6 December 2010

Hello lovelies, I'm still alive!

Hello darlings! I just wanted to say a big hello to all my new followers and apologise for the lack of posts. I had my first ever flu bug and seriously thought I was dying! I was ill for about 6 days and spent most of my time in bed sleeping! Darren ♥ caught the bug off me on the 2nd day so we were both off work. My body ached from head to toe, hot and cold sweats, I couldn’t taste any food but didn’t really have an appetite, sort throat from coughing. I lost a couple of pounds and Darren ♥ lost 11 pound! I wouldn’t wish that bug on anyone it was horrible.

10 days after catching the dreaded flu we are still not back to full health, our chesty coughs are hanging in there! I managed to get to the gym on Friday night but it really took it out of me.

From now til Christmas my blog may have slightly less posts on it mainly due to the fact Christmas is upon us and I haven’t really been buying anything for myself to blog about. I’ve asked Santa for some gorgeous Estee Lauder Creams for Christmas so can’t wait to show you those.

Please bare with me from now til Christmas when normal posting should resume!

I will be choosing a winner for my giveaway tomorrow so look out for that!

Lots of Love



  1. That sounds horrible! If you're looking on the bright side at least you got the flu when the weather was completely miserable and going to work wasn't really that appealing anyway! :)

    Never actually had the flu but anyone I know who has didn't describe it as a very pleasant experience.

    Ooooh, good choice! What creams are you getting? I was the biggest Estee Lauder fan a couple of years back and I've tried pretty much all their stuff (even the Idealist and Advanced night repair!) and definitely recommend them ♥

  2. @All Made Up - It was horrible! The worst I've ever had. They are the exact 2 creams I've asked for - Idealist and Advanced night repair! Oh I'm so glad you recommend them, I can't wait to get them, I'm getting on a bit now see lol! x

  3. You poor thing! I know how you feel! Hope you are 100% healthy soon


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