13 July 2011

My first You Tube video!

Afternoon my beauts! I have been thinking about doing a You Tube video for sometime now and finally took the plunge at the weekend. Whilst Darren was watching Top Gear I set myself up in the bathroom, of all places, which at 8pm had the most light in it. I had done a trial run the day before whilst I had the flat to myself but I just laughed at the camera, got a bit sweaty and tongue tied and told myself I'm no Tess Daly! (TV Presenter).

I had words with myself the next day and managed to mumble through 3 mins of video. I had no idea how to edit etc so spent my lunch break Monday and Tuesday trying to figure it out.

Anyway here it is. I realise the quality isn't amazing. I've had my camera for over 3 years now and I'm due an ungrade. Can anyone suggest any good cameras for uploading vids to YT?

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  1. i love this hair tutorial...i'm gonna try it...hi, i'm a blogger and you if wanna we can follow each other....thanks xoxo mininuni

  2. i love this, i watched it once and loved it and the a sec time and did it to my hair , great job, im now following , please follow back Britters89.blogspot.com

  3. Hellooo

    Its really nice to put a personality to the face and to see just how genuine you are! I will now be able to trust your reviews now as I know what your personality is like. I think the camera is just fine! No toruble seeing the makeup that you had on! xx

  4. Hello Stacey!

    Great first vlog - you spoke slowly and had great eye contact. I loved your accent and how you talked about where you went to school and some of your experiences there.

    You and I have similiar skin color - so the colors you were wearing would look great on me too. The only suggestion I have is to include the make up brand and color/shades in your posting for quick reference.

    Did you say 'bed queen'? I totally laughed! Great job on the vlog - keep them coming ;)


  5. You're brave to do a youtube video! Im too scared to even try!!


  6. so cool! love your video, I post a youtube video once but private it >.<
    i was too afraid.

    btw follow you :)
    hope you can follow back


  7. @Mini nuni - It's not a hair tutorial

    @Britney - Thanks

    @Amy - Thank you hun, I'm still thinking of buying a new camera x

    @Hot Pink Cowboy Boots - This was just a hello video so didn't go into detail about my make up, i will on my next video. Thanks x

    @Dolly Daydream - I was too and done 3 trial videos, I felt so stupid talking to the camera but it got easier the more I done it x

    @cominica-ai - Thank you x


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx