28 February 2012

Month in Photos #1

Good afternoon girlies!

Apologies for lack of posts at the minute, me and Darren ♥ are in the middle of moving house so I’ve packed my make up away and just have out my everyday items. Normal posting should resume soon!

This is a new section on my blog, I wanted to do a weekly photo’s section but to be honest I don’t do that much weekly and some weeks are busier than others so I thought monthly posts would be better.

Annnnyway! (I do ramble sometimes)

Went to NTA’s * little mix @ NTA’s * cinema * snowy street * footprints * my handywork * Emma’s birthday drinks * the crazy juice * giant Baileys cupcake * MUA love * MUA event sweeties * TOWIB * nom * WICKED * Funky OPI bag * Real Techniques in
Boots Liverpool Street
* Desparados in Angel * lip hero!

Hope you like these kind of posts!

21 February 2012

MUA Love Heart polish mix up!

Afternoon daaaaahlings!

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to attend the MUA Love Hearts event. In my goody bag was a couple of the nail polishes, I WANT YOU (orange) and U & I (yellow) that are coming out with the launch. I already have something similar at home so knew I wouldn't get much use out of them.

I set my artistic mind to good use to see what I could do about this, I thought about swapping with someone but I don’t think anyone would want to swap with me……….so I mixed the colours I had to make my own unique colour!

China Glaze by Peachy Keen
I found a container and got to work, I poured in mostly yellow polish then a little bit of the orange, using the lid of said container to mix the colours together came up with a gorgeous peachy colour. I don’t have anything like this shade at home so I was most impressed with it. I saw a lot of hype last year about a colour by China Glaze called Peachy Keen, I think it’s not far off that colour and maybe with a few more mixing’s I could have it bang on!

If you do this mixing malarky....be quick with your painting, because it starts to dry and go a bit gloopy. I'm so happy with the shade I mixed though. Defo need some more!

Do any of you mix your nail varnishes too?

17 February 2012

Avon Supershock - Review

Hello my little butter nut squashes!

A few weeks back my Mum told me to have a look on the Avon website to see if there was anything out of the book at the minute that I wanted to try. She told me about the deal they had on in that catalogue.

The deal was Supershock Mascara, Supershock Gel liner and Supershock Eyeshadow pencil in Starry Night/Moonshine all for £12.50, this deal also included the free gift which if I’m honest isn’t really me, I’m a silver and white gold kinda gal but I have worn the pearl style earrings and they are beautiful! Darren ♥ disagrees and said they looked tacky! What would he know!

Supershock Mascara
I didn’t think anything could outdo my beloved Max Factor mascara but this Supershock mascara has done it. Just look at that length and separation! I don’t like my lashes to be too clumped together and spider leg looking so this is perfect. There’s none of those flakey mascara bits that tend to fall off the lashes half way through the day so it has good longevity and still doesn’t clump up after applying more on top.

Supershock Gel Liner
This stuff is seriously amazing, it’s a pencil but nothing like I’ve seen before it’s so soft…. like butter! Glides on the eye and has some serious staying power. I have used this along the top of the eye almost like a gel liner with an angled brush, it works wonders. This is the pencil the Pixiwoo girls swear by, I’m so pleased I now have it in my collection.

Moonshine/Starry Night Eyeshadow duo and Supershock Gel Liner
Supershock Duo Eyeshadow Pencil - Moonshine/Starry Night
As you can see from the swatches the colour pay off is really good, again a beautiful texture. I will do a full review and FOTN on Saturday so look out for that then. So far though, just from the swatch, I like it. I would probably use these as a base to eyeshadows to help them stick and make the colour pop. Starry Night has a lovely glittery look to it so it may not need any shadow over it.

I also picked up a double ended shadow brush for £2.50, it has a flat shadow brush applicator on one end and a rubber smudgey brush on the other. I’ve used it everyday since getting it, it’s a beauty of a brush.

Free Gift

A while back I blogged about the Deluxe Chocolate nail varnish by Avon for £3, they didn’t have this one in stock so picked up another but it’s for a giveaway. I’m seriously impressed with their nail varnishes though. Mum bought a foundation from Avon and loves it, so I’ve asked for a sample, I can’t wait for that to come.

In the next Avon catalogue (# 4) they have Supershock Mascara and Gel Pencil for £5!! Go go go! You will not be disappointed!

Thanks for reading my beauties!

15 February 2012

Valentines Night – The Food.......The Outfit.......The Face

Good afternoon sweeties! Did you all have a good Valentines Day? Or are some of you totally against it?

Me and Darren ♥ agreed we wouldn’t buy anything for each other this year because we’re in the middle of buying our first house blah blah blah, well I stuck to this but was absolutely spoilt rotten last night.

The day started at 6.30am with a card exchange in bed, inside my card was tickets for that night to see Wicked! I’ve wanted to see this for so long, me and my sister have been looking out for cheap tickets for a while so was pleased I got to see it.

Before that though I was instructed to meet Darren ♥ at Chancery Lane at 5pm, I couldn’t help but google it to see what was around that area and sure enough it was my favourite Steak restaurant Gaucho! We’ve been to Gaucho’s about 3 times now, every time we’ve been it’s been better than the first. I had the 400g Rib Eye Steak with hand cut chips and a big ol’ tub of Tommy K! (ketchup). I had my Rib Eye cooked medium and Darren ♥ had his Medium Rare. He said mine was better though ha! We’re both not that into puddings so skipped that.

The Steak

The Outfit

Shift dress from New Look, Cardigan from New Look, Black tights ?? Knee high boots from Dune. Silver snake bracelet I've had for about 16 years, it wraps around my arm and I love it! ♥ White gold earrings, white gold necklace and engagement ring all from the main man ♥

Our seats weren’t amazing, very high up in the nosebleed seating area but it was still fab. We had that annoying couple infront of us that don’t stop moving from left to right! The main characters (Green witch and the Good witch) both had such strong voices. I tweeted yesterday to say I was going and someone said to listen out for the Defying Gravity song, well it was so good and it certainly woke Darren ♥ up from his slumber! He’s not really into musicals but went because he knew I’d like it.

The Face

Kept it simple. Acutally the same as my TOWIB face except I used Patisserie lipstick by MAC instead of red.

Did any of you get spoilt rotten too? I made reservations for Saturday night for me and Darren ♥ so will let you know all about that, he knows he’s going somewhere just not where. I’ll tell him Saturday night so he saves enough room!

14 February 2012

TOWIB – the face, the clothes……...The Nando’s!!!

Hey girlies, on Saturday was the 3rd instalment of the TOWIB events. This event is organised by Hayley from London Beauty Queen. I met up with the girlies outside the We Will Rock You Theatre on Tottenham Court Road along with a few others too. Bloggers stand out a mile! Before we knew it there were over 20 of us. One of the girls whipped out her mobile sat nav and off we walked round the block to the Montague hotel where it was all kicking off! I can’t say that much more about it because after the first talk it became apparent that it wasn’t anything like the last TOWIB and was a little too formal for me. I asked the girls what they thought and we all agreed it wasn’t for us this time so we went our separate ways with some of them arranging a meet up in April. Yay!

Emma, Laura and I walked the short distance to Nando’s at Holborn and sat there for 2 hours talking lipstick, blusher, blogging and men!

Here is my FOTD, I decided to glam it up a bit for this occasion, it’s not like me to wear red lipstick, especially during that day but I loved it! I applied a Maybellline red lip liner as a base all over the lips then a Korres lip butter #52 Orange Red over the top. I kept my eyes simple with Phloof by MAC over the inner area and Buck from Naked palette in the crease. Loreal Superliner for a flick and Ardel lashes #102’s. MAC MSF Pearl for blusher.

My fur coat I’ve had for aaaaaages and I tell you what, I wish I whipped this bad boy out sooner, it was so warm. Darren ♥ wasn’t at home when I left so didn’t see me wearing it til I got home, he wouldn’t look at me or talk to me until I took it off! He hates anything leopard print and told me I looked like Pat Butcher (god rest her soul!)

This picture was from Christmas

The rest of the outfit you can’t see but I kept it black, I had a sheer shirt on that I got from New Look before Christmas, black cheapy vest from H&M, black jeggings from New Look and a pair of ballet pumps.

So that’s it, I doubt I’ll be going to the next TOWIB, if I’m honest I go to see all the blogging girlies and have a good ol’ chat. Find out about some new products from them and just have a girliy gossip really. We don’t need TOWIB for that.

The lipstick dolls!
Grace, Laura and Emma

For me the highlight of the day was seeing Emma and Laura and my new obsession……..Nando’s!

11 February 2012


Girlies! Something amazing happened, I think (finally) I am starting to get the hang of gel eyeliner, well this is  Loreal Superliner but even so, it's taken me ages! A steady hand and getting to know your eyeshape helps.

It's not perfect but I'm very happy with it!

Enjoy the rest of your weekends!

Left eye, this is my good eye!

Right eye, hmmmm needs more practise, this is the lazy one!

10 February 2012

MUA Love Hearts Event with swatches

Hey girlies, I had the pleasure of attending the new MUA (Make up Academy) and Love Hearts collaboration. It was held at Fruitbox which was inside Piccadilly Institute right at the centre of Piccadilly Circus.

I met a few of the girls outside Boots (it was so cold that night) and walked the short distance to the event. A few drinks and a cupcake later (Ok I lie, 2 cupcakes) we went off on our separate ways home. I couldn’t wait to open my event goodie bag and was spoilt rotten by the goodies inside.

Here’s what I got, I managed to have a quick swatch up of the lipglosses and balms but will save the polishes for another day!

My swag!

Lovely glitter shatter nail polishes

3 n 1 Contour pen

LtoR - Nude, Peach Shimmer, Pink Sugar and Pink up Pink

LtoR - I WANT U and U & I

Me wearing Pink Sugar lipgloss

Sweet Kiss Lipgloss

Hot Lips Lipgloss

Sugar Lips

Sugar Lips and Lovelorn Lipstick by MAC

Me wearing both

The sweets that Darren ♥ has already started on!

The gorgeous heart tin, I can see hair clips ending up in this!

I am in love with the lip balms, they’re so soft and silky and just what we need this time of year. I’ve been going through Vaseline like no ones business! I’ve had a few admiring looks too from other commuters on buses/tubes. Haha! Jel bitches! I think my favourite is Sugar Lips, it reminds me of Lovelorn lipstick by MAC, it's in the same colour family, blue toned pink. Over the top it gives that extra shine.

All the products will be in Superdrug from mid February and on http://www.muastore.co.uk/ from 8th February, to find out which Superdrug stocks MUA check out the MUA facebook page, they have a store list on there.

Also take a look at Love Hearts facebook page for your chance to win a limited edition love hearts tin and send your loved ones a personalised love heart.