25 November 2010

Sigma Brushes - FREE Worldwide Delivery Friday 26th November!!

Hey girlies, I received an email from Sigma today, they are offering FREE worldwide delivery for Friday 26th November (tomorrow). I've always wanted to try Sigma brushes but because of the delivery hadn't bothered. If this offer wasn't so close to Christmas I'd get the Eye Kit (below) its $45. I found a website that converts dollars to pounds and it worked out about £28, I think thats amazing for 7 brushes! Sigma offer a free travel size E25 brush with this kit too.  So you actually get 8 brushes. I think this is a bargain! I paid £25 for my MAC 190 brush!

Do any of you have the Sigma brushes in the photo above? How do they compare to MAC brushes?

Check out Sigma website HERE



  1. I have lots of Sigma brushes, I love their face brushes most of all though. As far as the eye brushes go, their 224 dupe is pretty good (I don't have the mac version), the 219 dupe is very different, the mac ones comes to a point and this one is fatter. The 239 dupe is totally different too, mac is made of goat hair. I hope you know which I mean, I don't like referring to them with their new numbers, it's easier to remember this way. ;)

  2. Wow, that's so good! Thankyou for sharing :) xxx

  3. I want I want I want! Sigma brushes have been on my wish list for absolutely AGES but I couldnt bring myself to splash out on them cos I've never actually felt them (I like giving brushes a good feel before even considering them!!) so cant be sure of the quality...

    Oh dilemmas! it's so close to Christmas and I know I should be saving my pennies but I feel like I deserve a little treat :)

  4. wiw brushes look so good :)

    first time on your blog

    check out mine



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