23 May 2011


Alright Scwheethearts! First up a big "HIYA" to all my new followers, I will be checking your blogs out over the next few days and follow back. I haven’t done one of these posts for a while now, I think I chose the wrong day to start them really. Mondays are always a bit hectic at work after the weekend and I find I don’t have enough hours in the day to do the post.

1 Slimming World – Last week I went back to Slimming World after having a break for 4 weeks, and I some how managed to lose a pound?!! How? I have no idea; I’ve enjoyed chocolate, KFC and a number of Darren’s ♥ amazing roasts on my month’s holiday. I did carry on with my exercise however so maybe that helped with keeping the lbs off? Anyway “it’s the final countdown, der der der derrrrrr der der der der der”, countdown to my holiday in 4 weeks. Darren ♥ and I booked to go to Bodrum in Turkey for 2 weeks. To get it at it’s cheapest the flight times are disgusting but we’re adults and can handle this kind of thing. So I am really putting my all into Slimming World for the next 4 weeks to see if I can make it into the previous stone. I am currently just hovering above it! Our holiday is all inclusive too so no doubt I will come back with a few extra pounds on. I can’t wait to be lying on that beach star fished with just a strip of material covering my lady garden! Wahooo bring on the brown/stripy/crabstick tan.

This is a picture of my food optimising Full English Breakfast on Sunday morning; this whole meal is 4 syns. 1.5 for each half fat sausage and 1 syn for my brown sauce (just seen in picture). Everything else on my plate is ‘free’, not bad huh. I used Milk for my scram eggs for my 'a' choice and 2 slices of 400g bread for my 'b' choice. I did have a “Phat” roast last night though and couldn’t resist roast spuds and parsnips. #can'tsticktothediet

2. You Tube – The more I watch it the more I want to be involved in it. Something’s are holding me back though. A part of me thinks I’m too old to make videos, there are a lot of younger people out there doing amazing vids and a part of me thinks I’ve left it too late to start and should maybe stick to the blogging. I also know zilch about editing movies, but I’m a fast learner. Do you think there is an age limit on this kind of thing? I also worry that because I’m not a professional people might think I don’t know anything about make up. Hurtful comments don’t really do anything to me to be honest, I think if you don’t like something stop watching, there’s no need for bitchiness.

3. Still loving make up – My collection has grown out of control but I seriously don’t buy anything unless I’m going to use it. Make up can be quite an expensive habit and buying things just because everyone else has it isn’t my bag. I literally use everything I buy but it’s still not enough, I want more ……..MORE!!

4. Primarni – Primark has never been one of my favourite shops mainly because I hate how busy it gets in there (Oxford Street I’m talking about you) but recently I went into my local Primark and bought some lovely shoes and a hair piece thing (post to come) and I am loving them! A while back me, Emma ♥ and the mother in law ♥ went to Lakeside shopping and I had one of the nicest experiences of a Primark yet. I wanted everything on the shelves! I will definitely be heading back over that way in the future. I want some dresses and vests for my holiday.

5. Make up Course – I’m currently enrolled in the Photographic and Catwalk course at the Morley College in North Lambeth which is on a Tuesday night with the lovely Karen Beadle. I’m really enjoying the course and Karen is a fantastic tutor. Please check out her website. The course is on for 4 weeks tomorrow is our last week, the course is £60 and I’ve really enjoyed it. You can find out more information HERE. Doing this course has just made me want to do a proper course more and more. One day…….one day!

Have a good week girlies.

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  1. Oooh congrats on the - 1lb sometimes weight is mad and comes of when you really ddont know how ha-ha. That fry up looks gorge too! And I bet you cannot waaait to get away and sunbathe!

    Primark drives me maaaaad ha-ha I always want to kill someone (I'm so not tolerant lol) but it's worth it for the bargains sometimes!


  2. I actually bought today boots from Primark reduced from £15 to £5!!! YEAH! Some pieces of jewelery are also nice. I have Primark next to my gym, so it's easy to shop... ;) X


  3. Congrats on losing 1lb and not even trying, how good is that. I dont think theres an age for youtube, im personally put off by ppl on there who are TOO young. I toyed with the idea of making videos myself, but like you I havnt a clue about editing, or anything like that and I know ppl are super critical with there comments at times. So im sticking to the safety of blogging atm haha, but id say for you to go for it and maybe ill be brave enough 1 day too :) :)
    x x x

  4. When I went on my all inclusive holiday I thought I'd put on so much weight but I actually lost some!

    I think its because despite the obscene amount of fruity coctails I drank, most of the food was meat, salad and potatos. They dont really serve too much crap. And the little swim up to the bar counts as exercise right? xx

  5. you should do you tube vidoes why not i am sure you would be great,i do like primark but at times it came be a bit hit and miss..i am on a diet but that photo of breakfast you posted is making me want it,amd i think exercise does help when losing weight i find it helps :)

  6. I <3 Primark (Most of the time. i got chucked out once because I had a starbucks frappicino in my hand, its not even like I was drinking it!) Everythings so cheap and I can't resist a bargain!
    Congrats on the losing the lb too!

  7. @fashionismyh20 - Thank you hun, I'm craving chocolate today! Can't wait to get away x

    @Mademoiselle Lala - £5!! What a bargain, I love it in there now! x

    lalalucy1000 - Thank you hun, I am thinking about it still, I don't watch people that are too young x

    @Manda - Well last year I lost a pound but the year before I put on over half a stone so I am a little worried, I'm not good at eating salad on my hols! x

    @Barbie-dolly - Thank you, look out for me! Yeah exercise is key for me, I went for a swim on Friday night after work, that's dedication! x

    @Aimee - Thank you hun! I love a bargain too, everything is so cheap! x

  8. Ok my question on your next post was totally just answered - should have read this first.
    30 is young! I don't think there's an age limit for YouTube..when I look at my stats I get a range of ages watching, from teens to 50's. And some of the best YT beauties are around the same age as you..do it, do it :) hehe xx

  9. Go for it on the you tube front. I actually think there is a gap for more mature yet stylish ladies giving make up and styling advice. I'm 26 in August and have just started making vids and blogging(knowing bupkis about editing). There's as much in it for you as there is for others. Yes there are 18 year olds that I'm well jealous of as they seem to have it so together for their age, but I think the likes of you and I have a different mindset and come from a different angle, beneficial for those of us that work full time and have other commitments but are still into all the beauty jazz. I look forward to seeing some vids!


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx