19 July 2011

NOTD – Nails Inc – Sydney Street

Afternoon lovelies! Apologies for being a bit slack with the posts this week, I was away for a family ‘do at the weekend so didn’t have time to take photos/do any make up looks etc. But I am back and ready to rock again. I’m hoping to do a couple of videos too this weekend for my You Tube channel so look out for those!

Darren’s ♥ cousin Chrissy ♥ works in Nails Inc and was kind enough to give me a few polishes, first up is Sydney Street, this is a gorgeous dark purple with a shimmer through it. I wore it the weekend and had a couple of compliments on it.

I’ve looked on the Nails Inc website but can’t find this polish so I think it may have been limited edition. Sorry about that.

Can you believe how long my nails are? See what a bit of sun does to them! If only they would stay like this, since taking this photo at the weekend I have chipped 2 of them! Typical!

Do any of you own this polish? I might buy Lexington Avenue next it looks gorgeous!

Lexington Avenue


  1. Love that colour (:
    The Lexington Avenue colour looks lovely too

  2. Lovely volorsLcolors...they would make great choices for winter.

  3. @sophie-leigh - Yeah I think it's mine next! xx

    @yellowsocks94 - I agree x

    @Nelah - They would although I have been wearing Sydnet Street alot now, love it so much x

  4. i have the OPI dupe of that one and i love it! it's like 3 colors in one, very cute. i think that i will wear it a lot in the winter. :) great blog and great taste! if you get the chance to check out my blog, i have a new nail tutorial up that i think you will LOVE. it's super easy and spunky! :)

    follow me?

  5. I wish the sun would do that to my nails!!
    I've only got a couple of nails inc polishes that I got free with magazines 'cause they're so expensive and you can't them cheaper from abroad like OPI or Essie. But the colour ranges are gorgeous, I loved the Kate and Wills special edition polishes with the crystalized bottles!! xx

  6. Lovely watercolorists...they would make great choices for winter.Love this blog

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