29 July 2011

FOTD/N - Red Lips Black Liner

Hello gorgeous gals! Here is a quick look I threw on the other night as I realised I hadn’t had a proper go with the lipstick from my swap with the lovely Irene from Blushingloves

MAC Face and Body in C3
Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer
MAC Select Moisture Cover NC30

MAC e/s Phloof
Urban Decay e/s Buck for crease and brows
Clinique Gel Liner - True Black

Maybelline Red lip liner
Korres Orange red lipstick #52

Let me just explain that this black liner business does not come easy to me at all. I have tried it with the Loreal Superliner, MAC Blacktrack and a MAC 210 brush, Benefit Get Bent brush. My Blacktrack has all but dried out so a few months back purchased the Clinque liner in True Black. It’s a slow process but I’m getting there with it, I also used my MAC 266 angled brush and it seems a lot easier. Practice makes perfect eh!

I can’t thank Irene enough for sending me this lipstick I love it! It’s so moisturising, I just need to be brave enough to wear it out the flat! I always worry about my teeth looking stained as I used to be a smoker (if the truth be known I still have the odd cigarette when my friend RosĂ© comes to town!) I don't know enough about the right shade of red, Ive heard there's blue toned reds, orange toned reds but which ones are the best for your teeth? Is there one shade that suits all? Can you help me ladies?

26 July 2011


Afternoon ladies! First up I just want to apologise for hardly posting anything for the last few weeks, since returning from my hols I’ve been snowed under at work and my personal life hasn’t stopped either. We had a big family ‘do last weekend for my Grandads 80th which was on the Isle of Wight. I managed to take a few snaps of my nails but the make up was nothing different to what I had done already. So here’s a little summary of things in my world.

Slimming World – Well I think it’s safe to say I’m not a member anymore, the last time I went was way before my hols, I managed to get to my stone award just before going abroad so I know I can do it. I put on 3 pounds on holiday, which I’m still carrying around with me now. I’ve also lost the urge to exercise and have become very lazy, booking classes at the leisure centre then cancelling them, mainly because I couldn’t be bothered to go. I read Nadia’s post on Weight Watchers, Nadia has done incredible on the diet losing 2 stone since the beginning of the year. I done Weight Watchers 8 years ago and it’s all changed since I done it. Maybe a change might do me good!?!

You Tube – A few weeks ago I recorded a little video for You Tube, it was just a little Hello video to introduce myself etc. Since then I haven’t had a chance to film anything with being so busy. So, on Friday I set myself up in the kitchen with make-up, mirror, camera and hair done nice ready to film, which I did. Halfway through filming my battery ran out on my camera, so I had to wait to film the 2nd part, I dropped my brush twice and I didn’t film an intro I just started applying make up. One half of my face looked like I had gone OTT on the blusher but it was just the shadows in the room. I just wasn’t happy with it so deleted it. Then Saturday afternoon I tried to film a hair video but I think I’ve lost my confidence with it before it’s even begun. Maybe I need a bit more practise.

This next bit is a bit deeeeep!

Amy Winehouse – After my shambolic attempt at filming a hair video on Saturday came the news that Amy Winehouse had passed away. This upset me a lot and I’m not ashamed to admit later on whilst I was watching the news at 10pm ( Darren ♥ was watching Tyson Fury) I did have a little cry. I’ve always been a big fan of Amy and couldn’t wait for her 3rd album to come out. A few years ago I even dressed as her for fancy dress party. (I was a healthy Amy Winehouse, I had curves!) I think we have lost an incredible talent at such a young age. I’m still upset about it and a little angry. It’s such a shame she couldn’t overcome her demons and come back to us fighting fit and reclaiming her place in the charts. (although I have heard Back to Black is No 1 in the album charts) My heart goes out to her family and friends. I do believe she’s in a better place now where drink and drugs can’t hurt her anymore. This morning at work one of my colleagues made a sick joke about her, which I will never repeat. I think jokes about the deceased are a step too far, something I will never find funny.

RIP Amy Jade (Mermaid) Winehouse 14th September 1983 – 23rd July 2011

24th July - Sunday would have been my Dad’s ♥ 60th birthday so me, Darren ♥, Faye ♥ and her fella Mikey ♥ went to the crematorium to see him. We laid flowers at his tree and wished him a happy birthday. The sun was shinning and it was beautiful. I felt like I could have stayed longer, sat on the bench for a bit, had a chat. I lost my Dad ♥ 18 months ago to the big C and I still don’t think its set in, it seems to get harder every year he’s not here, gets harder every time we visit him. RIP Dad – ♥ I Love You ♥

Ok deepness over! I hope to have some time to do some posts this weekend I don’t have a lot planned other than seeing a mate on Saturday morning so from now til then I will get my blogging head back on and think of some posts to do. I have also promised Darren ♥ that I would cut the spending down a bit this month and I’m not enjoying it one bit!

19 July 2011

NOTD – Nails Inc – Sydney Street

Afternoon lovelies! Apologies for being a bit slack with the posts this week, I was away for a family ‘do at the weekend so didn’t have time to take photos/do any make up looks etc. But I am back and ready to rock again. I’m hoping to do a couple of videos too this weekend for my You Tube channel so look out for those!

Darren’s ♥ cousin Chrissy ♥ works in Nails Inc and was kind enough to give me a few polishes, first up is Sydney Street, this is a gorgeous dark purple with a shimmer through it. I wore it the weekend and had a couple of compliments on it.

I’ve looked on the Nails Inc website but can’t find this polish so I think it may have been limited edition. Sorry about that.

Can you believe how long my nails are? See what a bit of sun does to them! If only they would stay like this, since taking this photo at the weekend I have chipped 2 of them! Typical!

Do any of you own this polish? I might buy Lexington Avenue next it looks gorgeous!

Lexington Avenue

13 July 2011

My first You Tube video!

Afternoon my beauts! I have been thinking about doing a You Tube video for sometime now and finally took the plunge at the weekend. Whilst Darren was watching Top Gear I set myself up in the bathroom, of all places, which at 8pm had the most light in it. I had done a trial run the day before whilst I had the flat to myself but I just laughed at the camera, got a bit sweaty and tongue tied and told myself I'm no Tess Daly! (TV Presenter).

I had words with myself the next day and managed to mumble through 3 mins of video. I had no idea how to edit etc so spent my lunch break Monday and Tuesday trying to figure it out.

Anyway here it is. I realise the quality isn't amazing. I've had my camera for over 3 years now and I'm due an ungrade. Can anyone suggest any good cameras for uploading vids to YT?

Comment, rate and subscribe! It would make my day, I would of course sub back :)

12 July 2011

FOTN - Featuring MAC Semi Precious and Fashionflower Collections

Hey girlies, here’s a quick FOTN. I wore this out to Nandos and cinema on Saturday night.

I was trying to catch Pearl in the light, it's such a gorgeous colour

Smashbox Foundation Primer
Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer
MAC MSF Semi Precious Pearl (I am in love with this)
MAC MSF Soft and Gentle to highlight above cheekbones

UD Primer Potion
Sin from UD Naked Palette
Hustle from UD Naked Palette
Matte black from Sleek palette

MAC Ever Hip lipstick

We went to see Bridesmaids at the Odeon at Greenwich it was a funny film, defo a chick flick though. I swear I caught Darren ♥ taking a nap!

11 July 2011

Duty Free Treats = Happy Days!

Afternoon lovers! This is just a quick post to show you what I picked up at Duty Free before I boarded the plane to Turkey.

MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick – I have wanted this for what seems like forever! I finally picked it up and I am loving it. Bit of a sad story though, I wore it once on holiday (I didn’t get a pic though damn it!). I wore it once because on the second day we were there I burnt my lips and for the rest of the holiday used an entire small pot of Vaseline trying to get them better so I could wear it again. I don’t think any lipstick looks nice with chapped lips. Mine were bordering on scabs they were that bad. Sorry for the gross image you now have! Haha!

MAC Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish - This is just gorgeous, I really wantedto add one of these to my collection and the only other one that was there was Gold Deposit but this one really got me. It looks gorgeous as a highlight. I also applied some down the centre of my legs along the shin to add a touch of shine and try to elongate/slim my legs a bit.

Chanel Vitalumiere in shade 20 – I have Pro Lumiere and I’m a massive fan of this foundation however I have heard amazing things about this so picked up a 20 for the summer whilst I’m a little ‘bronzed’. It’s still a tad too light for me at the minute but my tan is fast fading (boo hoo!) I have my Bourjois bronzer to hand though (the chocolate looking one).

MAC 109 Brush – I got this for application of bronzer round the back of the cheekbones and on top of the forehead etc. A great brush and I have used it daily ever since.

MAC Phloof! Eyeshadow – I bought this in the pot as they didn’t have the refill but can’t report on it because I used my Naked Palette whilst out there. It’s a beautiful shade though and I’m excited to try it now I’m back.

Duo Eyelash Glue – Self explanatory.

Below are some swatches and now that I am back and my lips have healed I will do a FOTD post featuring Vegas Volt very soon!

Sorry for poor quality pic, this was taken in the airport before my scampi and chips came! haha

Top Row:- Vitalumiere (left) Soft and Gentle
Bottom Row:- Vegas Volt and Phloof!

Flash off

It’s great to be back and blogging I’ve missed it!

Do any of you have some of the things I picked up? Are you Vitalumiere lovers too?

9 July 2011

Turkey Holiday 2011 - PIC HEAVY

Hello lovelies! First I just want to apologise for my lack of posts since I've been back from my hols, I had some scheduled to go on in the second week I was away but I must have done it wrong as they never when on!

I've got a few posts ready to go on for this week coming so look out for those. Here are a few pictures from my hols, we had a fab time. It was so hot out there and since coming back the air con in work has given me a sore throat! It's horrible being back at work but nice being back in some kind of routine. My sun lounger was very comfy though!

Duty Free! Post to come

My eyes turned a darker blue ad my lashes grew too!

I love brown feet, my polish and shoes really go together

Poolside, we were at this spot for 2 weeks straight, loved it

Sunset at Bodrum Harbour

Daytrip to Ephesus, this place is amazing if you like history that is

Speedboat trip to Aquarium Harbour, we didn't see one fish though :o(

Ground floor room we had a load of wildlife out there, this little fella came and said hello.

Family of cats that used to sleep on our patio table and chairs

I found this crawling over my flip flops!!!

We tried setting the camera up then running into position, we didn't quite make it!

Me at Ephesus! Check out my hat! haha, it was 5 degrees hotter there than at our hotel, at our hotel it was 34+ most days.

Love this picture, we both look happy and healthy. We were out clubbing with some of Darrens mates that had also gone to Bodrum.

That's it for my little holiday pics, I took over 300 in total so won't upload them all. I am back in full swing of things now and can't wait to do some looks

Did you miss me?