31 December 2010

MAC Haul

Hey ladies, I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas, I’ve missed you all! I’ve had a lovely blogging break and I’m back with loads of new products and posts. Santa was very kind to me!

Just before I finished work I went to Selfridges on Oxford Street on my lunch break to get my MAC goodies. I also treated my Mum to a couple of Eyeshadows which she loves!

I bought my first 15 pan eyeshadow holder, when this is full I plan to take out the inserts in between which means instead of 15 eyeshadows you can get 26 in there. Makes sense doesn’t it!

I also bought eyeshadows Brule*, Vapour, Shale and Shadowy Lady*. I used these colours on Mum whilst she was here for Christmas and will post this Christmas FOTD in the next few days.
* = Bought for Mum too

Top Row Left to Right All That Glitters, Satin Taupe and Twinks
Middle Row Left to Right Naked Lunch and Knight Divine
Bottom Row Left to Right Brule, Vapour, Shale and Shadowy Lady

Above is my MAC palette so far, I'm so pleased with all of the shades and I think the matte shadows definately suit me more. Below is a picture of me on Christmas Day before we had dinner, please excuse my dry chapped lips! I used all 4 of my new MAC eyeshadows for my Make up below.

I hope you all have a fantastic night tonight if you are going out, Darren ♥ and I have both caught colds again so are staying in and resting up. To be honest I'm not a lover of going out on NYE anyway.

Back to work on 4th January, where did my 2 weeks off go?

Happy New Year my Beauts!


  1. Ooooh very nice indeed! Love the colour selection. I imagine you'll get LOADS of use out of these and theres nothing like treating yourself cos you know you'll definitely be getting something you really want!

    Love the look you've gone for because it's subtle but gorgeous and your eyelashes look amazing :)

    No plans this evening myself - I dont like celebrating the new year cos everywhere is just so packed and busy and it totally doesnt appeal to me. Hope you feel better soon ♥

  2. Great haul!! Nice shades:))
    Gorgeous look....lovely blog too!!
    I'm following you...follow back??

  3. Beautiful eye lashes girl <3

  4. Hello stacey.Amazing post! blog beautiful.çok güzel.thanks.kısses


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