12 December 2011

FOTN - OOTN - Work Christmas ‘do

Good afternoon dollz! Let me first just say sorry for lack of posts, but around this time of year I’m trying not to spend too much money on myself because I need pennies for Christmas presents. I’m also busy the weekends trawling my way through Oxford Street or Westfields trying to get all these presents. I can now confirm that it is done, just the wrapping to do! I’m looking forward to nearly 2 weeks off work, a bit of me time and some serious blogging!


I had my work Christmas ‘do last Thursday and remembered to take some photos in the oh so glamorous location of the work toilets! We were off to Kitchen Italia just off the Seven dials in London. No need to wear a dress or anything like that.

Chanel Vitalumiere foundation 20
MAC MSF natural
Coralista Blush by Benefit
Hoola bronzer by Benefit
Outer ring of MAC MSF Pearl to highlight

MAC Painterley (review/post to come)
Eye shadows all from UD Naked Palette
Sin, Virgin, Buck, Smog
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
Clinique Gel Liner
Eylure 116 lashes (forgot how much I love these!)

NYX Round Lipstick Thalia
MAC Lipgloss Prrr

Contrast blouse from New Llook

I don’t post that many OOTD/N’s because, well I don’t have much style, I am working on it though and really finding a style that suits me. I am in love with blouses at the minute especially New Look blouses! Laura (used to be Lollipop26) blogged about this blouse and I was lucky enough to snap one up too. Sorry the lighting isn’t great!

Blouse New Look (out of stock now)
Black Jeggings from New Look
Flat ballet pumps from Dorothy Perkins (not show in photo) now on sale £16
Black vest under shirt, can't remember where this is from
Ring from Primark
(Mr T) Necklace, my 18th birthday present

My beautiful Christmas Tree


  1. Those false lashes look incredible!!

    Hannah xo

  2. Great eye makeup for a party without being over the top. Like Hannah says your eyelashes are incredible but they don't look false.

  3. The lashes are amazing! Were they the ones you were telling us about at Motel? You look gorgeous as always too :)
    And I have Christmas tree envy as we don't yet have ours up!


  4. You look amazing! I watched one of your youtube videos and you're so beautiful :) I saw the post on that blouse it looks lovely on you!xx

  5. The shadow definitely brings out your eyes.

    2 weeks off - that's wonderful. Definitely looking forward to reading your fab posts.


  6. Absolutely love those lashes (and the blouse!) x

  7. You look gorgeous! The lashes are amazing! xxx

  8. you look gorgeous as always hunni!!love your outfit and your Christmas tree!!


  9. My gorgeous sister!! Love the top!

  10. @Hannah - Thank you, they're so comfy! x

    @Jan - Thank you x

    @Charli - Thanks hun, no they were 100's by Eylure another fav of mine. Get your tree up woman! lol xxx

    @Lauren Rose - Thank you Loz! Let me know when you start your YT vids! xxx

    @Girlie Blogger - Thank you, can't wait for 2 weeks off, lots of blogging xx

    @Lucy - Thanks Luce, both are so comfy xx

    @Glimmer and Glow - Thank you Rach, love my Eylures xx

    @Irene - Thank you lovely Irene! I love Christmas, couldn't wait to get my tree up xxx

    @The Fuzzy one - Thank you, love you, hope to see you soon xx

  11. you have the most beautiful eyes ever hun!! love ya xxxxxxxxxx

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  13. that blouse looks gorgeous and those lashes look AMAZING! need to find them!!

    and in reply to my FOTD (purple and orange) unfortunately i think the caribbean palette was LE, but you might be able to find it on ebay? Please do let me know if you try another variation!

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