4 April 2011

Monday Summary - This fringe has to go!

Hey girls, I missed my Monday Summary post last week due to the fact I was the busiest person in London with an audit at work, except my hard work was for nothing, the auditor didn’t even sit with me and go through my work! I was so annoyed, I missed vital blog posting for nothing! Anyway I’m back now!

1 Slimming World – Boring! I’ve really lost my way with it now, I got so close to my stone award too! Last Thursday I phoned and asked for a holiday week then the week before our consultant didn’t turn up so we couldn’t get weighed. This is what happens with me every time I start a new diet, I lose a bit to begin with then I just get bored. The weekends are my worst areas, Monday to Thursday I stick to the plan, give or take the odd chocolate but from Friday night it’s like I’m on a mission to eat crap for 3 days. I’m thinking more and more about joining Weight Watchers too. I done WW 8 years ago and lost 13 pounds (at the time I only had a stone to lose). I loved it, they have changed the points system too, I’m tempted to give it a go, it might give me the push I need. What do you think? Nic over at Miss War Paint has done amazing on WW and Gem from gemsmaquillage.

2 The Vitality Show – I went to this with Faye ♥, Emma ♥, Laura ♥ and Emma’s friend Helen. I was a little bit disappointed this year that a couple of my fav exhibitors from the previous year weren’t there. Nails Inc and Crown brushes, I was gutted about Crown not being there, I was after some new cheap brushes. We had a lovely day, picked up some great freebies and then went to TGI’s at Piccadilly for dinner. This was the night of the riots in London, we had a riot going on right outside the restaurant, they set fire to wood and plastic right outside the door. I didn’t really enjoy my food because of it, the rioters had face masks on like Patrick Swayze in Pointbreak. By the time our meal finished they had moved on.

3 I made a big mistake of getting a fringe cut in and now I hate it, it’s been about 3 years since I had one and back then I really liked it. Maybe this will just take some getting used to but, it’s completely changed the shape of my face and on Saturday night they all said it suited me but I looked different. Which I suppose was what I wanted but I’m not happy with this one. Although one of my colleagues today said it makes me look younger! "Back of the net!" Lol

I don't think I'm a fringe person *sad face*

4 Floating Lotus Canary Wharf – On Saturday night Darren ♥ and I went for a Chinese meal with his Sister ♥ and her new fella. It was delish! Have any of you been to the Floating Lotus? Or Lotus Floating as the website says, it doesn’t sound right. The service was super quick and we had a really nice meal.

5 Nail designs, I’ve been admiring nail art blogs this past week and found some good ones. I bought a white nail art pen from Claire’s and had a go myself. I didn’t do bad for a first go, post will be up tomorrow.

That’s it this week for the summary, not much going on with me at the minute to be honest, hope you have a good week my beauts!


  1. I think your fringe suits you, but then I adore fringes of all kinds... I may be biased! x

  2. Oh wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates fringe! I got one some times ago but it didn't last more than 2 days LOL! I absolutely can't stand it, it's so annoying and it makes my forehead sweaty and itchy, it always gets oily... ARGH! But I don't think it looks bad on you! It's just so high maintenance x_x

  3. I like the fringe! It suits your face x

  4. Don't give up on SW yet. There's always a boring plateau before you get back on track. Just take one day at a time, stay the course, and you'll get there. You're so close!

    Fringe ... I'd say the "younger" look may be because where your hair is falling draws attention to your great eyes and brows. It is also making the roundness of your cheekbones more prominent, which may be what is bothering you.

    It depends on what kind of look you want to go for ...

  5. you're gorgeous either way, but whatever makes you happy! i know that sometimes i just get bored with my hair!

    love your blog, following you now :)


  6. @Ruthy - Thank you hun, maybe I was a little hasty at saying I didn't like it, I'm getting used to it now! Love yours though x

    @G A B Y - Thanks hun, it is high maitenance! Thank god for dry shampoo though! x

    @Gaelle - Thank you x

    @Melissa Hill, Stone-Bridge.co.uk - Thank you, I'm thinking of having a little break for a couple of weeks after this weigh in, just to clear my head a bit and have a break from thinking about food. Thank you, I don't mind prominent cheekbones, the rounder the better! lol x

    @Ashley Borysewich - Thank you darl, back atcha! I will follow you back too sweets x

  7. Aw thanks for giving me a little mention sweety! I know exactly how you're feeling with your SW! I have weeks where I can't be bothered either. Try to think back to why you joined in the first place. It's really sad but I imagine myself wearing all the clothes I love and feeling amazing. You can force yourself to get that motivation back.

    I have never tried SW so I can't comment on it but I can say that WW with the new points is the most flexible diet you'll every go on! It's really health orientated but you can have loads of treats!

    Whatever you choose hun don't guilt trip yourself about food and how you've gone wrong in the past. We're all human and foods not that important! I've found the hard way that guilt is the most unhealthy emotion when it comes to food!

    Lots luck xxxx


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