16 May 2011

Illamasqua Night-Time Diva Course

Hey girlies, on Friday night I went to my Night-Time Diva course at Illamasqua that my sister ♥ bought me for my birthday. I didn’t own anything by Illamasqua neither had I used any of their products before so to say I was excited was an understatement!

Illamasqua is situated at the bottom of Carnaby Street in London on Beak Street. The course started at 7pm with me getting there about 10 minutes early to have a look around the store. Never have I seen such bright coloured eye shadows before.

I was greeted by Claire who would be taking the class and told me to pop round the corner where some other girls were waiting. I was handed a glass of Champagne then settled into my seat. First up there was a demonstration done by Claire on Emily another lovely lady from the store.

She introduced us to the Skin Sketching pencils showing us how to perfect a smokey eye using just 3 pencils in the colours Vow (nude apricot) Hex (soft biscuit nude) and Interrogate (warm biscuit brown). Claire next showed us how to create the perfect cat eye flick using their Sealing Gel and Eye liner cake. Next it was our turn, Claire and Emily were on hand to help us with our looks and top up our champers!

Here is my look, first up I used Satin Primer and Light Liquid Foundation in Shade 210. We used the same pencils that Claire started off with Vow, Hex and Interrogate but mixed up our eye shadows a bit with Claire choosing which shades she thought would suit us. For me she chose Forgiveness (rich chocolate plum) and Fatal (deep royal purple) both were matte finish and an incredibly soft texture to blend using an Illamasqua blending brush. After creating a base with the pencils I applied Forgiveness in the outer corner with Fatal just inside it then blended out. Next up we had to apply our eye liner which isn’t my favourite bit, I’m still trying to perfect it on myself but find my hooded eyes to be quite tricky. Claire helped me though and we got there in the end even if it was a little wonky (see pic). We used the Sealing Gel with the Eyeliner Cake which was fun, this sealing gel was quite interesting, the girls said it can be used with any powder shadow to create, say a bright blue eye liner flick if you wanted you just had to remove the gel with a bit of tape or maybe just do it in the corner of the shadow. Next we moved onto brows using Incubus (deep charcoal grey) and an angled brush. To highlight under my brow and make it more defined we used the pencil in Vow. For cheeks we used a powder blush in the shade Hussy (described as a bright candy pink), we also contoured using Hollow (cream pigment from Toxic Nature collection). For lips I went for a shade called Corrupt (warm bright pink).
With this course we were allowed one complimentary gift, either a lipstick, lip pencil or a lip gloss. I couldn’t decide on a pencil or lipstick so went with Torture which is a sheer peach lip gloss from the Toxic Nature collection. We also got 25% off anything we bought instore, I decided to go for one of the sketching pencils in the shade Vow and that was it. I was very happy with both products though and was rocking the lip gloss on the Tesco big shop yesterday!

Check the Illamasqua website for the courses HERE. My course was £50 for a 2 hour course (with gift and 25% off) but my sister ♥ got it for £37.50 from Metro paper back in January.

Have a look at the Illamasqua website HERE. I had such a fab night and now wish I took more pictures of inside the ‘studio’ and the products that were in front of me after I had finished. Ahh well….. there’s always next time. I’m quite interested in the Drag Star Superhero course too, another 2 hour course on a Friday night.

Watch this space, I may well turn into a Queen of the Night for my next Illamasqua post!

Do any of you have any Illamasqua products? What’s your fav product?


  1. Your eyes look lovely! I love Illamasqua, sounds like such a great course :) My favourite are the cream blushes xx

  2. Oh how I would LOVE to learn to make such perfect cat-eyes. Sadly me and liquid eyeliner equals disaster, no matter how many youtube tutorials I watch... Sniff, sniff. X


  3. The course sounds brilliant, and you look gorgeous :) I've never tryed anything from Illamasqua before, but I ordered one of their cream blushes last week, I can't wait to try it! xxx

  4. @Lauren Rose - Thanks hun, I am in love with their products and do want more but they're a real treat becuase they're expensive x

    @Mademoiselle Lala - Me too, I'm getting better at the liquid eyeliner, I can do it on others just not myself. Boooo x

    @Glimmer and Glow - Thank you Rach, I hadn't tried anything either but I loved using all of it, it's not for the faint hearted though the colour payoff is immense! Look forward to your review on the cream blush! xx

  5. Ooh this sounds wicked!! I know the Illamasqua store off Carnaby Street - walk past it often, but never gone in.
    Have you done many courses?


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx