3 December 2011

Curly Hair with no Heat?!.............Yes please!!

Good morning you lovely lot! I can’t remember the last time I used my GHD’s, I would say about 9-10 months ago was the last time. I’ve gone right off them to be honest, my hair is quite thin and if I remember right the last time I straightened it my hair looked like a limp lettuce! I am now a fan of curlers and love the bounce they give my barnet.

I saw these rollers on a You Tube video, what sold me was the fact she got her hair that curly with no heat. I’m not saying there isn’t some breakage there because my hair is a little knotty after a day like this but nothing a good brush won’t sort out!

I bought these from THIS ebay seller, they come in a pack of 14 and are Foam hair rollers. They’re £2.99 with free P+P. I have done this hairstyle with 1 pack of 14 rollers but I do have quite a lot of hair (even though it’s thin) so 14 suits me better.

Here’s how it’s done lovelies
Wash hair as normal, brush it then leave it to air dry, whilst it’s drying I’m usually making up Darren’s ♥ lunch for the next day. Then whilst your hair still has some damp in it start putting the rollers in, you may what to sort your fringe out before you do this, mine is still growing so I just leave mine out the rollers and tuck it behind my ear until is long enough to join the roller gang! Go to bed with them in, the rollers themselves are foam so really easy to sleep in and I think this is the secret to the curling, the heat from your head and the pressing against the pillow. In the morning remove all the rollers running your hands through each section then style as you wish. I clip mine on one side. Voila! Curly hair with no heat.

Here's what the rollers look like, they have a clasp and a little arm thing going on that just clip over the other side.

Velcro rollers are probably my favs for soft bouncy curls with height at the roots but I do use a big tong for that, usually when we go out. I will do a post on this soon and a video on my You Tube Channel. But for now I am loving this way of curling my hair. With a bit of dry shampoo through it the next day it still looks good, I roughly pin it up with a few loose curls hanging round the front.

Have any of you boycotted your GHD’s too? Or can’t you live without them?

Thanks for reading guys, enjoy the rest of your weekends!!


  1. I love this look! It really suits you! I'm exactly like you, I spent ages straightening my hair, then I realised I'd gone to far and my hair, like you said, looked like a limp lettuce! I've been using these kind of rollers for about 3 years, and I love them! Most of them are broken now and I'm still managing to to it with 7 rollers! The only advice I can give is to wash them in shampoo, mine start to shrink eventually! Actually, I think I might just buy some more!
    -Aimee- x

  2. My GHDs are feeling a bit unloved too - I haven't used them since July as I have been preferring the curly look too! I just use the Babyliss curling wand to define my natural waves a bit more... but I have some foam rollers that I've never even used before! I will now though :)
    www.celestecohen.blogspot.com xo

  3. These sound like a great heat-free alternative to curlers! Your hair looks amazing xxx

  4. Oh neat. My mom used those rollers and her hair always turned out nice and wavy. I love your hair. Very cute.


  5. @Aimee - Thank you, yeah I'm the same, gone off my GHD's so much, they're boring too! xx

    @CelesteCohen - Yeah give them a go hun, they're really easy to use x

    @Glimmer and Glow - Thank you Rach xx

    @Girlie Blogger - Thank you x


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