11 August 2010

My first KONAD Nail design

This is my first attempt at using my Konad nail plate, which I got from HERE. I don’t think I done too badly at all. I used plate M69 and got this idea from one of my favourite YT guru’s Imogen from FOXY LOCKS EXTENSIONS. You can watch her video HERE.

I used a base coat from Rimmel (not pictured) to prevent staining, then applied 2 coats of Walton Street by Nails Inc. Dabbed a couple of blobs of white Konad nail paint onto the plate then scraped off the excess. Next you get your Konad stamper, mine has 2 ends, 1 for larger nails and 1 for smaller nails. Press the stamper to the plate picking up the image then ‘roll’ (if you watch Imogens video you will see what I mean) the design onto your nail. I had to clean up a little using a cotton bud around my nails then painted with Sally Hansen Hard as Diamonds on top (not pictured).

My Kit

close up of the design I used

The white varnish, stamper, scraper and 1 plate cost me roughly £20. Konad advise using their nail varnish (they would!) and I did buy 1 white polish but I think any polish would work, maybe not the shimmery type. I will let you know as I experiment more.

This looks amazing on Imogen as she has long nails which are all her own, mine are a little stumpy in this picture but I just couldn’t wait to use it. I ordered another plate off Ebay, M21 which has stand alone flowers on which I thought would look nice with some diamantes. Look out for my next Konad design! I’m trying my hardest to grow my nails – just for you my beauts!

plate M21 below

close up of M21, I can't wait to use the paint splatter looking stamp!

Have any of you tried Konad nail paltes? Can you recommend any other plates?

Lots of love Stacey x x x


  1. I really want a konad kit! I have recently stopped biting my nails, they are growing gradually, so this is my incentive! I think I might start with the M69 plate too, I love the animal print!

    Anna x


  2. M69 is a popular plate, M63 is nice too. I find it so hard to grow my nails, they get to a certain length then just break off. Hope you do a post when you get yours, I'd love to see it

    Stacey x

  3. Aaawww, pink zebra. That's kinda cute for hand nails!

  4. hey ur nails look wiked and love that mac eye shadow =) followed u as everythin looks wiked ... im new to this whole bloggin thing - please look at ur my blog tho... its only been on 2 days =( xx


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