27 June 2011

LUSH - Dragons Egg - PIC HEAVY

Hey girls, I bought my first Dragons Egg back in March and since then have purchased 2 more, I went in asking for ‘something that made me go WOW’. The SA got it bang on because this really is a sight to behold.

I loved the way it rolled around my bath hatching and giving birth (ooo eer), it’s colours and refreshing scents of lemon really did make me want to jump in it straight away, alas I waited for the whole thing to dissolve and couldn’t resist grabbing the glittery goodness before that too dissolved.

The pot of gold!!

Look at the gorgeous gold ripples!

LUSH blurb:
“As you bathe in the whirlpool of vibrant, fiery colour and inhale the refreshing sherbet scent of lemon and bergamot, you'll feel like you're up and away on the back of your own dragon. Citrus oils are known for their invigorating effect on the mind and Dragon's Egg is no exception! Drop one of these baby dragons in the bath for a serious wake-up call on groggy mornings or before evenings out.”

I don’t know about you but I just about have time to Cleanse and Polish in the morning let alone have a bath before work, I’m out the door at 6.50am most mornings but yes defo before a night out. After having a Dragons Egg bath my skin was super soft and moisturised I was shimmering from head to toe because of the gold glitter too.

The aftermath of my Dragons Egg!
I can’t pass a LUSH store without picking one of these bad boys up and I’m getting to be quite the bath snob too, if I don’t have any LUSH goodies in hiding somewhere then I’ll just have a shower! Ha! I love my baths, but they just ain’t the same without some sort of LUSH product bobbing away before I plop in!

Check out the Dragons Egg on LUSH website HERE.

Who else has tried this bath bomb? Are you hooked too?

25 June 2011

Topshop Crème Blush – Neon Rose

What’s up ma bitches! A few weeks ago me and Irene from Blushingloves done a swap, Irene asked for a crème blush by Topshop. Now I’ve heard Topshop had started doing make up but because I don’t really shop in there I had never checked it out.

I went into Topshop on Oxford Street on the hunt for this crème blush for Irene and decided on Neon Rose for her. At first I just picked it up and didn’t swatch it because I wasn’t buying it for myself but the more I looked at it the more I liked it.

I have Virgin Isle crème coloured base by MAC and thought it would be the same as that but boy was I wrong. In the pan it looks quite pink toned but when swatched or applied to the apples of the cheeks it actually has quite nice pinky tones to it, on me Virgin Isle comes out quite orangy.

So yeah I bought one for me too! I am in love with anything coral toned at the minute and can see me adding a lot to my collection in these colours.

I haven’t managed to do an FOTD just yet wearing this but have swatched it on my hand, look out for an FOTD holiday post featuring it when I’m back!

In the pics below the top 'smudge' is Neon Rose blended out. It's so preeeeety!

Flash on

Flash off

What other gems from Topshop am I missing out on?

♥ I’m on my hols right now, back on 4th July, I will reply to all your comments then ♥

23 June 2011

OPI Vodka and Caviar - Yes please!!

Hello lovelies, just a quick post to show you what nail varnish I have been rocking at work before I went away.

Vodka and Caviar is a gorgeous blue toned red which shows up so bright in my photos with the flash on. From my pics you can see that the application might have needed 3 coats on some nails but unless you looked really close you couldn’t tell. The macro function on my camera picks up everything!

Would you believe this is the only nail varnish by OPI that I own! What others can you recommend? Please let me know in the comments below.

I’m in love with coral toned things at the minute but my Rimmel 60 seconds Coral polish (seen HERE) isn’t quite the right colour. I know OPI have one called My Chihuahua Bites, maybe when I come back from my hols I will look into this one.

♥ I'm away on my hols until 4th July but will reply to all your lovely comments on my return ♥

21 June 2011

LUSH – Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds!

Hello my darlings! Some of you may remember that a while back Darren ♥ bought me the Think Pink gift set from LUSH, click HERE to read my post. Well as the weeks passed I realised that I wasn’t the only one with a ‘thing’ for LUSH. Most days Dal ♥ would ask me ‘what’s in the LUSH box for Dals ♥ bath?’

So I thought a trip to LUSH was in order to buy him something of his own and to keep his mitts out of my gift set. The lovely SA in LUSH at Liverpool Street steered me towards the blue and ‘manly’ looking things and as soon as I smelt this it was heaven. Now I know I was supposed to be shopping for Dal ♥ but I couldn’t wait to jump in one of these baths. Like The Comforter this baby is big enough to chop into 4 for 4 (fff!) baths so I knew I’d get a look in.

This bath bomb has one of my favourite ingredients in it – Patchouli Oil which to me smells like posh mud, if that makes sense. It takes me back to when I used to work in my Mums ♥ shop when I was 15 and this woman used to come in smelling like a nice gardner(?), in the end Mum ♥ had to ask her what it was she was wearing, it’s all we could smell around the shop.

As usual I like to ask Darren ♥ his view of this product as he did have the first bath out of it and it’s only fair really:-

S: Dal what did you think of this bath? Give me more than “It was blue”
D: It was hot and blue

Well I can highly recommend this lush product from LUSH! It’s super relaxing and the smell lingers on in the bathroom for ages. I would say it lingered on Darren ♥ but he’s a boy and we all know that boys don’t smell nice for very long huh!

To buy Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds click HERE!

Note to the Mothership (that’s you Mumma ♥): I will bring you one of these posh mud bath bombs when I come over next.

♥ To my lovely followers, I'm on my hols at the minute but will reply to all of your comments on my return ♥

19 June 2011


Hey girlies, I am writing this with hours to spare before I’m up, up and away on my hols so I thought I’d better just do a quick summary. I have some scheduled posts going on my blog whilst I’m away but I will comment to all of you when I’m back. Or if I can sneak to an internet café whilst Darrens ♥ not looking then I will of course reply then. I’m not sure how I’m going to cope with no internet, no Twitter banter and no blogs to read! But I am super excited about going away. Our holiday to the Maldives last year was lovely but it rained for the entire second week, I didn’t come back the colour I wanted to be!

Slimming World – Ok, a few weeks back I told you I had finally reached my 1 Stone award which I did and I was so chuffed about it, so chuffed I drove straight to KFC and celebrated with a Zinger Tower Burger meal! *face palm*. It was also Darren’s ♥ birthday 2 days after that weigh in which mean a lot of Vodka got drunk and a lot of fatty horrible (lovely) foods got eaten. Hence me putting on 2 pounds and not going back to Slimming World. I really didn’t see the point in going to get weighed for them to tell me what I already knew then to try and fight getting the 2 pound off before I go away. I think I’m already in holiday mode! I haven’t put on anymore weight and fingers crossed I won’t whilst I’m away. I will do a summary when I’m back.

Go Ape – For Darrens ♥ birthday I took him to Go Ape at Leeds Castle in Maidstone Kent. It was all a big surprise and told him it was just me, him his sister and her boyfriend but when we got there 9 of our other friends were there too. I managed to pull it off with nobody blowing the surprise he was well pleased and I got a new dress out of it too! Go Ape is a tree top adventure place, with tree top high wires, tricky crossings using ladders, walkways, bridges and tunnels made of wood, rope and super-strong wire. The whole course takes 3 hours and was such a laugh, Darrens ♥ sister thinks I was a monkey in a former life. I’d go back tomorrow! Oooh Oooh Ahhh Ahhh!

Duty Free – I can’t tell you how excited I am at the thought of Duty Free shopping. Darren ♥ asked me what perfume I would be buying this year but to be honest I’ve got enough of that so will just be hitting MAC hard! On my list I have Vegas Volt, 109 brush, Strange Potion lipglass (if they have it) and a couple of eye shadows, I’m thinking Phloof! Or Crystal Avalanche.

Flip Flops – I have a flip flop obsession! I’m taking 8 pairs with me on my hols, the plan was to just take 2 pairs a white pair and a black pair. But I picked up 4 pairs in Primark for £1.50! They’re such a bargain and they weigh nothing anyway – right? Then I went to Asda and saw a pink and black pair for £2 each I just couldn’t resist!

Anyway that’s all for my summary, I do go on a bit don’t I! "Shut the ‘eff up woman!"

I’ll miss you all whilst I’m away, don’t forget about me!

Over and Out

17 June 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Hello my darlings, we have a winner!

Over the past 3 weeks I have put all your entries onto a spreadsheet, once, twice or three times depending on how many times you entered, I then printed them off, cut them up and threw them into my empty porridge box, gave them a big ol’ shuffle then asked my colleague to choose my winner!

The winner is:

Congrats to you my lovely I have sent you an email already if you could reply with your address I will get the palette sent out to you. My sister has my passwords in case you don’t see it until after the weekend. I am on my hols from Sunday.

Thank you to everyone that entered! I have now reached 500 followers so I better get cracking with another giveaway!

Please don’t forget about me lovelies, I have some scheduled posts going up whilst I’m away and will reply to all comments when I’m back

Lotsa love

16 June 2011

Virgin Isle Crème Colour Base – MAC

Afternoon gorgeous gals! A few weeks back Sinead from Dainty Dollymix had a blog sale over at her fab blog and I was lucky enough to be on Twitter at the right time she tweeted to say it was up.

I have been waiting for Virgin Isle to come back in stock on MAC for ages and had heard that it was becoming a Pro item. I phoned the Pro store on Carnaby Street and they said that it was out of stock. I was outbid at the last minute on eBay for it too, so you could say I wanted it baaaad!
I was so pleased that I got in there first with the blog sale and that Sinead had only used it a couple of times (maybe even just swatched it, I can’t remember)

Enough babbling, here it is in all its gorgeous orangeyness (yes it is a word!) and a few shots of some ol’ model I picked up, she could have made more effort! Haha I am no model!


No flash

Who else managed to pick this up before it disappeared of the MAC website?

14 June 2011

Holiday Nail Polishes and say Hello to my liittle friends!

Afternoon you bunch of hotties! This afternoon I give you the nail varnishes I will be taking away with me to Turkey on Sunday.

Left to right
Barry M Berry Ice Cream
Barry M Bright Pink (I don’t give this enough love!)
Nail Inc Haymarket (forgot how lovely this is)
Rimmel 60 seconds Coralicious
Nail Inc Candy Orange

Sorry about my dry cuticles *note to self, must remember cuticles*

For this cute picture I used the polishes above then Konad white for the whites of the eyes and Vendetta (♥) by Chanel for the pupils, I don’t own a black polish. I also used a dotting tool that I got off eBay.

Vendetta is another polish that I didn’t show much love last year. Look how gorgeous it looks in the bottle!

Are any of my holiday polishes in your favs too?

10 June 2011

Mediterranean Collection by SLEEK – Monaco Palette

Hey girlies, I hate being as busy as I have been today, especially on a Friday although the day has gone quick I’ve missed the banter on Twitter and catching up with blogs.

As soon as I saw this collection was coming out I knew I had to get it. This is my 4th palette by Sleek and as usual the shadows are all extremely pigmented and a dream to work with. Below is a quick EOTD using Washed Ashore, Sunset, Moors Treasure and Humming bird.

Top Row, Left to Right:
Bamboo, Aquamarine, Midnight Garden, Sunset, Washed Ashore, Magenta Madness
Bottom Row, Left to Right:
Summer Breeze, Sand Walker, Kiwi Zest, Lotus Flower, Humming Bird, Moors Treasure

Flash on

Flash off

Another little thing that I like about this palette is on the front it actually says ‘Mediterranean Palette’ unlike the rest of them which are blank, I know it’s not a major ‘thing’ but I can see me adding more of these to my collection so it makes it easier to identify out of my stash!

I had a look at the blush and lip gloss that comes with this pallete but to be honest they didn’t appeal to me and I didn’t want to get them just to have them and probably not use them.

Sleek really have done it again with this palette and I can’t wait to do some full FOTD/N’s with the Monaco palette

Did any of you girlies manage to pick it up too?

9 June 2011

Holiday Haul – BHS and Asda

Morning guys and dollz! Me and Darren’s ♥ sister Emma ♥ went shopping weekend before last for birthday presents for Darren ♥. I picked up a couple of little bits for myself and a couple of cute beach dresses from Asda for my hols.

Darren’s ♥ Mum ♥ works in BHS so we took along her family discount card with us which we can also use in Dorothy Perkins and Evans, I think. We popped in BHS for lunch with both of us having jacket potato with 1 filling and salad and a diet pepsi each. Now it should have come to £13.50 but we got it for £8.23!! Good huh? A filling lunch for just over 4 quid! Get in!

Earrings and bracelet set originally £6.50 reduced to £3
Long Necklace originally £10 reduced to £7 – Both these items cost me £5.22 because of the BHS discount card.

Red and Aqua dresses from Asda these dresses were £9 each and just perfect for my hols

That’s it! There’s not much but like I said I was shopping for Darren ♥ not me.

I love the dragonfly earrings, not too keen on the string bracelet but I’m sure I can rock them somehow! Maybe do something a bit crafty with the dragonfly on it and attach it to the necklace? Mmmmm
There will be another little haul this weekend no doubt so lookout for the next instalment in my holidays hauls!

8 June 2011


Hey girlies, apologies for my lack of posts recently, I’m a little busy at work and the weekends at the minute making sure we have everything before we go away.

A few weeks ago the lovely Irene from Blushingloves asked me if I would be interested in doing a little swap with her. For those of you that don’t know Irene lives in Greece and can’t get hold of the same kind of products as us and from her tweets/blogposts I think the postage is quite high? (Am I right?)

We agreed a price then gave each other an idea of what we liked then sent our goodies to each other.

Here’s what Irene picked for me

1 x Korres Cherry Lipgloss
“Cherry Oil hydrates the lips while vitamins E and C offer antioxidant protection”

1 x Korres Orange Red Lipstick
“Mango Butter lipstick with SPF10, Lipstick with a rich, intense colour for a brilliant high shine and wet look. With Mango butter which leaves lips smooth and moisturised”

1 x Black eyeliner pencil
“Long lasting Cedar wood pencil. 100% natural base with herbs and vitamins”

2 x Korres Eye shadows (1 x Light Green and 1 x Lime)
“Velvety, easy to apply pressed eyeshadow, with sunflower and evening primrose oils that care for the delicate eye area”

1 x 1 Local Greek sweet
This sweet had melted a little but that won't stop me eating it! YUM

All these items were sent with a cute little card and message from Irene. I have never tried anything from Korres so I’m really excited to try the bits and pieces that Irene picked for me. I have been meaning to get a red lippie so can’t wait to try that.

Here’s some swatches of the lipstick, lipgloss and eyeliner, look how wet the lipstick looks!

Here’s a picture of me wearing the eyeliner and lipgloss. I love both these products, the eyeliner is super black and the lipgloss is a gorgeous colour!

The above picture was taken in the work loos (as ya do) before I went for a meal out with Darren ♥ for his birthday last night.

A massive thank you to Irene for doing this swap with me, I would be happy to do another if you wanted. I can see me getting addicted to these lipsticks!!

2 June 2011


Slimming World – Last Thursday I weighed in at SW and lost 2 pound, which meant I finally reached my 1 stone award (again), it’s been a long time coming but with a holiday coming up it was the push I needed to get my head back in the game. I get weighed tonight but don’t hold out as much hope as last week, we had a cheeky Nandos before the cinema the other night with a few sweets and chocolates from the pick-a-mix. I feel good though and according to my scales I have lost 1.5 pounds since last week, but I was naked and had an empty stomach so it doesn’t really count. I might have a go on the Wii tonight before I go to see if I can shift half a pound! Apparently there is some kind of Wii game called Zumba Aerobics or something like that. Could be interesting.

Look at the size of Darrens Steak to mine. This is a normal dinner plate! He couldn't  move after this! lol

Swimming – I have fallen back in love with swimming and have been making an effort to go twice a week after work for half an hour. Tuesday and Friday nights are swimming nights and last Friday I managed 40 lengths in half an hour a personal best for me since starting it up again. On Tuesday I only managed 34 lengths, the pool was packed and annoying children kept getting in my way.

Babies and dreams – I have reoccurring dreams where I am pregnant, usually at the start of my dream then by the end I am going into labour and giving birth. I have these dreams a lot and I know I’m really broody and want kids, like, tomorrow. But these dreams differ slightly in that there’s always someone famous there to deliver my babies at the end of my dream. When One Born every Minute was on I had the singer Cher (not Lloyd) deliver twins for me. This week it was none other than Cheryl Cole herself, now looking down and seeing her peering into your lady garden saying “Why I pet” is not a-ok with me! There are probably good reasons for these famous people appearing in my Zzzzzzzz’s CC has been in the papers/news a lot this week and when Cher made an appearance we had watched Burlesque on DVD not long before. Dreams are funny ol’ things, mine are anyway.

That’s about it for this weeks summary, I’ve been really boring due to the fact we’re going away soon so haven’t been buying anything. We’re going on a ‘big shop’ to Primark and Matalan before we go, get a load of vests, t shirts and maxi dresses.

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Thanks lovelies!