15 November 2010

The good and the bad – Dry Shampoo

Afternoon girls, did you have a good weekend? I had a lovely few days. Saturday was spent with Sister and Mother in Law's to be Christmas shopping in Greenwich then Canary Wharf, we had a lovely time, even if I did spend more money on myself and Darren ♥ than others! lol. Sunday I spent with Darren ♥ on the sofa
and then a naughty chinese in the evening! Mmmmm! On with the review.

I may be one of the minorities here but I really don’t like Umberto Giannini Morning After Dry Shampoo, I bought it purely because Lollipop26 said it was brilliant and was an invisible spray compared to the Batiste Dry Shampoo, which can leave you looking like you have grey highlights!

Now, whilst I don’t like the skunk look, the Batiste works better for me, so good, in fact I had to buy a travel sized tin the day I used Umberto Giannini because by mid morning, it looked like I didn’t have anything on and had clearly not washed my hair! Not a good look!

Meet Colin the bubba skunk!!

Cue one travel sized tin of Batiste and I was a happy bunny again! Umberto Giannini Morning After Dry Shampoo will be used for back combing only at my place! It’s twice the price of the Batiste one too and the latter comes in more styles/fragrances. Boho is my fav if you're curious.

Have any of you girlies tried the Umberto Giannini Morning After Dry Shampoo? Are you a lover or a hater?



  1. I always use baby powder because in my country they don't sell fry shampoos(don't know why) and because most of them are aerosol I can't get a shipment to Portugal \: I've been wondering about the Oscar Baldi one though (:

  2. I'm also a talcum powder girl. My boyfriend asked me why I had talc in the bathroom recently, and the only reason is for my hair! I use it the night before if I know I'm not going to get to wash my hair so it isn't grey by the morning!

    I do need to try some dry shampoo though.


  3. I'm exactly the same! I have tried everything and baby powder is far better. It takes a bit longer cause you have to really work with it and rub it in the scalp but it gives more volume and absorbs oil better than anything else I have tried.

  4. I havent tried the Umberto Giannini one but everything I've tried from their range recently has seriously disappointed me! It's weird cos I always loved their stuff when I was a teenager so either I have much higher expectations or the quality of their goodies is going down hill!

    I use the Tropical Batiste dry shampoo too (even though LOADS of people seem to dislike the smell!) cos it works well and Superdrug have it on offer for just over a quid now n then so I can stock up. hurrah for bargain shopping!

    My kid sister used to use flour which worked a treat but it really doesnt appeal to me for some reason :)

  5. I have never tried dry shampoo, am I the only one? I am just a bit scared! It has been wandering around my mind recently though.

    I love Canary Wharf for shopping! My boyfriend works in one of the offices there. Since he met me he has managed to aquire the whereabouts of Space NK... poor guy I often ask him if he has a spare minute on his lunch to pop down and tell me what products are like... He loves it really ;)

  6. @Marisa/BristolBeautyBlog/Ansa - You all use talcum powder? I never knew that could be used, Darren always has talc in the bathroom, might have to give that a try! Thanks

    @All Made Up - I was so disappointed by it, Batiste is defo the best one, I like all the different fragrances, but I probably reach for the Boho one the most.

    @KaisoArt - Don't be scared! It's an amazing product, really good for getting bounce into your hair. Have a look on You Tube at Foxylocksextensions she's brilliant with hair. I never knew there was a Space NK at Canary Wharf!!!! OMFG!! lol. I work 2 stops away from it too, could get there on my lunch break! lol Thanks for following xx

  7. I have never tried dry shampoo either! Everyone seems to be talking about it though, maybe I should check it out.

  8. I live by dry shampoo - it is definitely my savour!! Living with and sharing a bed with a boy who puts loads of gel in his hair and likes cuddling in the night means that I get a lot of gel on my pillow which makes my hair greasy!I'm not one for washing my hair everyday because my hair is so fine it doesn't do anything I want it to when its really clean so dry shampoo is great for me! The dry shampoo also gives my hair a bit of volume!
    I usually use the batiste dry shampoos but the price seems to keep sneaking up so I thought i would try Superdrug's own dry shampoo recently and its actually quite good - not as powdery as batiste but works a treat (and it's cheaper!)
    I wouldn't recommend batiste dry shampoo for people with dark hair because it makes your colour look a bit dull, but batiste do a coloured one now which is good - for blondes dry shampoo is a great way of disguising your roots!!
    Please please please follow my blog!

  9. I love dry shampoos, I use superdrug own brand away with the fairies dry shampoo. And I love it!! It smells amazing and it makes my hair look like it was washed.

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  10. @Jadore - Give it a go, it's good if you're late for work and need a quick freshen up

    @manths - I have really fine hair too, doesn't do what i want it too.

    @ObsessiveBeauty - I've never tried superdeugs own brand, i will give it a go thanks!

  11. Hi this is my first ever post on a blogger site. So here it goes!!

    I have being using Batista dry shampoo for a few years now. It’s totally helped my hair grow stronger as I have don’t wash it as much as used too also my hair is so much thicker. I must admit I did have dusty patches in my hair when you spray to closes but this is easily brushed out with a bristle brush. Now Batista have taken out the shampoo for Brunettes and Black hair which is great. I use the brunette all the time. To be honest I get so many comments on how lovely and full my hair looks now it brilliant. Also it really helps the texture for updos.

  12. @Bubblee - Welcome! I've gone back to Batiste full time now, it's so much better, I agree it does help with updos too, makes it a bit firmer - kind of? lol


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx