25 October 2011

Barry M Dazzle Dust #98 and FOTN

Hey cupcakes! I bought a new dazzle dust in the Boots 3 for 2 offer. It’s a gorgeous 3 toned dust which of course was so difficult to photograph on the eye. It reminded me of Peacock colours, it’s so beautiful in the light, a shame it wouldn’t show up in my pics. I showed Darren ♥ my FOTN, he said they were ‘fishy colours’ Ahhhhhh. =D

This is the same pot; Barry M DD #98

Chanel Pro Lumiere 10
MAC MSFN in Medium
MAC Studio finish concealer in NW20
Collection 2000 Lasting perfection concealer in 3 Medium
Hoola bronzer by Benefit to contour
MAC MSF Pearl for blusher
Outer ring of above to highlight top of cheeks

Benefit Bad Gal eyeliner as a base and liner
Barry M Dazzle Dust #98
Sleek Oh so Special palette light brown for brows
Bow from above palette for eyebrow highlight
Eylure False lashes 100’s

MAC Hue lipstick

This was a bit of a brave FOTN for me, I never wear my hair like this in photos or when I’m out because my ears stick out, but I wanted to show off my new earrings. I got them from Forever 21 for £3.90! They’re beautiful.


  1. Lovely look i must pay more attention to Dazzle Dust's and the earrings are fab.

  2. Very sophisticated!! Lovely earrings. I agree with Laura, must dig those barry m pots out

  3. How is that the same pot! That's amazing, a great look, looks like something for a catwalk xxxx

  4. I really like this look! Makes your eyes look so big! X

  5. You look gorgeous! I NEED that dazzledust now! It's beautiful.

  6. this makes your eyes pop like crazy! i really actually love the "fishy" look lol. pulled back hair shows off your makeup/face brilliantly, no one looks at your ears til you pointed it out!

  7. you look just gorgeous doll!!!love your eyes look!Have this Barry m pigmant.Have to try it your way!!


  8. What an unusual colour, so pretty. I need to buy more of the dazzle dusts and stop spilling them on my carpet :/

  9. Hey! Just came across your blog! <3 it!!
    I have recently started blogging and will be reviewing beauty products. Would really appreciate your thoughts :)

    Thank you xxx

  10. Gorgeous, I have this colour and have never used it, but certainly will now :-)

  11. @LAURA*LOVES*MAKEUP - Thank you, yeah do, they have some amazing shades x

    @Gaelle- The Make up Fairy - Thanks hun x

    @Lauren Rose - Cool init! lol Thank you xx

    @Lola Loves - Thank you x

    @Hannah - Thank you hun x

    @Lauren - Thank you, go get it! 3 for £5 in Boots at the mo x

    @socialitedreams - Thank you, haha fishy, maybe it's the angle I'm taking the pic at, I do have stickly out ears x

    @Blushingloves - Thank you Irene, have a go I'd love to see it xx

    @Victoria - Thank you, I do the same, butter fingers x

    @PerfectlyPink - Thanks

  12. ooh a lovely vampy look, great for a sultry halloween look!

    And I only just realised I didnt reply on the "naked arab" look I did, but I would love to see your version of it! <3

  13. the eye makeup looks beautiful! I love barry m pigments, i'll deff check out this one! x

  14. This looks so lovely! It would definitely be a great evening look :) xx

  15. #98 is amazing! I don't think I've ever seen it in store.x


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