25 October 2010

Jermyn Street - Nails Inc

Just a quick post to say I’m loving this nail varnish at the minute. I’ve been neglecting my nails of late so last night cut them all down to the same short length and squared them off at the edges. A few weeks ago I had lovely long nails, I found that the trick to growing my nails is to paint them. That sounds silly but it does work. I’m a terrible picker and often I’ve sat at work and filed my nails for no reason. I have also got into filing them one way rather than sawing at them, it works, if you look at my Bright Pink Post from a few weeks ago they were so long! (for me). It’s hard keeping them in a good healthy state.

Flash on
Flash off
It looks alot darker with the flash off

 Has anyone managed to pick up a pot of Barry M Nail Effects? I managed to get one but it’s to go in my 100 followers giveaway when I get there. Leanne over at Do Not Refreeze posted about it on her blog, it looks good but I don’t have lovely long nails like Leanne. Lucky woman!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday girls.



  1. Hey, I love this colour. I adore browns/more neutral tones, especially for the cooler months. I haven't tried any of the Barry M Nail Effects.

  2. Alright H! I do too, I'm after a nude colour at the minute, might have a look at OPI, they're pretty good. Thanks for following x

  3. Looks gorgeous! I'm loving any sort of brown and nude shades at the min for some reason so this really appeals to me. I find the brushes on the Nails Inc polishes sooo annoying (just cos the lids huge and it makes the brush kinda awkward to use!) but it's well worth it for the quality and fab colours!

    I got the nail effects a while ago but I know they dont have it in my local Boots or Superdrug cos I wanted to get a bottle for my sis - it's her birthday on Thursday :)


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx