3 January 2011

Babyliss Heated Hair Rollers

I’ve had my Babyliss heated hair rollers for a while now, I think I bought them around March last year and after watching Imogen from Foxylocksextensions on You Tube use hers with such ease I thought it would be a doddle! How wrong I was, I really thought my hair just wasn’t the right ‘type’ of hair for curling. So my rollers stayed on the side in my spare room for well over six months without being used, I never throw anything out as I believe one day they will ‘come in handy’.

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Mum♥ came to stay with me for Christmas and borrowed my heated rollers, Mum♥ told me my rollers looked brand new compared to hers so I watched her work her magic and soon realised there was one vital ingrediant that I was missing! Setting Lotion! Setting Lotion was used back in the day by all the old girls who put their hair in rollers, the non heated kind. It’s not permanant or anything, it just helps the hair to set in the curl. Since Mum♥ left I've used my rollers twice and have noticed that they work better the day after washing. I just spritz a bit of Batiste Dry Shampoo all over and away I go. It does take a bit of practice but hopefully I’ll be a wizz at it like Mum♥ soon.

My heated rollers, it's best to have these set to the maximum heat setting.

Setting lotion, spray bottle, Denman brush and rat tail comb. Also here are the pins for the rollers, we prefer to use these to the hair grips that also come with the rollers because these can leave a mark.

Roll them up and over the top of your head then down the sides

and Voila!

Setting Lotin is quite easy to get hold of in Hackney there’s a fantastic Wig/Weave/Hair products shop with eveything you can imagine in. I also bought a rat tail comb and a small spray bottle. The setting lotion I bought needs diluting with water so it should last me ages! Lastly spritz with a bit of hairspray in short sharp sprays and don't fiddle with it too much.

Here are the results! This was Christmas Day before we went to dinner, me and Mum♥ spent 2 hours getting ready it was bliss!

Have any of you got these heated rollers? Have you tried it with setting lotion?

You can buy the rollers from Argos for £29.99, well worth the money. My setting lotion was £1.79 which is cheap as chips too.


  1. Gorgeous post Honey-Bee. Your hair looks amazing! And for £29.99? That's just too awesome! I best be popping along to Argos soon!

    Thank you! :)

    Love Britt

  2. Hiya Trace,
    Mum here, just need to persevere with the rollers, I mean with putting them in . You get quicker with practise and your hair looks lovely done with the them. You forgot to say about giving each section of hair a quick spray with setting lotion before putting each roller in and then when all rollers are in, a final spray all over and then let them dry and go really cold before taking them out. ooops sorry .....just hi-jacked your blog lol. Anyway, well done , love your blog. Mum x

  3. the end result is really lovely so it looks like they're definitely worth the effort! My hair style is pretty dull cos I always wear it completely straight so I've been considering investing in a set of rollers myself :)

    P.S. I've sent you an email about the Vaseline Lip Therapy giveaway as I need your address for the company to send the goodies. Was hoping you'd send me the details when you get a chance! ♥

  4. Woww you look great!!! Lovely:))

  5. Love your hair! I need a set of good rollers.

  6. I have also awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! You can find this on my recent blog post :) Congrats Honey-Bee!

    Love Britt xxx

  7. @Brittany Love - Thank you hun and thanks for the award, I have another that I need to put up too I'm a bit behind x

    @Mum - Oh yeah, forgot that bit, I'll edit it in now. Thank you, you're like my proof reader, I like it! lol xx

    @All Made Up - Thank you, buy some of the Babyliss ones, they're amazing. Thank you for the lip goodies.

    @Rakhshanda - Thank you x

    @The Girlie Blog - Thank you x

  8. Hi :) I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog. Feel free to check it out if you're interested. Best of luck to you!



  9. NAFF...OFF :O There's no way you're 30..I refuse to believe it! You look my age and i've just turned 23! You're such a stunner! xx


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