18 May 2011

Beauty Marked eye shadow by MAC

Afternoon girlies! Last week I blogged about my latest eye shadow Beauty Marked by MAC. I had seen it being used a load of times on You Tube and had been eyeing it up to add to my purple collection. I didn’t really know that much about it except it looked like a beautiful purple on the website.

You can just make out the purple sparkle in this picture

Beauty Marked damp on left, dry finger on right, see what I mean about the colour?

I had a comment on the post from someone called Delyteful Speaks who said that Beauty Marked should be used wet. I’m glad I read this before having a go with it because as you can see from the swatches it looks like a bit of a ‘meh’ colour without a damp brush.

I used my small shader brush by QVS that I got from Superdrug ran it under the tap then tapped it on the e/s, it did pick up a lot more colour. I applied the shadow to my eyelids then blended out to the side slightly then using my MAC 266 brush bought this under the eyes. I used Onyx by Stila black pencil inside the waterline, applied some Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara. To highlight under my brow bone I used Vapour by MAC. I also filled in my eyebrow a bit with the two matte browns from the Sleek Storm palette.

On the MAC website this is described as ‘A deep blackened red with a sparkle/twilight effect (Velvet)’ I absolutely love the colour payoff of Beauty Marked, it’s easy to blend with no fallout. Had I not of read/seen the comment about wetting it I would be none the wiser so thank you for that. I will definitely be wearing this out in a couple of weeks for a birthday do we’ve got coming up.

A while back I tried to do this kind of look with just plain black eye shadow, Darren ♥ told me I looked like a goth and said if I was going to wear it to the pub could I walk in 10 mins after him!! Charming!

I think after using this I will be purchasing Fix+ by MAC, sod walking to the bathroom every time, I’ve heard it’s pretty good too

Do any of you own Beauty Marked or Fix+? Any more tips and tricks for me?

Cheers dolls!


  1. I'm usually scared of using such dark colours, because I usually smudge and look like a panda after a while. But this looks amazing on you and the difference between wet and dry is dramatic! (It's also what I should be doing with my Bourjois eye shadows!) X


  2. Looks lovely! Yeah when I first used this I didn't get much colour payoff so maybe this is why! Great tip :) xx

  3. This is beautiful! really suits you :)

  4. I love this colour! I use it wet as an eyeliner.

    I have a giveaway on my blog. I would love it if you could please check it out. Link to giveaway here!


  5. I love these pics Trace.........love the rollers too lol. Mum x

  6. Oh my, such drastic difference btwn wet & dry! Neat!


  7. I love this colour it's perfect for a smokey eye because it's lovely and dramatic but not tooo dark - I always find grey/black looks too extreme on me :) I'll have to try this out!

    Great blog - following you now


  8. @Mademoiselle Lala - Thanks hun, yeah there is a real difference x

    @Lauren Rose - Have a good there's such a difference xx

    @The Make Up Fairy - Thank you x

    @Jaci Walker - Nice, thanks x

    @Mumma - Thanks, love me velcro rollers x

    @Kathryn - Isn't it just! Defo need Fix+ x

    @fashionismyh20 - Yeah do, you'll love it x

  9. I have Beauty Marked and am gonna have to try it wet - it looks amazing!

  10. I want this eyeshadow for so long. I know it looks great with blue and green eyes, mine are brown but.. I want it anyways LOL.
    You've got beautiful eyes girl!!


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