5 December 2011

Vivo Cosmetics – Natural Night Lashes

Hey girlies, back in October I attended the TOWIB event, you can read all about it HERE. At this event Adam Minto the man behind Vivo and FashionistA said we could email them to get a highlighter sent out to us. They sent me a few bits and these lashes were inside.

Vivo are the newish make up brand launching in bigger Tesco stores all over. They have some really lovely bits and pieces and I was really shocked when I opened the parcel and all this fell out!

Today I will be showing you the lashes. I was sent the Natural Night lashes, when I pulled them off the packet I thought they would be a nightmare to wear because the strip on them was really tough and a bit thick. I usually wear lashes that have an invisible strip or very thin strip. I applied lash glue that came with the lashes and whilst it was getting tacky I bent them about between my fingers to try and loosen them a bit.

These lashes aren’t as long as other lashes I’ve worn but they felt super comfy, I kept them on for a Chinese that night round my in-laws house.

When it came to taking them off I found they did pull on my own lashes ever so slightly and were a bit of a pain to get off. I think I possibly could have pulled a few of my own out too, but that wouldn’t stop me wearing them again.

For the rest of the make up have have a look at THIS FOTN Cranberry and Amberlights by MAC. I applied these lashes just after taking all my pics for that post.

Hands up who’s tried any products by Vivo Cosmetics?


  1. It's the first time I have heard of this brand. Looks like it has nice stuff. Your eyes look amazing with that color.


  2. @Girlie Blogger - Thank you, Vivo are really good. Love the eyeshadows too xx

  3. Do you know how much the lashes cost?
    I've been dying to have a look at the brand, but I still haven't seen Vivo in store and I have one of those massive superstores quite near...weird!

  4. Beautiful eyeshadow. It looks stunning on you!!

  5. the eyes are beautiful! the lashes are so natural looking and yet they really open up your eye :) xxx


  6. @Katey - Hey hun, I have no idea how much they cost because they were sent to me, they are on Twitter though, maybe ask on there. I have a big Tesco by me too and they aren't in there either. Select stores only but which ones?? xxx

    @Brandy - Thank you hun x

    @Chloe Nghiem - Thank you x

    @Heather - Thank you, they're beautiful lashes and really nice to wear xx

  7. I just got some for 75p reduced!


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx