26 August 2010

No Naked Palette

Hey girls, sorry for lack of posts, I haven’t bought anything recently as we’re on a saving mission at the minute. We’ve had a couple of big weekends so I said I would tighten the purse strings a bit this month *sad face*.

One thing I was dead certain I was going to get my hands on was the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. I searched for it on the World Wide Web and found that House of Fraser stocked it. I phoned HOF on Oxford Street and asked to be put through to the Urban Decay section, the UD assistant told me they had sold out. So I decided I would order online instead, I’ve also run out of my primer potion. I went through the order process adding the Naked palette to my basket and the primer potion, went to checkout and a message came up saying the Naked palette was out of stock and had been removed from my basket!! I was so annoyed. On the original page it gave me the option to put 10 palettes in my basket if I wanted to but when I went to checkout it said it was out of stock! It should of blooming well said that on the original page instead of getting ones hopes up! HOF have since taken the Naked palette off their website so it doesn’t look like I will be getting my hands on it. I’ve checked Ebay and the palettes are on there for ridiculous amounts of money that quite frankly I just won’t pay. I’m always late on these kind of things, I missed the Benefit offer with Glamour magazine that time too.


Oh and another thing, I wish someone would have a word with the boss, it’s August not blinking December! Where’s the sun?!?! Brrrrrr.

Ok that’s off my chest, normal posts will resume soon, I promise.

Did any of you manage to get your hands on the Naked palette?

Stace x x x


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