25 November 2011

FOTN - MAC Amber Lights and Cranberry

Hello dahhhhhlings! me and Darren ♥ were going round to his parents house for a big Chinese meal last Saturday, we had a couple of hours free. Darren ♥ jumped on his Xbox for a battle with the boys and I got lost in a puff of make up and these gorgeous autumn/fall shades.

I bought Amber lights and Cranberry by MAC a few weeks back so knew exactly what look I was going for.

Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation Shade 20
MAC MSFN medium
MAC MSF Pearl (outer ring for highlight)

MAC e/s Amberlights
MAC e/s Cranberry
MAC e/s Shadowy lady (through the crease)
Stila eye pencil in Onyx
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara in Black

NYX Round Lipstick Thalia
MAC lipgloss Prrr (in the centre of the lips)

I wore this make up to dinner and Darren’s sister ♥ said I had got a bit dolled up for just a Chinese with them! Haha.

I love these colours together they remind me of crunchy autumn leaves that have fallen from trees. I cannot wait to wear this out properly I will film this for my You Tube channel soon too.

Do any of you have these colours too? Don’t be scared to try them, they’re amazing!


  1. Ooo this looks loooovely I'm going to have to try it!x

  2. Your lashes are just gorgeous girl! Your make up is so girly and everytime I see it, it's an inspiration for me. X


  3. Amber lights makes your eyes look amazing! Great minds think alike, did a fotd with cranberry today and took some pictures for a post ;)

  4. The colors are lovely on you. They bring out your beautiful, blue eyes.


  5. Wow, looking totally foxy! You can never overdress for a Chinese in my opinion =) xx

  6. @Lauren Rose - Thank hun, yay give it a go, hopefully you'll do a post xx

    @Mademoiselle Lala - Ahhh Thank you so much, that's a lovely thing to say xx

    @Gaelle - It's a beautiful colour. I will look out for your post hun xx

    @Girlie Blogger - Thank you, they are beautiful colours x

    @flutter and sparkle - Thanks Gem, I felt good, a little overdressed as the rest were in their PJ's! haha xx

  7. Looks absolutely lovely! Even the mascara is fab! I'm the same when it comes to makeup - I'll get all dolled up to walk the dogs round the park but it's mostly cos I'll use any excuse to spend time playing about with my new beauty goodies :)


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx