14 February 2012

TOWIB – the face, the clothes……...The Nando’s!!!

Hey girlies, on Saturday was the 3rd instalment of the TOWIB events. This event is organised by Hayley from London Beauty Queen. I met up with the girlies outside the We Will Rock You Theatre on Tottenham Court Road along with a few others too. Bloggers stand out a mile! Before we knew it there were over 20 of us. One of the girls whipped out her mobile sat nav and off we walked round the block to the Montague hotel where it was all kicking off! I can’t say that much more about it because after the first talk it became apparent that it wasn’t anything like the last TOWIB and was a little too formal for me. I asked the girls what they thought and we all agreed it wasn’t for us this time so we went our separate ways with some of them arranging a meet up in April. Yay!

Emma, Laura and I walked the short distance to Nando’s at Holborn and sat there for 2 hours talking lipstick, blusher, blogging and men!

Here is my FOTD, I decided to glam it up a bit for this occasion, it’s not like me to wear red lipstick, especially during that day but I loved it! I applied a Maybellline red lip liner as a base all over the lips then a Korres lip butter #52 Orange Red over the top. I kept my eyes simple with Phloof by MAC over the inner area and Buck from Naked palette in the crease. Loreal Superliner for a flick and Ardel lashes #102’s. MAC MSF Pearl for blusher.

My fur coat I’ve had for aaaaaages and I tell you what, I wish I whipped this bad boy out sooner, it was so warm. Darren ♥ wasn’t at home when I left so didn’t see me wearing it til I got home, he wouldn’t look at me or talk to me until I took it off! He hates anything leopard print and told me I looked like Pat Butcher (god rest her soul!)

This picture was from Christmas

The rest of the outfit you can’t see but I kept it black, I had a sheer shirt on that I got from New Look before Christmas, black cheapy vest from H&M, black jeggings from New Look and a pair of ballet pumps.

So that’s it, I doubt I’ll be going to the next TOWIB, if I’m honest I go to see all the blogging girlies and have a good ol’ chat. Find out about some new products from them and just have a girliy gossip really. We don’t need TOWIB for that.

The lipstick dolls!
Grace, Laura and Emma

For me the highlight of the day was seeing Emma and Laura and my new obsession……..Nando’s!


  1. I haven't seen you there, but that's probably because you've left so early. I stayed until after the second talk. X


  2. love this post. You looked soooooo glam with your red lippy and coat!! and sooo glad i ever met you. Feel like i have known you and emma all my life!!! Nandos!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Love your look here. Iv only just discovered your blog and really enjoy it. Nive to read a differant account of TOWIB too, love that honesty!
    Oh and I have neber eaten in nandos, and people actualy shriek when I say this. Im beginning to feel Im missing out lol x

  4. what a fun event. wish we had something like that in Seattle. love those bright lipstick.

  5. wow.Its so beautiful.Make up is also very hit ;)

  6. How have I missed this fab post!!! Was great seeing you, can't wait for the 14th!!xxx


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