7 April 2011

Cute Money Pot

Hey girls, just a quick post before I finish work, how cute is this money pot? I bought it from Clinton Cards for £10, I think it has a certain Cath Kidston look about it, it's one of those pots that you have to smash to get in to. I really don't want to smash it!

Our dream = House, Kids and Puppy

Close up of the design, it's gorgeous!

Darren ♥ and I are on our third one of these. Hoorahh for saving!

Have a lovely weekend girlies, I'm away for the weekend so won't be blogging/commenting after tonight fingers crossed the weather is nice for us

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  1. Have a lovely weekend away fingers crossed weather is good for you
    Stacie xoxox

  2. I have one of these! I love it, they're so good for saving cos you can't take any money out if you're tempted lol xx

  3. @Stacie - Thanks hun, I think it could be ya know! x

    @Glimmer and Glow - They're good aren't they, I just don't want to break it! x

    @Dresses.Shoes.Lipstick.Love - Thanks


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