4 May 2012

YSL Rouge Volupte review - Tender Peach #26

hands up who’s wanted one of these for aaaaaaaaages?!? *raises both hands*

After what feels like years I have finally got my mitts on a YSL Rouge Volutpe lipstick and I have to say there’s no going back now!

Whilst out shopping for my birthday the YSL stand caught my eye and we walked past Boots, so with Darren’s ♥ bank card in hand I marched in and started browsing the lippies. Choosing a colour was hard work and my hand was a work of art by the time I had decided on this colour.

In these photos it looks alot pinker than it comes out on the lips
I showed my Mum ♥ on the webcam the other night and the first thing she said was “you’re just paying for packaging” I have to say the packaging is lovely and looks so luxurious and expensive but the lipstick itself doesn’t look or feel any different to that of say a MAC which is roughly £10 cheaper, but I still don’t think that would put me off buying another. Since owning this lipstick I haven’t worn any other lipstick so at this rate I will be going through it quite quickly! But lipsticks are the main thing I am attracted to when looking at make up. It’s certainly the first thing I look at at a MAC counter.

getting ready to go out for dinner

wearing YSL Tender Peach #26

Anyway this is the YSL Rouge Volutpe #26 which is called Tender Peach. This lipstick has no shimmer in it at all but is not matte, I would say it was similar formula to a creemsheen by MAC. It’s super glossy and not drying at all. I’m quite impressed with the longevity of this lippie too.

This lipstick was £23.50 from YSL at Boots, would I repurchase? Hell yeah!

Have any of you got one of these? What other colours should I try?


  1. This is actually such a gorgeous shade and i love your hair! :D xx


  2. Your hair looks gorge here! I like this shade on you (don't think it would suit me), I do think you pay a bit more for the packaging and brand but I love the consistency of these lipsticks and the way they feel on the lips. I've got two...so that's nearly £50 of lipstick right there, argh.

  3. That's such a pretty shade! I LOVE these lipsticks, wish I could buy them all! x


  4. It's a lovely colour, is it worth the price?


    x x


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