11 April 2011

Monday Summary – A big Helloooo to my new followers

Hey girls, I’m back from my mini break with a summary for ya’ll! I’ve been reading up on all your blogs this morning, beats working anyday! I’ve noticed whilst I was away I’ve picked up some lovely new followers.
♥ Welcome to The HQ of Beauty ♥

1 Slimming World – I put on half a pound at Slimming World on Thursday which I thought wasn’t that bad considering I hadn’t really done the diet properly for 2 weeks. It could have been a lot worse. I’ve probably done more damage in this weekend than I did in them 2 weeks. I’m still thinking about having a little diet break, maybe til after my birthday at the end of April then come back to it with a fresh head and possibly a few pounds heavier! Mmmmm, having a break could be dangerous too! Oh what to do!. Maybe Weight Watchers is calling me back? I think I just need to get my head round it again because I know Slimming World works. I’ve been going since November last year and still haven’t got to my 1 stone award. It’s like throwing money down the drain!

2 Isle of Wight – Darren ♥ and I went away for the weekend on Friday afternoon and had a lovely few days on the Isle of Wight, if you’ve been following my blog from the beginning then you will remember that I was brought up down there and most of my friends and family still live there. We couldn’t have picked a better weekend weather wise it was beautiful. On the Friday we met my Mum ♥ at our favourite curry house in Shanklin for a lovely meal. Saturday I went out with some of my oldest friends and had such a laugh. I was suffering a bit yesterday but it was so worth it. Sunday was spent down the beach with my brother and nephews, then Darren ♥, Mum ♥ and me went for a lovely roast dinner before we had to get the ferry home.

3 The fringe – I still hate it, in every picture taken on Saturday night it doesn’t look right and I just can’t wait to grow it back out. What was I thinking!

4 Nails – A few weeks back at the Vitality Show we got goodie bags with a load of stuff in, in one of these bags I got a Sally Hansen Miracle grow nail polish which can be used as a basecoat or just on it’s own. This stuff really is miracle stuff my nails are healthy, strong and aren’t breaking/chipping etc as much as they used to. I’m really getting into nail art too!

5 Fake Tan – yesterday and Saturday saw the unveiling of my white/blue/chicken skin legs and I have to say they nearly put me off me fish and chips! I've kept them covered since October last year. Now it’s getting warmer I think it’s time to start looking after them a bit more. I managed to paint my toe nails before we left, so at least that was done. Lookout for a post soon about my epic fail at fake tanning with Xen-Tan! That’ll make you laugh!

Image from Google Images
I really don't want to end up like this!

Have a good week girlies.


  1. Glad you had a nice break hun. I know what you mean about a fringe, i have one for a while, love it then hate it and have to regrow it out then about 2 years later i want one again ha x

  2. @nicoletta - Hey hun, yeah I'm feeling like that now, I'm definately growing it back out, maybe have it back again in a few years x


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