinque High Lengths Mascara

Hey dolls, a while back I posted about a free Clinique mascara you could pick up in Debenhams, all you had to do was take in one of your old mascaras for the ‘swap’. There were 2 choices either the High Impact mascara or the High Lengths mascara.

High Lengths mascara, Barry M Dazzle Dust in #39, NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk on waterline

I wanted the High Impact because I’m a fan of the big brush! Well Debenhams on Oxford Street didn’t have any left so had to settle for the High Lengths, I took along 3 empty mascaras with me but they would only swap one per person. I was a little bit dubious about this mascara because of the wand but I have to say I actually liked it! The wand took a little bit of getting using to and compared to my Max Factor False Lash effect this brush is so thin. I’ve found that you have to work quick with it as it dries in record time. It separated my lashes nicely and gave enough volume to them.

All in all I’m very pleased with this, I would never have chosen it but I would definitely buy it for a treat! I also noticed that after a long day in the office I didn’t have any little black bits under my eyes which is always a bonus!

This offer was on between 17th-30th January and has now finished.

Have any of you tried High Lengths mascara?

17 February 2011

Accent Nails

Hey dolls, as soon as I saw this on You Tube I had to try it. I love the idea of an ‘accent colour’ for the nails. I’ve used Jermyn Street by Nails Inc as my neutral and Haymarket as my accent. I've included a daytime picture to show Haymarket isn't as vivid as it is showing in the first picture.

Haymarket is a pale matte green on my nails, I used Seche Vite as a top coat.

The colour possibilities are endless! Whip out your polishes and have a go!

Both Jermyn Street and Haymarket can be purchased HERE.

15 February 2011

MAC Glitter Brilliants – Reflects Red

Hey girlies, a while back I wrote about the MAC Reflects Red glitter that I wanted but couldn’t get because it was a Pro item, well I finally have it in my possession!

I’ve had this for a couple of weeks now and I am loving it! I’m yet to find a way of getting it to stay on though; any suggestions? Fix+ maybe?

I’ve been wearing it with Brule e/s by MAC underneath and a healthy dabbing of this over the top and have had some lovely compliments. However after a few hours I’ve noticed it’s not quite so glittery and a bit of it has blown off etc. I’d rather not have to take a little supply of it out with me in a container. I might find myself down the local nick explaining why I’ve got a small pot of white powder in my handbag!

The pictures really don’t do it justice, the glitter particles are so fine, it doesn’t look cheap and tacky at all once it’s on.

You can just see the colour of it on the light strip in this photo

In the pot it looks like just plain old white powder of some sort but when you tip it in the light you can see the red bits, it’s just gorgeous. Sorry my pics aren’t picking it up for you that good.

14 February 2011

♥ Monday Summary - Happy Valentines Day Lovelies ♥

Hey girls, here we have another one of my Monday Summary posts, things that have happened to me since last Sunday. Enjoy, please let me know if you don’t really want to read anything like this, I’ll stop the posts. I thought it would be nice for you to get to know me a bit more that’s all.

  1. Slimming World – I lost 1½ pound at Slimming World this week, even after my massive meal last Saturday which wasn’t food optimising at all! I felt very in control all week, cooking healthy slimming meals for me and Darren. On SW you can have 10-15 ‘Syns’ a day, usually I max out my syns having 15 everyday, using them for things like ketchup, brown sauce and chocolate. But I have been keeping them very low all week so I will try to do it this week too. Although the 3 crème eggs I bought yesterday may not help! 8½ syns each a crème egg is, so it is possible to have one a day and still lose wait. One of my old SW consultants used to be a chocolate lover and she used to have a Galaxy Ripple (9 syns) everyday and still lost weight on the scales.

  1. My phone – I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and I hate it! On Sunday I went to pick it up again from the o2 shop near me from repair. This is the 3rd time I’ve taken the phone in, this time they replaced it with a handset rather than fix the problem. I chose this phone rather than the iPhone because my previous phone was a Sony and I loved it. The camera was amazing, probably the main reason I went for it again. However the camera on my new phone is nowhere near as good although it is the same 8.1 mega pixel camera the quality is rubbish. The signal on the phone is the worst I’ve experienced, if I need to have a lengthy conversation at home with anyone on my phone I have to swap the sim card into my old phone so that we can have a decent conversation, I shouldn’t have to do that and pay nearly 50 quid a month for my contract. Booooo Sony!

  1. Not going to the gym - Me and Emma ♥ have been going to the gym 3 times a week since June last year with the exception of a few yoga classes and a couple of swims. At first I loved the gym and felt it was really helping my weight loss, it was great to be in a routine and exercising. Now, however, I feel like we need to change up our exercise a bit to benefit more out of our membership. I told Emma ♥ the week before last that I would be giving the gym a miss for a few weeks and I have to say it is nice having a break. I haven’t been to our leisure centre once, instead I had a go on my Wii at home for half hour or an hour and I’ve really enjoyed it. Tonight I’m going swimming straight from work and maybe do a class on Wednesday if I can get on. There’s a Zumba class starting up at the top of my road in a couple of weeks so I’m looking forward to that.

  1. Valentines Day – Darren ♥ and I have decided to not go mad for Valentines Day this year, we bought a card for each other and I’m cooking Darren ♥ a nice meal for tonight. I’ve just been to Jamie Oliver’s butchers at St Pauls to get us a couple of Ribeye steaks. The plan is; meal and then sofa for DVD/One born every minute!. Just being together is enough for us; it doesn’t have to be Valentines Day to be soppy. I kinda think it gets all blown out of proportion any way and turns into this big money making con.

  1. Me time – On Saturday Darren ♥ went to the pub for a few hours with the boys whilst I stayed at home. It was lovely to finally have a bit of time to mess about with make up (FOTD post to come) and to have a few hours to myself. I had a lovely relaxing bath then sat myself down to watch Come dine with me, which at last wasn’t a repeat!

Did you all have a nice weekend? Are any of you a massive Come dine with me fan?

Happy Valentines Day!

11 February 2011

The Vitality Show – 2 Tickets for £20 - Code

Hey girlies, are any of you going to The Vitality Show at Earls Court? It’s on this year from 24th – 27th March. I went last year with Faye ♥, Emma ♥ and Emma’s mate Laura ♥. We had such a good time and came home with loads of freebies! Emma ♥ got us a trolley each for last years show and at first I thought she was joking at how much free stuff you get, but no joke my trolley was full! I can’t wait to go this year I bought some lovely bits and pieces last year but missed out on a Benefit lipgloss I wanted as the Benefit counter/stall was just packed and I couldn’t get anywhere near an SA. When I eventually went back just before we left they had sold out on all lipglosses – gutted! I heard it was being discontinued too, it's no biggie though it was only another nudey shade and I have enough of those already.

The tickets are on sale for £14.50 each but if you enter code VIT3 at the checkout you can buy 2 tickets for £20. There is a transaction fee of £1.95 but it’s still a saving.

Click HERE to see a full list of the exhibitors there this year. Benefit Cosmetics, Bio Oil, Chocolate Fondue Company (yum!), Halo (hair extensions), Jelly Pong Pong and loads more. It’s not just about make up, it’s about health and fitness too.

There are loads of Experts and Celebrities also attending click HERE to see the timetable incase you wanted to go on that day. Last year Rosemary Connelly was there but we didn’t have time to wait and if I’m honest I didn’t really want the book she was signing. She does look good though and I can see why she’s a real inspiration to some ladies.

If you're going and would like to meet up let me know, we could have a natter over some chocolate covered strawberries!

9 February 2011

FOTN - Cirque du Soleil/Black and Blue

Hey dolls, just a quick post of the make up I wore on Saturday night for Cirque du Soleil. I kept it simple with a nude eyeshadow with just a bit of Twinks in the crease to add a bit of depth. I knew I would be wearing falsies so didn't want to overdo the make up.

This picture was taken before we left

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Brule e/s
MAC Twinks e/s
MAC Blacktrack eyeliner
Ardell Lashes – Demi Wispies

MAC Face and Body in C3
MAC moisture cover in NW30
MAC MSF in Medium
Benefit Coralista Blush

MAC Dazzleglass in Boy Bait

This picture was taken in the toilet (as ya do!) after 2 large glasses of red wine! Natural blusher! lol

I didn’t leave myself with that much time to get ready as I tried to do my hair in heated rollers, I just can’t get it the same as when Mum♥ done it for me at Christmas. I must practice more!

I'm getting a little bit bored of the same blusher everyday/night and using the same thing on my model, any recommendations would be appreciated. I know Sleek do a good one called Rose Gold but thought that would be a bit samey to Coralista? Thank you my beauts!

8 February 2011

Monday Summary (A little late)

Hey dolls, this post was all ready to go up last night but my connection at home was rubbish so here it is. This is a new feature on my blog, they will hopefully be a weekly thing of what good (or bad) things have happened including the weekend. I rarely get time to write my blog at the weekend, there’s so much to do at home, I use a laptop all day at work so it’s nice to give my eyes a break.

Slimming world - I have been a member of SW since November last year and so far have lost 12 pounds, I went on Thursday last week and gained 2 pounds, I’m a little bit disappointed in myself because I know I can do it. Before Christmas I was loving SW and loved it that I was losing 1-2 pound a week steadily. Christmas is probably my favourite time of year and to say I overindulged is an understatement!! After my Christmas break I put on 4½ pounds when I returned to SW, I thought ‘that’s ok’ and ‘I can get that off’ but the chocolate has got me, I consumed enough Galaxy Ripples and Crème Eggs last week to last me a lifetime….. well not quite…… about 4 Rips and 2 Eggs, but that’s a lot for me. It was my TOTM though and the word on the street is that it can affect your weight loss. I had a little chat with myself in the car on the way home and decided to really go for it this week and hopefully see a big weight loss on the scales! I got my 1 stone award just before Christmas and I’m desperate to get back there.

Zumba - I went to my first Zumba class ever on Saturday morning, I really wanted to enjoy it, I’d heard so many of my friends going on about it on Facebook and decided to take the plunge and go to a class, I wasn’t that nervous as I’ve been to many an aerobic class. Everyone in the class had clearly been before and knew all the moves to the routine. They jumped into it and I just had to pick it up as we went along. The next bit of the routine everyone knew except me, this is when the instructor told me to ‘pick it up Stacey’!! Pick it up? I hadn’t even been shown what moves we were to be doing and to top it off her husband was there filming it to be uploaded to You Tube! As soon as the class had finished I ran to my car effing and blinding, swearing to never go there again. There is a class starting up on a Tuesday up the road from where we live and maybe that class will have a better instructor. Surely if there were new people to the class that had never done it before you should show them what kind of routine we would be doing rather than just flapping about trying to copy what everyone else was doing? I left feeling really annoyed, I’d wasted £6 on that and I wanted to enjoy it so much more. This class all added to me losing weight at SW, I don’t think it helped that much at all. I wanted to be aching the next day after this class, instead I ached more walking from the restaurant to Cirque Du Soleil! (see below)

Cirque Du Soleil - Darren♥ bought me/us tickets to see this for Christmas, we went on Saturday night and had the best night ever. First up we went to Black and Blue for dinner before the show, I had King Prawns to start, then a Rib eye Steak with chips (cooked medium) all washed down with 2 glasses of red wine. I would love to tell you that this was all food optimising on the SW diet but I’m afraid not. What happened to my will power? Why did the words ‘No chips for me please’ not come out of my mouth when ordering?? Cirque Du Soleil is on at the Royal Albert Hall. I loved everything about the show especially the make up it was amazing. The strength and stamina of the performers is incredible. You wouldn’t be disappointed if you went, click on the link and watch the little video on the website (45 secs), the make up on that alone is amazing.

Image from google images

Illamasqua – 2 hour Night Diva course, Faye ♥ bought me this 2 hour course for my birthday; it’s at the Beak Street studio in London. I’m counting down the weeks until this course and I’m super excited about going! Thank you again Faye ♥ x. Read my full post about the Illamasqua Night Diva Course. Save 25% on your booking by quoting 'Metro25'.

Sundays – I love Sundays, lazing on the sofa watching films with Darren♥, catching up on You Tube vids whilst Darren ♥ plays Black Ops, I even love the huge ironing pile I have to do, all whilst watching Come Dine with Me, I even watch the repeats! Ever since I can remember I used to say to my Mum ♥ a cup of tea always tasted better on a Sunday than any other day of the week and I still stand by that now. I hardly ever drink tea at home except the weekends and Sunday tea is the very best of the week.

Well that concludes my Monday summary; I hope this week will be as eventful as last week!

Have any of you tried Zumba before? Do you think I should try it again?

3 February 2011

Illamasqua Course – 25% off – I. AM. THERE!!!

Hey girlies, my sister♥ picked up a Metro this morning and on page 41 there was the ad below, she booked me on for the 2 hour Night-Time Diva Course as a birthday present!!!

Click on image to enlarge

I’m so excited, I’m booked to go on 13th May, which is a Friday night at the Beak Street school. If you book before 28th February you will get a 25% discount so instead of £50 it will cost you £37.50! Just be sure to quote ‘Metro25’ when you phone/email. No qualifications are required, which is good because I don’t have any. Faye ♥ said the very helpful woman on the phone advised there were still spaces available for 13th and the 27th May.

Illamasqua blurb:-
‘This 2 hour intensive course is the ideal opportunity for you to learn from the professionals, experiment with products and create your own statement look before hitting the town.

The ideal start to any night out, it’ll equip you with the skills to give any look an Illamasqua edge’

To find out more about the course and to book click HERE to go to the Illamasqua page.

Upcoming Course Dates are : 4th Feb, 18th Feb, 4th Mar, 18th Mar, 8th Apr, 13th May, 27th May

Also included in this offer is one complimentary product from the Pastel Nails polish set, I think I may choose – Caress, which is described as a Cornflower blue.

Are any of you interested in this course too? £37.50 might seem like a lot for 2 hours but I get to learn from the professionals and walk out of Illamasqua with new tips, tricks and ideas. I can’t wait to go.

Thank you Faye ♥ for buying me this amazing birthday present and I blame you for how poor I will be after this course! Lol