21 December 2010

Small Primark Haul

Hey girls, isn’t the snow beautiful? I know it’s caused havoc with some and I will be a hater if my Mum ♥ doesn’t manage to get up for Christmas!

I popped into Primark yesterday, which is another thing I have a love/hate relationship with, but I was pleasently suprised at what I found! I think sticking to the smaller Primarks is key to shopping, I can’t handle Oxford Street any day of the week, it’s horrid! My local Primark was empty, there was the usual clothes all over the floor, a faint smell of B.O. and Maccy D’s is next door. But when there’s bargains like these in store it all makes it worth while.

This cute charm bracelet was only £2.50 but I love it! It has a gorgeous little locket on it for photos, but trying to find photos small enough of Darren ♥ and my Dad ♥ is another thing!

I’m not really one for slippers, I think because I hate my feet getting hot but this weather has got me wanting something warm on me tootsies so I bought these for £1.30!!! An absolute bargain! Primark had a few other designs but I’m a sucker for a bit of leopard print!

Do any of you have a love/hate relationship with Primark?


  1. oh I am wearing slippers that look exactly like yours but got mine from sainsburys for £4... I dont like my feet getting hot either thats why i chose this sort of style because they remind me of shoes and are much cooler, love the charm bracelet too. I have a love hate relationship with primark Love the prices, Hate the state of the place and lack of intrest with help staff can have xxx

  2. Oooh cute slippers! I love leopard prints, too!

  3. Small but really nice. Those leopard fuzzies are adorable!

  4. Yup, I'm exactly the same. There is only 1 Primark in Belfast and it's absolutely HUGE but always completely packed out. Which seems to bring out the worst in people cos there's lots of pushing, shoving and general rudeness! (hardly apt for this time of year, eh) Oh and the queue is always at least a mile long :)

    Though when I manage to get new jammies, slippers, underwear and thick socks for £15 I cant help thinking it's definitely worthwhile

    Love your new slippers - very cosy looking and hopefully you'll be able to spend plenty of time lazing around the house wearing them ♥

  5. @Charli - These slippers are just right for me, not too thick but thick enough to keep my toes warm x

    @GABY - My other half doesn't like leopard print so much, says it looks cheap!

    @The Girlie Blog - Thank you hun x

    @All Made Up - It's so annoying isnt it, the weekend it the worst time to shop in them kinda places. I haven't taken them off since i bought them, I'm off work now til 4th January so plenty of time to wear them x


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx