25 April 2011

Monday Summary and Easter Giveaway Winner!

Hey girlies, Happy Easter to you all! I’m back once again with a Monday Summary.

1. Slimming World – I spoke to my Consultant on Thursday last week and asked for 4 weeks holiday, just to have a break from it and go back full of beans again and hopefully not have put on too much weight! I really don’t want to give up altogether so thought having a break would be a good idea.

2. My Birthday – This year it fell on Easter Sunday, so Darren ♥ and I went out on Saturday afternoon to meet some friends at the pub, we left about 3.30pm and thought we would be back by about 8pm. 10.30pm we fell through the door straight into bed and stayed there til about 11am the next morning. We both felt a bit rough for my birthday but knew we didn’t have much planned. In the evening we popped round his Mum and Dad’s and had a fat Chinese. It was so nice.

3. Holiday – Darren ♥ and I both finished work on Thursday for 11 days and really thought about going on holiday for a week whilst we were off but decided against it due to the weather being so nice now and the price of it!

4 Giveaway winner Lucy from Beauty and the Blogger won my Easter giveaway so Congratulations to her I have sent you an email and will send your prizes out within the next few days.

5 Coldsore – This morning I woke up to a split lip and thought nothing of it but during the course of today it started to get sore and had a bump like effect to it. I drove to Tesco with 10 minutes to spare before closing to have it confirmed that it was the start of a coldsore! I am gutted, this is only my second one ever and had to get it on my week off. I had a couple of FOTD/Ns to do but can’t with this thing on my face. Hopefully it will clear up by the end of the week and I might be able to do a look.

That’s it for my summary this week, I have a few posts already planned out for this week so lookout for them. I hope you have a lovely week my beauts and enjoy the Royal Wedding if you watch it on TV. I know I will be watching.

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