11 August 2011

KMS California Event

Hey girlies, on Monday night I was very fortunate to go to the KMS California Event over at Putney Bridge. I met up with Emma-Jayne from Flossies Beauty Love and walked the short distance to the Hurlingham Club. The grounds around the Hurlingham Club are just beautiful. I’m kicking myself for not getting any pics! Me and Emma-Jayne chatted away as we walked along to the event. We arrived about 5.30pm had a quick chat to Sammy who’s from the in-house PR team for KMS California and their sister brand Goldwell. We both had a Mo’ito from the bar.

Sammy and a few from the team gave us a run through of the products and how these new products are being reloaded (re-launched) on 1st September. After the presentation there was a photo booth there with various different props, there was also a ‘wind machine’ inside. Emma-Jayne and I were the first ones to jump in and have a go, not overly happy with the first bunch so we had another go.

Sammy said we were more than welcome to stay for the after party which started around 8pm and about 800 hairdressers, professionals and trainees, were also attending. Emma-Jayne and I were both thinking about staying for a while, if not for the booze and Bar-be-que then to see Stacey Solomon perform later on! But alas Monday was the night the mayhem kicked off in Hackney, which is where I live. After speaking to Darren ♥ over the phone who told me I wasn’t going to get home I thought it was best to leave. As we were walking out the party people were starting to arrive and boy did we make the right decision! They were dressed up like the TOWIE bunch, Emma-Jayne and I both felt very under dressed!

Before we left Sammy gave us a massive goody bag each, this alone is worth £100. I couldn’t wait to see what was inside it was so heavy! We both opened them at the tube station to have a nosey.

Left to Right

Quick Blow Dry – Speeds up drying time by up to 50% while protecting against heat damage. Top Tip – use your usual products then spray quick blow dry as a last step before blow-drying. RRP £13.00

Dry Touch-Up – Instant conditioning on-the-go, simply use on dull hait to add shine and revive. Top Tip – perfect for reviving a lack-lutre fringe before a night out! RRP £14.30

Style Boost – A primer for hair. Boosts the performance of your styling products and helps your style last up to 3x longer! Top Tip – Use on its own to enhance natural texture and boost body. RRP £14.50

Molding Paste – No.1 Worldwide bestseller within KMS range. Provides tecture with a pliable hold. Top Tip – Reactivate your style at the end of the day, simply wet hands and reshape! RRP £17.50

Hot Flex Spray – Unlimited heat styling without damage for styles that last until the next wash. Top Tip – use on hair before blow-drying to set your style with heat-activated technology! RRP £15.95

Also in our goody bags were 2 Orly polishes I got Hottie and White Cap and a bristled back combing brush for making our hair ma-hoosive!

How cute is this little USB stick in the shape of one of their bottles! This USB has the whole presentation on it and I’m pretty sure it can be wiped for us to use personally. So cute.

I haven’t had a chance to use the products just yet but I am washing my hair Saturday morning and setting in Velcro rollers so we’ll see how the Style Boost fairs up to my cheap ol’ setting lotion! I’ve got high hopes for the KMS products, they do seem a little steep in price and I probably wouldn’t spend that much on hair products, but I will confirm more after I have used each item.

All in all I had a fab time even if it was slightly marred by the riots that were happening. I had to get a black cab home from Liverpool Street as the buses weren’t running. The first cabbie said he wouldn’t take me anywhere near it telling me ‘it’s on fire’ – Yeah that’s my home pal! I got another black cab and had a lovely ol’ chat all the way home. Beats a bus anyday!

Thank you Sammy for letting me come along to this event, Emma-Jayne it was lovely to meet you, a girl after my own heart! =D

This doesn’t launch until 1st September 2011 but here’s the link, well worth saving in your favourites!


  1. wow, this does sound rather exciting!
    I love the photos of you two in the booth!


  2. The goodie bag looks lurvly! I hope you've been alright living in Hackney, it's been ok where I live, but the riots have seemed to cause more attempted burgularies in the area! x

  3. Haha!! It was a fab night wasn't it!! So great meeting you at last!!! Great post!! x x

  4. Fantastic goodies. I love the photo booth pictures, how cool! xo

  5. Seems to be an awesome experience. Great. Thanks for sharing your experience and such a nice blog. Really like it.

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