31 October 2010

Psycho Doll Halloween Look

Happy Halloween!! Hope you’re all having a spooky night!! I can’t say this look was all my own idea, I watched a few halloween make up looks on YT and thought this would be the easiest to have a go at. I bought the new Good Girl pallette by Sleek (review to come) and a one pair of very dramatic lashes. Darren ♥ was in the lounge playing the Xbox I walked in and he said “oooh scary” lol. That’s the kind of reaction I wanted. Those black things on my face are supposed to be 'cracks' in my porcelain face.

What do you think? Do I look scary or shouldn’t I have botthered with the make up? ;p


27 October 2010

Copycat No 2 - Pixiwoo Picture

Hi ladies
I had another go at copying one of Pixiwoos pictures in their facebook album, you can see the picture I was copying HERE

First I primed my eye using the tiniest bit of UDPP and I think it really is empty now! *sad face* Covered the lower eyelid with NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, then using a MAC 217 brush blended this upto the brow bone. I used 3 Barry M dazzle dusts numbers 72, 78 and 90 for the colours. Then used the 2 matte browns from the Storm Sleek palette for my eyebrow. Stuck on a false lash strip by Ardell and there you have it. I loved using the dazzle dusts they were quite easy to use and the NYX pencil gave me a sticky base for the dusts to adhere to. I wish I didn’t have such baggy/wrinkly eyelids, where's my model when I need her!

I'm having so much fun copying these looks, thinking of doing a scary sort of halloween look - I won't need much make up! lol ;p


25 October 2010

Jermyn Street - Nails Inc

Just a quick post to say I’m loving this nail varnish at the minute. I’ve been neglecting my nails of late so last night cut them all down to the same short length and squared them off at the edges. A few weeks ago I had lovely long nails, I found that the trick to growing my nails is to paint them. That sounds silly but it does work. I’m a terrible picker and often I’ve sat at work and filed my nails for no reason. I have also got into filing them one way rather than sawing at them, it works, if you look at my Bright Pink Post from a few weeks ago they were so long! (for me). It’s hard keeping them in a good healthy state.

Flash on
Flash off
It looks alot darker with the flash off

 Has anyone managed to pick up a pot of Barry M Nail Effects? I managed to get one but it’s to go in my 100 followers giveaway when I get there. Leanne over at Do Not Refreeze posted about it on her blog, it looks good but I don’t have lovely long nails like Leanne. Lucky woman!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday girls.


23 October 2010

Copycat - Pixiwoo Picture

Morning girls, I had the day off work yesterday and thought I'd have a go at copying one of Pixiwoo's pictures off their Facebook page, the link to the picture is HERE

This is my go at it, the eyelashes on the bottom are a little longer and very time consuming to put on but I had fun doing it. My eyes are a slightly different shape to the models so it wont look exact. 

What do you think? Did the girl do alright?

Enjoy your weekend you lovely lovely people!


20 October 2010

♥ MAC Reflects Glitter Brilliants Red and Career Change!?! ♥

Morning girls, I have been lusting over MAC Reflects Red - I need this product!!! I watched Pixiwoos VIDEO and Nic used this on her friend Sarah, it looks stunning on camera so it must look even better in real life. I searched and searched for it on the MAC website but found out it’s a MAC Pro product. Booooooo MAC!!! I found 2 up for auction on Ebay however I missed both of these because I was at the gym. 1 of them didn’t sell so I contacted the seller but he hasn’t replied yet.

Image from google images

MUFE do a similar product called Diamond Powder, but this is £17.95 with £6 delivery from THIS website, it’s just too much. The Reflects glitter would be perfect.

Image from Google Images

Have any of you got MAC Reflects Red or Diamond Powder by MUFE? Are they as nice as they look on the Pixiwoo videos? (Sam used Diamond Powder on her birthday make-up vid)

Career change - I’m seriously thinking about doing a basic make up course, do any of you know of any or have any of you done any that you could recommend to me? I’m even thinking of spending my Christmas Bonus on doing a make up course Click HERE to see a course that I have found, it looks ok. You get a diploma certificate at the end of it and you can pay £129 Accreditation Fee for your NVQ. Do I go for the Make up kit for £53.99?

Another course is HERE, I think I prefer the look of this course you get the kit included (I should think so too for the price of the course!!). Although I know my bonus would really help towards mine and Darren’s ♥ house I feel make up is where I really want to be. Should I go for it? I think the main worry for me would be not getting any clients.I also worry that I've left it too late, changing career at 30 is a bit daunting to say the least. I would be self employed if I went with being an MUA, so no maternity cover. Ohhh what to do!!!

Any feedback is much appreciated girls, I don’t think I can stick it in this boring day job any longer!! 

18 October 2010

Make over – my sister – Faye

Morning ladies, as I mentioned on my last post I had my sister come and stay with me on Friday night, we had a spa day on Saturday with 2 other girlies. We found it on Travel Zoo. For £69 we got:-

Skin Talk
Dove Spa Facial
‘Castaway’ Body polish
Swedish Massage
10% off Dove Spa Skincare or Essentials

I thought it was such a good deal, the body polish was a-maz-ing darling (said in your best Craig Revel-Horwood voice!) Back to the post.

Faye said I could have a go at doing her make-up, I’ve never done anybody else’s make-up before but I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her face. Faye has the smoothest skin ever! I already know she’s not a lover of foundation as she doesn’t like the feel of it on her skin, I thought 'shall we see what she says after I put MAC Face and Body on her! Muuuhahahaha!' Below are the pictures of the make over and a list of the products used.

Image from Google Images

Smashbox Foundation Primer
MAC Face and Body in C3
MAC Moisturecover in NC30

MAC Bare Study paint pot in the inner corner then blended half way across the eye
Sleek storm palette colour 1 as a base, 2 as a highlight over the top of bare study, 3 and 4 blended.
Maybelline Express Liquid Liner
Eyebrows Sleek Storm palette numbers 1 and 5, both are a matte finish.
Ardel False Eyelashes – Wispies
No7 Bronzer on cheeks

Gosh Darling Lipstick
Jemma Kid Lipgloss in No 4 Shell.

I wouldn’t let Faye look in the mirror until I had finished and she loved it! It was the first time she had worn a set of eyelashes too and said after a while she couldn’t even feel they were there. I can’t wait to build up my eyeshadows so I can do more looks on her! I need some more matte colours in my collection.

What do you think of my sisters make-over, did I do ok? All feedback is much appreciated!
x x Stacey x x

15 October 2010

30 Day Rimmel Accelerator Challenge = Done!

Afternoon my beauts! As promised today is 30 days since the start of project Rimmel. Now at first I hated this mascara. I hated the way it separated my lashes and kinda bunched them together at the same time, almost like spider legs, they made my lashes look less full. That's really not what I look for in a mascara! 3 weeks into the project and it wasn’t that bad.

I like my lashes to look thick and full with loads of volume. With this mascara as the weeks wore on the consistency changed, it became a bit thicker and I'm not saying this is miracle stuff because from the before and after pictures I don't think my lashes look that different, do you? To me this mascara was everything I hated, the wand felt like it would snap at any moment and it felt cheap. I've had alot of people say that I looked tired this past month and I think Rimmel Accelerator is to blame! Max Factor Mascara really does make the most of my lashes, so sorry Rimmel but you can keep ya Accelerator! 

 At the start of project Rimmel

Today I bought MUFE Smoky Lash!! *happy dance*.Sam and Nic (Pixiwoo) rave about this mascara so I thought I would give it a go, look out for the post in the very near future. I will do some more make-up posts soon, I enjoyed myself immensely with my Storm palette the other night. Even if I did look like one of the band members from Kiss! ;p

 Image from google images

I have my sister ♥ staying with me tonight (Faye I know you’re reading this), maybe I can persuade her to let me do her make-up and post it on here? Hee hee!

Do you think my lashes have grown? They look slightly different on the inner corner but I don't know if they look longer.

Have a great weekend my hunnies!


14 October 2010

My first play with colour - Navy Blue

Morning ladies, I was having a play with my Storm Sleek palette last night and came up with this look and I have to say I didn’t want to take it off.

I only finished 1 eye but I loved it, it’s very dramatic for me as I am a bit of a neutral girl. I know what I like and I like what I know that kinda thing. Darren ♥ said it looked good but got a bit of a shock when I said I would be wearing it out at the end of the month! He said “what? not with them black eyes!” lol. I admit it needs a little tidying up under the eyes but it's not that bad! 

 Image from Google Images

I haven’t got any Urban Decay Primer Potion left *sad face* so used number 1 as a base colour it’s a matt nude colour, then using surgical tape to get the line I smudged Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Zero all over the lid with my finger as a base then covered with number 2 the matt black colour followed by number 3 the shimmery navy blue colour. Using an angled brush I applied some of the matt black under my lower lash line keeping it close to the lashes. Finally I added an odd Ardell lash that I found in the bottom of my make up bag (classly! lol) . I’m pretty sure it’s one of the Wispies variety.

This picture shows the blue under my eyes alot more than the first, it's alright for a first attempt though.

What do you think? Maybe I should do both eyes and complete the look with a nude lip, maybe Gosh Darling and Prrr lipglass by MAC? (It's the only nudeish lipglass I own) We can’t have dramatic eyes and lips can we!

x x Stacey x x

12 October 2010

100 Follower Giveaway - All Made Up

Joy over at All Made Up is doing a giveaway with some amazing Urban Decay prizes, to be in it to win it we had to leave a comment ‘enter me’ and/or do a post about it on our own blog so here it is. I’ve got everything crossed in the hope that I win, I never win anything!!

The link for her post is HERE

Joy says
“This giveaway is open to everyone, including international readers and I have decided to choose the winner using random.org on 30th October as it’s my birthday and I reckon it’s definitely better to give than to receive! Good luck all :)”

I have everything crossed in the hope that I win, I will of course post about it with swatches etc

Enter too! You never know, it could be you!! 

Good Luck my beauties!

Stacey xxx

11 October 2010

Benefit 'Get Bent' brush (I think)!

Afternoon girls!
About 2 weeks ago I bought this brush on Ebay for about £4.50, I was so happy that I’d found one on there that I didn’t think to ask if it was genuine or a fake and in my haste I think I’ve bought a wrong ’un!

I’ve been practising my eyeliner every night when I come home from work, I love the way you can adapt the eyes shape with a simple flick of black eyeliner, if only I could get it right! I think less is more with me, I don’t really like a thick black line above my eyes as I feel it makes them look smaller. However, I do feel you need this black line when wearing false eyelashes to ‘hide’ the lash strip.

Please excuse the black under my eyes, this was taken after a hard days work and I had probably been to the gym too, that or it could be the rubbish Rimmel Accelerator Mascara! ;p

When I got this brush in the post I was so excited, I rushed into my make up den (spare room) to have a go but I was so disappointed. I used Blacktrack fluidline by MAC with the brush but I think the bristles are just too sporadic, hence the thick lines, I’ve had a few more tries with it but I’m just not getting it. Nic from Pixiwoo swears by the Louise Young brush. I’ve had a look on the Louise Young website and they have a store on New Bond Street, I could get there in my lunch break! ;p

Picture from Louise Young Website - brush is £10

Picture from Louise Young Website - brush is £6

You can buy the brushes online HERE.

Do any of you have the Benefit Get Bent brush, or the Louise Young brushes? What is your secret, how do you do that thin perfect line!?!

Hope you're all having a great Monday!

Love Stace x x x

7 October 2010

MAC Face and Body Review

Well Aloha!! It’s been a while I know, apologies again. I’ve missed you lot!

Aaah where do I start? After searching for the ‘perfect’ foundation I have finally found it in MAC Face and Body. This post and video from Carly finally nailed it for me. So, off I trotted to MAC to buy myself this foundation. The MAC assistant couldn’t have been nicer, she gave me a sample pot of the colour C3 to ‘try before I buy’. At first I was a little put out that I didn’t walk out of there with the full bottle of foundation (and maybe a sneaky eyeshadow) but after a few seconds I thought no she is right, at least this way I can use it a couple of times and if it makes me break out or I just don’t like it I haven’t wasted £23. Well, the MAC lady was bang on with my shade, its very light coverage but I actually prefer that to the feeling of it being caked on. I have dry skin on my face so have to be careful when applying foundation. I moisturise first then use Smashbox foundation primer for that silky smooth feel before applying MAC F+B, I use a pea sized amount (a big pea) on top of my Elf flat top brush, dabbing it on my cheeks first then stippling it around my face and really working it into the skin. The little sample pot lasted me a whole week!

The bottle is HUGE! You get a massive 120ml for £23 which I think is real value for money, it will be interesting to see how long this will last me. I’ve heard from reading other blogs and watching some YT videos that F+B doesn’t have a long shelf life, but can I find the expiry date on the bottle/box? Can I ‘eck! Can anyone tell me where it is?

On Saturday I went to MAC and bought the foundation along with a couple of other bits. I wanted the Studio Finish Concealer but the assistant said this might look too ‘cakey’ under the eyes as I was going to be using F+B as my foundation which is very light coverage, she suggested I try Select Moisturecover instead. I really wanted the concealer pot as I’ve seen/read so many people bang on about how good it is. The assistant persuaded me to buy the moisturecover in shade NC30, they don’t do a shade NC/W25 in this.

Moisturecover on left, F+B on right

From looking at the two next to each other the moisturecover looks very orange (this picture isn't showing the true colour of it) and I really wasn’t sure about the shade. But I’ve worn it everyday since Saturday and the foundation and moisturecover really go well together. I probably will still get the Studio Finish Concealer, it will be nice to have a choice on what to wear and for nights out when I do want a bit more coverage under the eyes, but being careful I don’t look like a Victoria Sponge! lol

I will be doing an OOTD/N of the playsuit I am wearing in this picture

I also bought the MAC 224 brush to add to my collection, a great blending brush, slightly bigger than the 217. The Pixiwoo girls use it for blending concealer under the eyes which was the reason I bought it. It works a treat! 

All in all this foundation will be with me for life, no more money spent on the wrong foundation! I do strongly advise you go to a MAC counter and get an assistant to help you with the shade. If they don’t offer you a sample pot ask for one, £23 is £23 after all!

Thanks for your patience in waiting for this post girls. Now go out and buy MAC F+B as it comes with a very high recommendation from me! ;p

Do any of you use F+B with Studio Fix Concealer? Do they work ok together?


Stacey x x x