24 June 2010

No Glamour! :(

Afternoon ladies, ok so I’m still a little bit upset/annoyed about missing the whole Glamour magazine with free Benefit pencil freebies. I would have loved to get my hands on all 3 like most of you did out there. When the offer came out I was however in the Maldives and knew nothing about it before I went as I don’t often read magazines. Anyway – I’ve spent this last week searching London (well not quite but felt like it) to find it has sold out everywhere, which I’m not surprised about. I was thinking somewhere must have at least 1 copy left, out of all three I would have been happy with just the Eye Bright pencil – but nevermind. One shop also had the new issue out so I think I have well and truly missed it.

However I did pick up the July issue of Red magazine which has a free Jemma Kidd lipgloss in, I picked up the nudest shade - 04 Shell, which I predict will be the most popular!! Red have 3 of the Jemma Kidd lipglosses on offer with the magazine, one per issue the nude colour, pink and red. These beauties are worth £14 on Jemma Kidd website so at £3.60 this was a steal!

I have been wearing the lipgloss all afternoon, there is no stickiness to it and I think this would go well with MAC Crème de Nude lipstick underneath – another product on my ever growing wishlist. :)

Now I have this lipgloss I don’t feel quite so left out, I’ve never read Red magazine before so maybe this is the start of fun and exciting times! I’ll keep you posted.

Were any of you lucky enough to pick up the goodies on offer with Glamour? Yes or No, head out to your nearest newsagent and grab another bargain with Red!

Lots of love Stacey x ♥ x


  1. Well sadly they weren't giving away products with magazines in the US. ): The lipgloss looks nice though(:



  2. Thanks hun, shame it's not available in the states, I was in New York in December and spent a small fortune in Macy's and Sephora on make-up! x

  3. I was soo bitter about this haha the US needs to hop on this magazine freebie bandwagon!! There is a tag for you on my blog! <3


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