1 August 2011

You Tube Video - UD Naked Palette Look #1 Sin and Hustle

Hey girlies! I finally got round to filming a new video for my You Tube channel. I uploaded my first video about 3 weeks ago and had quite a good response to it, thanks to the Mothership ♥ my friends and family all knew about it too as she posted it on Facebook! I wasn’t quite ready for the exposure but hey ho. When I sat at my desk and realised what she'd done I felt the embarrassment flushing my face scarlet! I’m over it now, any publicity is good publicity! Thanks Mumma ♥

So last weekend I set myself up to film a couple of videos, the make up video below and a hair video but they both ended badly with me cursing the camera and all the brushes I dropped whilst filming. I felt like I had lost my confidence with it before it had started. But I have been watching YT videos all week and just decided, everyone started somewhere and I’m sure my confidence will grow as will my skills at applying the stuff. It’s very tricky trying to get the lighting right too, so I set myself up in the bathroom again and away I went. At some point in the editing I did manage to cut out me applying my mascara, it jumps to me applying it to the bottom lashes, but I’m sure you’ve all seen/done it before. You know the craic!

Does anyone know how I get the picture of my eye (at the beginning of the video) to show on You Tube instead of this still of me holding the brush? It's really annoying, I've tried googling it but no joy.

Thank you, if you sub to me I’ll sub ya back! Any video requests please let me know in the comments below or on You Tube of course.


  1. Your eyelashes are lovely and long... I dont use all different brushes to apply makeup but I want to definately invest in some like the crease and the MAC one you used to blend it with... Is the brush you used to blend soft or is it abit harder? Thank you! Loved watching xx

  2. @Amy - Thank you! I wouldn't be without my brushes, I have a few MAC brushes, one Sigma brush which I use for my foundation, and a few Crown brushes. The MAC 217 is a soft blending brush but it's one of the best to be honest. Thank you xx

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Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx