14 September 2011

Bargain Nails Inc set with swatches!

Hey girlies, my sister Faye ♥ bought me this lovely present from QVC, she knows I’m a massive fan of Nails Inc polishes but at £11 each they are quite expensive. Faye ♥ had full control of the television a few weeks ago and saw this deal was too good to miss.

This whole set was £25 with PP about £3.97, it was such a bargain. I love every colour in the set, my least favourite was the grey but after swatching on a nail it has definitely grown on me. I applied two coats of each nail polish then applied one coat of the top coat.

Wyndham Place
This is a gorgeous reddy pink with beautiful blue and pink sparkles in, this was so hard to photograph, look out for a NOTD with some layering soon!

Berkeley Mews
A beaut of a colour in some lights this looks purple but on the nail and in photographs it’s blue. Such a nice colour and I can’t wait for the cold months to wear it.

Cadogan Lane
This colour reminds me of Christmas a lovely shimmery green that applies like a dream.

Wellington Street
I thought this was going to be a nightmare and would need at least 3 coats, I would say it is a bright Barbie pink, with a white base underneath it could be even brighter. Love it!

Bennet Street
I didn’t think there was a red that could outdo my OPI Vodka and Caviar but when applied to the nail it came to life! It’s fire engine red with a coral undertone.

Tavistock Street
This was my least favourite colour out of the lot and I was a little impatient before applying my top coat, you can just make out little red marks on it from the previous nail. This colour is a dark and murky grey, after applying to the nail I think I dismissed it too early and I'm sure I will rock it somewhere!

Jermyn Street
This is my fourth bottle of this, it is one of my favourite colours a light brown taupey colour with a purple undertone. I blogged about this a long time ago click HERE.

Top Coat
Applied to each nail, not as fast drying as Seche Vite but very shiney!

Thank you Faye ♥ for buying me this beautiful set! It really is lovely


  1. That's a great set. Love the look of cadogan lane !

  2. I love Bennet st... such a beautiful bright pink! very shocking


  3. Wow these are gorgeous colours, I really love the pink!! xxx

  4. Wow amazing bargain. Gotta check out QVC!
    Jermyn Street is one of my favourite polishes!

  5. Ooooh love 'em all :) Great! <3

  6. @Gaelle - The Makeup Fairy - isn't it! Love Cadogan Lane! x

    @Sharon - Bennet Street is red Wellington Street is the pink but you're right lovely colour x

    @Sweetaholic Rach - Me too Rach, wearing it today and loving it x

    @Katey - You do need to, so do I, they're quite expensive x

    @Sara.H - Me too hun, such great colours x


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx