30 April 2011

Max Factor Freebie with a quick EOTD

Hey girlies, sorry for my lack of posts, I am on my hols right now so having a little break from blogging everyday. Darren ♥ and I popped into our local town on Thursday mainly because we wanted to pick up a couple of films and I wanted to have a quick look around Boots and Superdrug. I saw nothing in Boots that I wanted, I was after a new Max Factor Mascara and they had sold out. They had a deal on ‘3 for 2’ across all make up brands. I went into Superdrug and Max Factor had a deal on buy certain MF products and get their Smoky Eye Effect eyeshadow worth £7.99 absolutely free.

Swatched on their own they remind me of All that Glitters and Twinks by MAC so I carried out a little EOTD using my new MF product and the MAC eyeshadows All that Glitters and Twinks. I really liked the results, I think this product from MF would be really good as a base for eyeshadows however on it’s own it’s a little here nor there. I applied them straight from the tube itself but found it needed blending, so i used a MAC 217. Then I applied All that Glitters ontop of the palest colour and Twinks ontop of the darkest colour, after I had done this I really liked the outcome.

I picked up the nudey looking shade, it was called Bronze Haze. I picked this colour mainly because the blue, green and purple shades didn’t really appeal to me. When I got this product home I realised I had more than enough eyeshadow in the exact same colour. I really need to step outside my comfort zone and try different colours.

Click on image to enlarge

Have any of you managed to pick one of these up? What do you think of them?


  1. Holy crap your bottom lashes are looongg!! So pretty! What mascara do you use??? Haven't tried any of these MAC shadows but they look very pretty :) Thanks for the look!

  2. Your eyes look gorgeous, I think the colours are very pretty, thank you for the review on the product, I was eyeing it up for a while. xx

  3. @Sophie's Law - Thanks hun, I use Max Factor False Lash Effect x

    @Hannah Michelle - Thank you, it's a good product just needs a bit of work blending it in x

    @Denise Hady - Thank you x

  4. Jeez Louise what lurvly long eyelashes you have- jealous!! xx

  5. Your eyelashes look gorgeous.
    I'm exactly the same as you, always buying the same colours!

  6. @Sprinkleofglitter - Thank you Lou! x

    @Katey - Thanks hun, yeah I need to buy some other colours and experiment x

  7. Looks lovely - your lashes are huge!!

  8. you have the most amazing eye colour and your lashes are so long! xx

  9. Oh my, you have such beautiful eyes <3 And those lashes *.*


  10. @Orla Lorenza - Thank you x

    @Summer - Thank you hun x


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx