13 August 2010

Another LUSH Haul

Hey girls, I’m getting addicted to LUSH! Me and lil Sis were wandering through Liverpool Street station on our way through to Boots when that LUSH smell woofted (yes it is a word lol) up my nostrils and pulled us in. Below is what I bought.

Sugar scrubs, I’ve blogged about these before you can read it HERE. I can’t live without these scrubs, they leave my skin feeling so silky smooth and I love the scent. Also great for cellulite! *happy dance*

Floating Island Bath Bomb, after reading Laura’s post over at BIG CITY DREAMS, she convinced me that I needed to try this, so popped this into my basket too. I told Darren ♥ that I had a lovely bath bomb to use for my bath that night, he said I never bought him any bath bombs, so I spilt my Floating Island in half so he could have a go too. He told me I was the “bestest” lol. This bath bomb was so nice, it had a lovely oily texture to it that left my skin really soft

You can't see much in this picture, I was trying to get the bomb fizzing and it was only half a bomb.

Dream Cream, I read various blogs about this miracle cream. Louise over at ***Sprinkle of Glitter*** blogged about it HERE. I love Louise, her blogs are funny and very interesting, hence me buying Dream Cream from her recommendation! Lil Sis suffers with eczema all over her body, she wasn’t convinced about Dream Cream when I told her about it, but a trip to LUSH and 2 sample pots later, she gave it a go. It left her skin feeling soft and if she got into a routine with it, using it every night then I think she would see more results. However she and her partner are night owls, having late nights all the time and she hasn’t quite got the benefits from Dream Cream just yet. I, on the other hand, have got the benefits. My Dad ♥ and my aunt both suffer from Psoriasis, mainly on the elbows and knees. Over the last few months I have noticed itchy patches appearing on my elbows, they’re no where near what my Dad ♥ and aunts are like. I apply Dream Cream every night to these patches and it really works. It calms the skin so it’s not so itchy and the next day it doesn’t affect me at all. I am making an appointment with the Doc to check it out anyway as it could be something I’m eating that is causing it to break out but for now this really is a Dream Cream and will certainly be in my life for good.

Have any of you tried Dream Cream or Floating Island Bath Melt? Let me know your thoughts

Stacey x x


  1. I love Lush and swear by dream cream! I even use it on my face! Floating Island is great! Have you tried the comforter bubble bar? That's my favourite :)

  2. hey Gem, haven't tried Dream Cream on my face as I'm trying to finish a Nivea pot I got, I will give it a go after. I haven't tried the comforter yet no, but I will now! x

  3. ahhh i love lush products i havnt been in there for ages they have so many new goodies :) thank you for you comment on my confidence post stacey :) xx

  4. hey i have just done a post on lush plus have some wiked cute farm pics... I think im falling head over heels for lush too !! xx

  5. Dream Cream kicks ass! thanks to spending 8 hours a day at a computer with my elbows resting on my desk they end up really dry and I find dream cream has them back to normal in no time.


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