11 November 2010

O.O.T.D – Winter or Summer/Day or Night

This is my first O.O.T.D, I was a little nervous about posting this mainly because I don’t know much about clothes, what style suits etc. I love watching programmes like Gok Wan and Trinny and Susannah for inspiration. This outfit however was my own creation lol!

I bought this gorgeous playsuit at the end of September from New Look, it was in their Limited Edition collection and was a bit pricey for New Look it was £35 and I just love it. It can be worn in the winter or summer. For the winter I am wearing it with my gorgeous Faith tan knee high boots that Darren ♥ bought for me for Christmas, a beige light cardigan, also from New Look and plain black tights. I also threw on my oversized ring from ASOS and a few gold bracelets. For summer I was thinking maybe wearing the playsuit with a tan shoulder bag that comes across the body some comfy flip flops or ballet pumps and maybe a nice big hat, oh and with some compulsory BIG shades. I had some beautiful Calvin Klein sunnies that I got from New York last December but they broke, I am so gutted! I loved them.

Nail Varnish is Barry M Pure Turquoise, ring is from ASOS

 My lovely boots, I have these in black too
Image from New Look website

What do you ladies think of my playsuit? This isn’t something I would normally go for, I’m a bit boring with clothes really, I don’t have much style, but I love reading all your posts about outfits, it gives me some ideas.



  1. That ring is amazing. Is it a recent purchase? Judging by this outfit you don't have boring style at all! haha.
    Really like your blog.
    Check out mine if you get a chance.


    Milli x

  2. @smilli - Lovely isn't it. I bought it about a year ago, I've just checked ASOS but they don't have it anymore. There's loads of others on there tho. I'll follow you back x

  3. absolutely love this outfit! It just looks really casual but pretty too. I dunno if I could pull off the playsuit cos my legs are a bit... well, lets just say they're probably not suited to anything above the knee :)

    The boots are fab - if Darren chose those himself then he has bloody good taste!

    P.S. I adore Gok Wan but I dont really listen to a word he says. Honestly if I followed all his rules I'd have to throw away practically every item of clothing I have! :)

  4. @All Made Up - Thanks hun. Darren was there when i bought the black boots and i said i wanted the tan ones too so he didn't pick them but he did listen to what i wanted lol. Yeah I know what you mean about Gok Wan, I couldnt afford to throw everything out. I'd love to go on that programme ;p

  5. loving the polish and the ring!

    I am a new follower!



Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx