11 July 2011

Duty Free Treats = Happy Days!

Afternoon lovers! This is just a quick post to show you what I picked up at Duty Free before I boarded the plane to Turkey.

MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick – I have wanted this for what seems like forever! I finally picked it up and I am loving it. Bit of a sad story though, I wore it once on holiday (I didn’t get a pic though damn it!). I wore it once because on the second day we were there I burnt my lips and for the rest of the holiday used an entire small pot of Vaseline trying to get them better so I could wear it again. I don’t think any lipstick looks nice with chapped lips. Mine were bordering on scabs they were that bad. Sorry for the gross image you now have! Haha!

MAC Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish - This is just gorgeous, I really wantedto add one of these to my collection and the only other one that was there was Gold Deposit but this one really got me. It looks gorgeous as a highlight. I also applied some down the centre of my legs along the shin to add a touch of shine and try to elongate/slim my legs a bit.

Chanel Vitalumiere in shade 20 – I have Pro Lumiere and I’m a massive fan of this foundation however I have heard amazing things about this so picked up a 20 for the summer whilst I’m a little ‘bronzed’. It’s still a tad too light for me at the minute but my tan is fast fading (boo hoo!) I have my Bourjois bronzer to hand though (the chocolate looking one).

MAC 109 Brush – I got this for application of bronzer round the back of the cheekbones and on top of the forehead etc. A great brush and I have used it daily ever since.

MAC Phloof! Eyeshadow – I bought this in the pot as they didn’t have the refill but can’t report on it because I used my Naked Palette whilst out there. It’s a beautiful shade though and I’m excited to try it now I’m back.

Duo Eyelash Glue – Self explanatory.

Below are some swatches and now that I am back and my lips have healed I will do a FOTD post featuring Vegas Volt very soon!

Sorry for poor quality pic, this was taken in the airport before my scampi and chips came! haha

Top Row:- Vitalumiere (left) Soft and Gentle
Bottom Row:- Vegas Volt and Phloof!

Flash off

It’s great to be back and blogging I’ve missed it!

Do any of you have some of the things I picked up? Are you Vitalumiere lovers too?


  1. That lipstick looks such a gorgeous colour! xxx

  2. I love Vegas Volt its such a pretty colour, I wear it all the time.

  3. Iv just been converted to chanel foundations and I think i'm in love :)
    I must pick up that lipstick xx

  4. Phloof looks lovely! I bought my Chanel Vitalumiere in totally the wrong colour at duty free, I got talked into it by the stupid saleswoman, I can only wear it when I have a tan (which is rarely!) :-(

  5. Awww! Sorry about your sun burnt lips. That must have hurt. I love duty frees too. Love Phloof and vegas vault. Do you think phloof is similar to NARS albatross?

  6. After I got Vitalumiere Aqua I never looked back! It works that well with my skin..I hope you'll have the same experience with it too :) Vegas Volts looks fantastic, I've never tried it though..Sorry about your sun burnt lips! xx

  7. Vitalumiere Aqua is fantastic. I have Soft and Gentle but don't reach for it that often

  8. Vegas Volt looks really nice!

  9. @Daisy - It really is too, it looks scary in the tube thingy but it's gorgeous on x

    @Claire - I wish I was brave enough to wear it to work, maybe one day x

    @LAURA*LOVES*MAKEUP - Yeah me too, I have MAC F&B but rarely go to it to be honest, I'm loving my Chanels too x

    @Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger - Phloof is a beauty! I went to the counter to get shade 30 but she persuaded me to get 20, when i think about it though she was probably right. I don't stay tanned for long so 30 would have been wrong shade x

    @Pandora`s Box - They were so sore! I was angry with myself for not picking up a lip protection stick too. I don't own anything by NARS, so can't tell you if it's similar to Albatross, sorry x

    @iliana - I went to Chanel counter in London to get Aqua but I actually preferred the normal one, the SA applied it to my face and fell in love! ;p x

    @The Make-up Fairy - I've heard good things about Aqua it just wasn't for me, I do like the normal Vitalumiere though. I used Soft and Gentle every day on my hols, it's gorgeous x

    @G A B Y - It's gorgeous and I'm pleased its not Limited Edition x

  10. Hi Stacey,i have awarded you over on my blog if you'd like to have look xx

  11. haha thank you! should have seen me in the hairdressers chair :P i thought i was about to cry when I saw the hair on my lap hahaha :')
    your make-up looks lovely!
    could you help on which primer is the best to use please? I use benefit's bad gal now, but i don't really think it's that good! xxxx

  12. @BeautybyPaula - Thank you I will take a look x

    @sophie-leigh - Have you got used to it now? My hair grows so quick I'd probably need to have it done every couple of weeks! Thank you hun. Primer for the eyes? Urban Decay Primer Potion, you don't need alot, it's a massive tube and it lasts me forever! Face primer: I used to use Smashbox Foundation primer, it was ok, I don't use a primer anymore just a good moisturiser. Hope this helps lover! xxx

  13. I've been thinking about getting Soft and Gentle for ages 'cause I've got no MSFs in my collecton.
    Love the idea about applying down the centre of your legs!!


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx