21 September 2011

Sleek Oh So Special Palette with EOTD

Ok I’m a little bit behind with this but it has been so popular and now I know why. I had to go to a Superdrug at 7.45am to see if it was in their delivery that day! That’s how much I wanted it. I lusted over every bloggers post about it, and rightly so, I think it’s probably my favourite palette out of the lot!

It has a great mix of shimmers and mattes, after using my Storm palette for my brows for ages now I was glad to find something else to use that was slightly lighter, Boxed is the perfect brow colour for me.


Top Row
Bow*, Organza, Ribbon*, Gift Basket, Glitz, Celebrate
Pamper*, Gateau, The Mall*, Boxed*, Wrapped Up*, Noir*
* = Matte

For this quick EOTD I applied UDPP all over the lid, I blended Bow all over using a MAC 227, then I applied Gateau on the lid and about 2 3rds of the way over, I then applied Wrapped Up in the crease using a crease brush by Crown and blending with a MAC 217, then lightly applied Celebrate on the outer V to intensify. I used Boxed for my eyebrows. I dragged Wrapped Up under the eye with a MAC 266 brush and highlighted the inner corner with a bit more of the Gateau colour. This colour is my favourite! I lined my eye with UD 24/7 pencil in Zero. Curled lashes and applied more mascara. Voila!

Who else picked up this palette? I was thinking of getting the nude palette but haven’t heard such good things about it. I love this palette, I am seriously thinking about depotting all my Sleek palettes into one big palette so I can see what colours I have at a quick glance. Good idea huh!?

Thanks for reading girlies!


  1. the colours are gorgeous, they conrast so nicely with your eye colour! xxx

  2. I love the eye looks you create with these palettes :)
    I didn't realise you could depot these?xxx

  3. Jeez. I seem to be the only one who doesn't have Sleek palette... YET! :) I know there's a limited edition one available only on-line and that's the one I want! ;) X


  4. Thanks for the swatches!:D

    I agree with Sophie, the contrast with your eye color is just beautiful!:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  5. That's a great look. I love Wrapped up, it's my favourite shade of the palette. Haven't tried those on brows, good tip, thanks!

  6. What a beautiful palette! Your look is so pretty!
    Any ideas of where I can get this in the states??


  7. @sophie-leigh - Thank you x

    @Lauren Rose - Thank you hun, yeah Klaire de Lays from YT showed how to do it on her blog, heat underneath with straigtners or a candle then using a needle pop it out, clever stuff xx

    @Mademoiselle Lala - I think you are hun, treat yourself, they're so good x

    @Marie - Thanks hun x

    @Gaelle - The Make up Fairy - Me too, it knocks the socks off my Shadowy Lady by MAC! x

    @MakeupIsMyMedicine - Thank you, they're available from the Sleek website but I think delivery to the US is something like $10! Check them out though, they're so good x x

  8. Which mascara are you using? Love those curled lashes!

    PS: love the palette!

  9. WOW! This is gorgeous on you! xo

  10. @Ana.M - Thank you, this was MUFE Smoky Lash x

    @Andee Layne - Thank you x

  11. im a new follower... loving your blog. gorgeous eyes!

  12. Love this look! The purple tones really compliment your eye colour. And great idea depotting all the sleek eyeshadows into one palette...would love to see pictures if you do it!!

  13. I'm so jealous of your lashes, they look incredibly long!


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx