26 May 2011

Primark Mini Haul

Hey gorgeous! Darren ♥ and I went to Primark at the weekend because I wanted some new shoes for work. Darren ♥ walked straight back out saying “F*ck that” LOL! He hates it in there.

Anyway I picked up these gems! I loved both colours so decided I needed both for the summer, probably not for work but I really couldn’t find anything suitable. I wasn’t planning on picking anything else up but couldn’t resist this cute head band. I thought it would look nice with wavy curls for a festival chick sort of look. A post for sometime in the future methinks and also a Babyliss Curling wand will need to be bought!

Black and Orange bead shoes - £8
Tan and Turquoise bead shoes - £8
Flower power headband - £1.50

I love finding the odd piece in Primark, I can’t say it’s ever a joy to shop in there and I think it’s the same across all Primarks? Am I right? Once Darren ♥ and I stepped 2 feet instead
Oxford Street
store looked at each other and walked out, it was manic. Screaming kids, girls fighting over £2 vests and £1 sunglasses. Couples having arguments *shudder* not my idea of a nice relaxing shop!

Darren ♥ bought me InStyle magazine with the free orange Nails Inc polish in, I think it would go lovely with my new black and orange shoes!

You likey my cute buys?  Do any of you own a Curling Wand? Are they any good?


  1. Oooh those shoes are both gorge! Might have to brave Primark for a look at those usually I have a complete Darren reaction to that place lol!
    Lovely nailvarnish too! It'd look gorge with black deffo :) and cream :)


  2. I love my curling / conical wand! It is so good. Much easier than curling with GHDs, quicker and lasts longer.

    I took a pic of my hair done with my Mark Hill wand on Monday:http://tubbyleopard.blogspot.com/2011/05/19-monday-loving.html


  3. Fab buys -I really want a flower headband!! I can't shop in Primark though, it drives me crazy in there. :P x

  4. @fashionismyh2o - Thanks hun they are fab aren't they. Darren is just so blunt with place like that x

    @Manda - Thanks hun, I saw your pic it looks really cute x

    @Kate Louise - I know that feeling, go early in the morning it won't be so busy! x

  5. wow i really love your sandals and the headband,so kawaii(cute)...yea primark is always packed like sardines,but the primark here dont have the sandals n the headband u bought,im so sad....o(╥﹏╥)o

  6. @jasminblog4ever - Thank you, I do love them, aahh shame they don't sell them where you are x

  7. There are some amazing treasures in Primark, you just need to dig deep! I also wanted to buy InStyle with this shade of nail polish, but opted for Barry M today. ;) X

    P.S. Don’t forget about my giveaway!


  8. i love the sunflowers. i got the nails inc polish too from the instyle magazine. but i got it in electric teal.


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx