26 July 2011


Afternoon ladies! First up I just want to apologise for hardly posting anything for the last few weeks, since returning from my hols I’ve been snowed under at work and my personal life hasn’t stopped either. We had a big family ‘do last weekend for my Grandads 80th which was on the Isle of Wight. I managed to take a few snaps of my nails but the make up was nothing different to what I had done already. So here’s a little summary of things in my world.

Slimming World – Well I think it’s safe to say I’m not a member anymore, the last time I went was way before my hols, I managed to get to my stone award just before going abroad so I know I can do it. I put on 3 pounds on holiday, which I’m still carrying around with me now. I’ve also lost the urge to exercise and have become very lazy, booking classes at the leisure centre then cancelling them, mainly because I couldn’t be bothered to go. I read Nadia’s post on Weight Watchers, Nadia has done incredible on the diet losing 2 stone since the beginning of the year. I done Weight Watchers 8 years ago and it’s all changed since I done it. Maybe a change might do me good!?!

You Tube – A few weeks ago I recorded a little video for You Tube, it was just a little Hello video to introduce myself etc. Since then I haven’t had a chance to film anything with being so busy. So, on Friday I set myself up in the kitchen with make-up, mirror, camera and hair done nice ready to film, which I did. Halfway through filming my battery ran out on my camera, so I had to wait to film the 2nd part, I dropped my brush twice and I didn’t film an intro I just started applying make up. One half of my face looked like I had gone OTT on the blusher but it was just the shadows in the room. I just wasn’t happy with it so deleted it. Then Saturday afternoon I tried to film a hair video but I think I’ve lost my confidence with it before it’s even begun. Maybe I need a bit more practise.

This next bit is a bit deeeeep!

Amy Winehouse – After my shambolic attempt at filming a hair video on Saturday came the news that Amy Winehouse had passed away. This upset me a lot and I’m not ashamed to admit later on whilst I was watching the news at 10pm ( Darren ♥ was watching Tyson Fury) I did have a little cry. I’ve always been a big fan of Amy and couldn’t wait for her 3rd album to come out. A few years ago I even dressed as her for fancy dress party. (I was a healthy Amy Winehouse, I had curves!) I think we have lost an incredible talent at such a young age. I’m still upset about it and a little angry. It’s such a shame she couldn’t overcome her demons and come back to us fighting fit and reclaiming her place in the charts. (although I have heard Back to Black is No 1 in the album charts) My heart goes out to her family and friends. I do believe she’s in a better place now where drink and drugs can’t hurt her anymore. This morning at work one of my colleagues made a sick joke about her, which I will never repeat. I think jokes about the deceased are a step too far, something I will never find funny.

RIP Amy Jade (Mermaid) Winehouse 14th September 1983 – 23rd July 2011

24th July - Sunday would have been my Dad’s ♥ 60th birthday so me, Darren ♥, Faye ♥ and her fella Mikey ♥ went to the crematorium to see him. We laid flowers at his tree and wished him a happy birthday. The sun was shinning and it was beautiful. I felt like I could have stayed longer, sat on the bench for a bit, had a chat. I lost my Dad ♥ 18 months ago to the big C and I still don’t think its set in, it seems to get harder every year he’s not here, gets harder every time we visit him. RIP Dad – ♥ I Love You ♥

Ok deepness over! I hope to have some time to do some posts this weekend I don’t have a lot planned other than seeing a mate on Saturday morning so from now til then I will get my blogging head back on and think of some posts to do. I have also promised Darren ♥ that I would cut the spending down a bit this month and I’m not enjoying it one bit!


  1. Ah I'm glad your back!!! Hope you had a lovely holiday and I hope you get your confidence back with the videoing - I'm anxiously waiting for the next one!!
    Its just been the anniversary of my dads death too (2 years ago, bloody cancer) and it is starting to get easier, I always picture him plodding around his house which makes me think thats where he is so I dont miss him so much! I hope your pain eases soon!
    Chin up chick
    Sam xx

  2. Heyy great to have you back. Im sorry you seem to have lost your confidence abit with the making of your videos, I bet its very daunting but I loved the first one and cant wait for the next.
    Im sorry to hear about your dad, he shares his bday with my youngest charlie, he was 3 on sunday. I know what its like to lose somebody to cancer, its heartbreaking to say the least. I do believe he will be looking down on you, Although we never forget I hope your pain eases soon. x x x

  3. Kept looking at your blog all last week to see if there was anything new! Haha cant wait for your next video... what's it going to be on? My Grandma does weightwatchers and it has all the new Propoints thing... she doesnt do it right but she will insist shes having her 29 points a day like she should! I know if she did it right she could lose a lot as the diet is quite good. Glad it was a nice day for your Dad... As for Amy Winehouse it was a shock... We all knew she was having real problems and it's such a shame as she had an amazing voice... anyway glad your back...
    If you have chance (even though you said you were busy!) will you stop by my blog...?


    thank you xx

  4. I still can't believe that Amy is dead. Over the last year or two she wasn't in the public eye so much and I was sure that's because she's finally beaten the demons and addictions. Sadly, I was wrong. So upsetting. :( X


  5. hope you had a fab holiday x

  6. i was so upset to hear about Amy. You couldn't have posted a more respectful post about her!!! I'm glad that some people are realizing her talent, instead of just bashing her. Have a lovely holiday!!!

    would love if you visted!

  7. @manths - Hey love! I will try and film a video tonight might try setting myself up in the bathroom, with some different lighting! Thanks hun x

    @Lalalucy1000 - Thanks hun, I'm trying a video again tonight. Ahh the best people are born on 24th July xx

    @Amy - Ahh that's a nice thing to say, the next video will be the make up I was wearing in the first video, I'm trying it again tonight x

    @Mademoiselle Lala - I agree, I wish it was all a dream, I love her voice xx

    @kirstyb - I did thanks hun x

    @Lauren Rose - Thank you Lozza lol xx

    @Bree - Yeah me too, still upset now, hard to think we'll never hear another song by her. I'm not going on holiday, I've just come back ;p x

  8. awesome blog :) x



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