2 August 2010

Mini MAC Haul

Hey girlies, this weekend I treated myself to a few goodies from MAC that I needed. First up were some eyelash curlers. I was watching a Pixiwoo YT video and Nic said that eyelash curlers with a round sponge on them were better than the curlers with the square sort. I, of course, had the square curlers, when I looked closely at them I noticed how grubby they were, I have no idea how long I’d had them but the top bar that you squash onto the lashes had cut right through the sponge and weren’t doing anything for my lashes. Had I never seen that YT video I wouldn’t have checked mine and would have had crap curlers forever! Thank goodness for YT and internet connection at work! If only they knew!

Next I crossed one of my eyeshadows off my wishlist and bought Naked Lunch, a really beautiful pink colour with shimmer, it is a frost eyeshadow. Today I wore it in the inner corner as a highlight. I bought a refill pan as I intend to buy a 15 pan holder on my next trip. It really is a lovely shade, the pic however doesn’t pick up the true colour. Look out for an FOTD soon!

I love wearing false lashes when going out, even if it’s just for dinner, I love the way they open your eyes and make them really dramatic. In the pic below, I haven’t glued them on properly, they stayed on using the ‘tack’ from the packet. They are MAC no 7’s. Carly over at Glitterdollz7 uses them a lot on her blog and on her YT channel of the same name. I can’t wait to wear these out at the end of the month. I’m off to the Isle of Wight for a weekend with Darren ♥ visiting my Mumma ♥ and family ♥ so will put them to good use then.

What MAC eyeshadows are a must in your make up kit? I’d love to know some more staple colours to go for.

Have a good Monday ladies ;o)

Stace x x x


  1. The eyelashes looks gorgeous!Great haul!hugs.

  2. The #7 eyelashes are my favourite too and I always get compliments when I wear them - they even look quite natural, that's the good thing. Naked Lunch is a nice colour. I use shroom a lot. And well, I have seven eyeshadow palettes from MAC :-p so I try to rotate them...

  3. Blushinggloves - thank you x

    Cafe Bellini - Shroom is on my wishlist too. You have 7 palettes!!! I'm so jealous! x

  4. wow those lashes look sooo natural! love it!


  5. Great haul!



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