17 February 2012

Avon Supershock - Review

Hello my little butter nut squashes!

A few weeks back my Mum told me to have a look on the Avon website to see if there was anything out of the book at the minute that I wanted to try. She told me about the deal they had on in that catalogue.

The deal was Supershock Mascara, Supershock Gel liner and Supershock Eyeshadow pencil in Starry Night/Moonshine all for £12.50, this deal also included the free gift which if I’m honest isn’t really me, I’m a silver and white gold kinda gal but I have worn the pearl style earrings and they are beautiful! Darren ♥ disagrees and said they looked tacky! What would he know!

Supershock Mascara
I didn’t think anything could outdo my beloved Max Factor mascara but this Supershock mascara has done it. Just look at that length and separation! I don’t like my lashes to be too clumped together and spider leg looking so this is perfect. There’s none of those flakey mascara bits that tend to fall off the lashes half way through the day so it has good longevity and still doesn’t clump up after applying more on top.

Supershock Gel Liner
This stuff is seriously amazing, it’s a pencil but nothing like I’ve seen before it’s so soft…. like butter! Glides on the eye and has some serious staying power. I have used this along the top of the eye almost like a gel liner with an angled brush, it works wonders. This is the pencil the Pixiwoo girls swear by, I’m so pleased I now have it in my collection.

Moonshine/Starry Night Eyeshadow duo and Supershock Gel Liner
Supershock Duo Eyeshadow Pencil - Moonshine/Starry Night
As you can see from the swatches the colour pay off is really good, again a beautiful texture. I will do a full review and FOTN on Saturday so look out for that then. So far though, just from the swatch, I like it. I would probably use these as a base to eyeshadows to help them stick and make the colour pop. Starry Night has a lovely glittery look to it so it may not need any shadow over it.

I also picked up a double ended shadow brush for £2.50, it has a flat shadow brush applicator on one end and a rubber smudgey brush on the other. I’ve used it everyday since getting it, it’s a beauty of a brush.

Free Gift

A while back I blogged about the Deluxe Chocolate nail varnish by Avon for £3, they didn’t have this one in stock so picked up another but it’s for a giveaway. I’m seriously impressed with their nail varnishes though. Mum bought a foundation from Avon and loves it, so I’ve asked for a sample, I can’t wait for that to come.

In the next Avon catalogue (# 4) they have Supershock Mascara and Gel Pencil for £5!! Go go go! You will not be disappointed!

Thanks for reading my beauties!


  1. Wow that deal is amazing and I love Avon! Defo gonna try order next months €5 deal,
    Shannen Xx

  2. Wow. My mouth is still open about those lashes. Your eye lashes are super long and beautiful after application. I'm actually a big fan of Avon and will certainly look into this mascara.

  3. Awww, that's such a generous free gift! Your eye lashes are amazing, I have total envy!
    Also, did you know I'm running a giveaway for a Clarisonic Mia on my blog? I'd love you to check it out! You can gain up to 10 entries by following, blogging about it and tweeting about it! daisy--meadow.blogspot.com

  4. that mascara should definitely get into my life!!!Thanks hun for the review!amazing!!


  5. Ah jealous! I'm still waiting for my order to arrive!! You're making me want the mascara now

  6. Perfect for you :)) out standing

  7. WOW! your eyelashes look sooo long, have ordered this mascara cant wait for it to come now! Have also ordered the gel eyeliner also. Great blog check out mine if you get the chance xx



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